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Hey everyone! As I said in my previous post, I finally have a new computer! I got a 15" Macbook Pro and wow it feels different to blog with a computer that actually works as it should :'D My old one was super slow but it didn't really bother me that much, because I was so used to it. My friends always complained about it though...

Well, not gonna talk any more about computers, because this post in about something else.
Did anyone think I actually got my nose pierced when I posted this picture on Instagram? Well, I didn't (hi mom! you don't have to worry), because I don't want to get any visible piercings. I did take a few new ones to my ear recently and you can see a pic of them here.

ANYWAY, I ordered these faux septums from eBay and got them a while ago. I've seen many cool people wear this kind of fake piercing lately and thought they looked nice, so I wanted to give them a try as well!

I ordered two different ones, one in gold and one in silver. Both were 6,58€ and the shipping took about one week, so it was pretty fast too. You can find the seller here.

I took some pics of me wearing them, so you can see how they actually look like! I was feeling lazy and didn't feel like doing my hair, so I wore my old wig from last halloween for these pics. In the end, I don't know if it would've been faster to actually wash and do my hair, because the lace front of this wig was more visible in these pics than I would've liked, so I had to fix it with Photoshop.... Well, I hope you don't mind my unnatural hairline in these pics :'D


Here's how the gold one looks like! I think it goes great with a red lipstick and other golden jewelry. Which reminds me, I should buy golden jewelry for my ears as well, because I don't want them to clash if I want to have my hair up and wear this one.

I actually enjoy this kind of ornamental piercing jewelry on septums way more than plain regular ones.

And here's the silver one! I've worn this one a few times outside my aparment already, because silver is much easier to pair with other jewelry I might wanna wear. In these pics I'm also wearing a black liquid lipstick from LA Splash, which I got a while ago. It lasts great and all, but damn it smells bad when I have to apply it :'D Like gasoline or motor oil, ughhhh. So it's name, "Venom" fits pretty well lol.

Both of these septums were actually a little bit too big for my nose, but I was able to fix it easily with a pair of pliers. I mean, they did stay on, but I wanted them to be a bit tighter so I don't have to worry about them falling off.

Anyway, which one did you like better? Or do you like septum piercings at all? Is wearing fake piercings lame or totally cool? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box!



NAILS FROM 2014: part 2/3


Okay, here's the second set of nails in the series! I know I said a while ago that I don't particularly enjoy theme nails, but if it's a character I like, then it's okay.

I've seen japanese nail artist use a lot of Barbie -themed nail decorations and when I came across these stickers while visiting the Barbie store in Harajuku, I couldn't leave without buying a couple sheets.

I bought one sheet with cartoon Barbie designs and another one with more realistic, photograph like designs. I had hard time deciding which one I should get, the regular Barbie/Ken -sheet or one where Barbie had pastel colored hair. In the end I decided to go with the regular Barbie/Ken one!

Because these nails had a Barbie theme, pink was obviously one of the colors I had to use. The rest of the colors choices I just based on the stickers.

The pink hearts are sculpted with clear acryl and then painted pink with nail polish and the color block -designs on my middle finger, ring finger and thumb are handpainted btw. I just added nail art tape over the outlines to make it look more clean.

The sticker on my thumb nail was so huge it made me wonder if anyone else besides me could have even used it... Well, good for me! I wish I could find bigger stickers/decals like these more often.

Here's a list of products that I used:
Color Club: Sugarplum Fairy (silver glitter polish)
• China Glaze: Neon & On & On (pink polish)
Essie: Blanc (white polish)
Color Club: Almost Famous (yellow polish)
Nail art studs
Silver heart charms
• Heart shaped studs
• Star shaped studs from Donki
• Silver nail art tape
• Konad: silver ball deco chain
• Barbie nail stickers from Barbie store in Harajuku

Oh btw, I should get a new laptop today, so I can finally answer the comments you've left on my previous posts! Writing replies on iPad sucks, so I've kinda avoided that.... See ya!


a poor man's "VENUS" palette

Hey peeps! Remember when I told you I wanted to buy the Venus palette from LC, but the recent incidents with the company have made me reconsider my options? I didn't wanna buy separate eyeshadows either, because a palette would be so much more convenient for me. I think I have now found a pretty good alternative for the palette.

So, I was at the Hair & Beauty 2015 expo a couple weeks back and walked past Grimas' booth and noticed they had some pretty nice looking eyeshadows there. Most of my eyeshadows for everyday use are from them and I think their quality-price ratio is really good. I decided to come back the next day and see if I could find dupes for all the colors in the Venus palette.

I saved pics of the original LC palette on my iPad and walked up to their booth, showed the pics I had on my iPad and their sales person helped me to pick colors that would be the best match. Here's my custom palette:

While doing some investigation the night before, I found out I already had colors that matched Icon and Creation, so I only had to buy 6 colors. The six colors cost me 20€ in total and the lady at the booth was so sweet and sent me some eyeshadow bases and caps via mail for free, so I could attach the other eyeshadow buttons I had to the palette!

Let's see how they look swatched:

I think 755 and 556 could definitely use some eyeshadow primer (which I don't have yet btw and I should buy one soon. I'm thinking about buying UDPP, is that good or would you recommend something even better?) but otherwise I'm pretty impressed!

I mostly wanted to get the Venus palette because of it's red shades, so the first look I did is pretty... red :--D I'm not really used to using "visible" eyeshadows, and have used neutrals and browns only for the past few years, so this takes some getting used to.

I don't really know what happened with the focus of this pic, but I think the red shades compliment my green eyes pretty nicely!

As you can probably tell, I'm still getting used to all the blending and fancy cut crease stuff... But I'll get there someday! I promise :D Close-ups like these make me feel so insecure about my nonexisting skills when it comes to makeup... boohoo.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the post! Maybe this was helpful for someone who was also looking to get their hands on the Venus palette :D Let me know what you think!


Btw... I had the worst morning ever today, as I woke up to an awful sound coming from my laptop (yes, it was loud enough to wake me up at 7:00am), so I immediately shut it down. When I tried to restart it, nothing happened and after 10minutes of waiting, there was a a text on the screen that said "Operating System not found".

So... I guess my laptop had reached it's limit. The good thing is that I had most of my photos and music on my external hard drive so nothing super important was lost. Though there was some graphics stuff and other documents I wish I'll find a way to save, but yeah. I do not have a computer at the moment.

I have some ready blog posts waiting in my drafts, so this shouldn't affect my blogging schedule, but I can't promise anything 100%. We'll see how soon I'm able to get a new laptop. I hope your weekends have started better than mine :'D


TOKYO'14: what to eat

WARNING: Before reading this post, go grab yourself some food or else you'll be craving for it after you're done reading. I mean it, this post is gonna be filled with food pictures.

I don't really know what's the thing with taking food pictures, but everyone, me included, seems to be doing it almost everytime they eat out. Why is it so much fun to snap a pic of your plate before you dig in? :D Well, I do not know the answer to that, but since I snapped quite a few during my trip I thought I might as well dump them here!


My favourite kind of places to eat at were different izakayas. When you're not sure what and how much you want to eat, it's super easy to walk into one and order a few of the various small dishes they offer for small prices. It was also a good choice when you want to share your food with your friends. It's not a part of finnish culture so share your food, but it's very common in Asia.

A thing worth mentioning about ordering food in an izakaya is that you often have a tablet-like thingy on your table that has a digital menu you can use to order the things you want. This way you don't need to call for a waiter, because your order goes straight to the kitchen and will be brought to you shortly.

I don't know if I should be ashamed, but the sushi in these pictures was the only sushi I ate during the whole trip... :D But I figured I'd try other japanese foods instead of sushi, because that I can get in Finland as well. What I especially liked to eat at izakayas, was 餃子 (gyōza = dumplings), 唐揚げ (karaage = japanese style fried chicken) and おむそば (omusoba = beef and noodles with an omelette on top). The fried avocado on left in the pic above was quite interesting too.

As I mentioned in my post about bars & partying as well,  izakayas usually offer 飲み放題 (nomihōdai = drink-all-you-want menu) too. For a certain price you can order as many drinks as you want for a limited time (usually 2 hours or something).

On one of the days I met up with Jojo and her friends for some shopping time and food, and we ended up going to this 焼き肉 (yakiniku = japanese style barbeque) place in Harajuku. Which basically means you order different kinds of thin sliced meat and vegetables that will be brought to you raw and you cook them on your table grill.

I went to this kind of restaurant on my last trip too, but damn, I still find them scary. It gets quite hot because you're sitting in front of an open fire and at one point the flames got too high and I was so surprised I actually threw my pliers away lol. The blue/transparent glass seen in the pics was filled with water, so you could pour it on the flames if they got too wild.... Still, scary. But super tasty!!

I'm not really a big fan of desserts, but I had a few of those too! One thing I really wanted to try out was かき氷 (kakigōri = shaved ice, flavored with syrup, fruit and condensed milk) because I've heard it's a popular dessert during the hot summer season and helps you to cool down. Well I don't know if helped at all and I didn't really like it that much... It was literally like eating ice and stawberry syrup, ugh. But atleast I tried it!

The cute penguin shaped chocolate thing was filled with mousse and fruits! It was pretty good, but the main reason for buying it was because me and Anna thought they had wi-fi in that cafe in Ikebukuro but they didn't, hahaha.

On the left you can see a pork with rice dish I often had as a take out from Yoshinoya on my way home. They had most of the take away dishes in 3-4 different sizes and they were super cheap and tasty, so it was easy to grab one for a evening snack.

And on the right is a とんかつ (tonkatsu = pork cutlet) dish I had at Jonathan's. I sometimes feel a bit baffled with japanese meals because they often come with so many different things I have no idea what they are and how I'm supposed to eat them... Well, I can always pull out the バカ外人 (baka gaijin = stupid foreigner) card if someone gives me a disapproving look.

Even though Tokyo is full of different theme restaurants, I only managed to visit one, which was the Rilakkuma Café at Tower Recods in Shibuya. And that was kinda spontaneous too, since I just tagged along with Anna and Rena before the GazettE live. When we got escorted to the table for 4 people and there was only 3 of us, the waitress brought a big Rilakkuma plushie to sit with us on the 4th seat, aw.

The cafe mostly served different pastries and drinks, all with cute Rilakkuma designs, but I decided to go with the curry because I was feeling hungry. I don't particularly enjoy curry (or indian food in general, everything tastes like that freaking tikka masala lol), but japanese curry is really good!

I felt bad because I had to destroy the cute food, but let's face it, it was gonna get eaten anyway haha. On the left you can see a regular japanese curry from CoCo's for comparison :'D That was what I sometimes had for hangover food. Both were delicious!

I also had some non-japanese food during my trip, such as T.G.I Friday's delicious avocado burger, where I went with Tuomas, Yameki and their friend Mariko. Instead of nomihōdai T.G.I Friday's had a "limu"hōdai hahah (limu = soda in finnish).

On the right is some avocado dumplings I had as a snack in some bar. Can you already tell I friggin' love avocados :DD

Left: Deep fried "closed down" pizza aka panzerotti which I had somewhere in Harajuku and it was quite weird but tasted OK.

Right: Steak at a restaurant in Venus Fort, Odaiba. You could choose rice or bread with it, which I thought was super weird since the meal already had potatoes in it... like... why do I need two side dishes? Also the blue lights made it look like you were eating in a toilet with drug preventing UV lights, lol.

As much as I love different salads, the ones I ate in Japan were quite.. meh. These were still close to what I'm used to having when I'm ordering a salad, but often it was more like just having grated vegatables. Maybe making salads isn't one of japanese people's strong points.

Anyways, that's what I ate during my month in Tokyo. What's your favourite japanese foods?


OOTD: crimped hair & camo print

jacket gina tricot top monki skirt fernopaa shoes scorett
socks fig&viper sunglasses monki necklaces spinns, choies backpack unif

Can I just start by saying I love, love, love this hair? :D It's crimped, it's messy, it's huge and it will be perfect for the next summer, atleast in my opinion! I've been wanting to try a triple barrel curling iron for a while now and I finally bought one earlier this week! In case you want to know, it's by OBH Nordica and it cost me 29,90€ so it wasn't a big investment at all.

I love curly hair, but what annoys me with regular curls is how fast they will straighten out. I'm excited to see how well these will do, especially when it's raining or the weather gets catastrophic in some other way. I've been wearing my hair like this since Tuesday evening and it looks pretty much the same even now so yay, so far so good.

I think I will try out some hairdos with this texture in my hair. I wonder how it will look like?

The weather in Helsinki has finally started warming up slowly, and this week we've had about 5-10ºC! The change in weather has caused me to leave my winter coat at home and damn, how nice it feels to be able to wear something a bit lighter.

The long camo print skirt is something I bought during my last days in Tokyo (because I had some extra ¥ to spend before going home and kinda just grabbed whatever nice things I could find), but haven't worn it until now. Which might have something to do with the fact that my winter coat is also camo print and that would be too much, hahah.

Now that I was able to go out without it, I could finally give a change to this skirt and I like it! Turns out my last minute buy was a good one.

I'll try to get back on track with the outfit posts too, I feel like lately I've been posting about makeup only and I need a change so it won't get boring... See ya again on Tuesday!



When reading my outfit posts, you might have noticed I often leave the accessories unlisted when I write where each piece is from. This is because I don't want to make the list too long (and list the same things in every outfit post I write, haha).

I love to see collection posts (about anything, makeup, shoes, hair producst, you name it) in other blogs, so I decided to write this post about my jewelry collection! I tried to remember where I've gotten each one from, but if I didn't remember the brand, I listed some other place where or way how I've gotten it.

Here's what's in my jewelry box!


I'm a 90's kid so my love for chokers is obvious. Couple of these I've had for years and they've been dearly loved, but I'm especially happy how the tattoo chokers have been brought back in fashion lately!

I loved how easy it was to find different chokers from Japan, so the five bottom ones and the white GOH choker are buys from my last trip.

FAVOURITE ONE: The black Ghost of Harlem choker. I've been wearing it for years, it hasn't lost it's colors at all and I still love it to bits. Ghost of Harlem is probably my favourite brand when it comes to jewelry. Their designs are nice, the prices are affordable (about 20-40€/each) and they don't lose their colors in daily wear (with the exception of the black/silver cross on the left of the picture below). I hate when accessories turn to orange, ugh.


What can I say, I love crosses :D I'm not religious in any way, but I love the way they look. I noticed almost all of my longer necklaces are black or gun metal colored (except the YVSF one). Maybe I should target other colors in the future?

FAVOURITE ONE: I'm having hard time deciding between the silver sequin cross by GLAVIL and the black triple chain cross from Ghost of Harlem... I've had the GOH necklace for longer and therefore worn it a lot more, so I guess I'll have to go with that one.


The short necklaces I own, come in many different colors and themes, unlike the long ones. The style of the gold necklace with the colorful stones is something I haven't felt comfortable wearing before, but I kinda fell it love with this style last summer and had to get it :'D See a pic of me wearing it here. I really like it!

Not related to this pic maybe, but I've been wanting to get some rosegold jewelry as well, but that would also mean I have to buy the whole set (necklace, some rings and preferably a jacket/bag/etc with details in same color) to get started, so haven't gotten to it yet... :D Maybe someday.

FAVOURITE ONE: The silver double chain necklace with a cross, coins and fleur de lys -symbols by Ghost of Harlem. An absolutely gorgeous piece. Love, love, love. The cross also has Jesus on it, it's a fun detail :'D


This pic made me realize how small my ring collection is and how I'm desperately in need of silver rings! Why is it that I mostly buy silver necklaces, but almost all of my rings are gold?? My shopping clearly knows no logic at all. And I believe silver and gold are not to be mixed together when it comes to accessories.

I also want to say I was disappointed with the quality of the twin rings by Wildfox. They started losing their color and got some really visible scratches really quickly. Luckily I got these from sale, so it was no big loss.

I also included my earrings in this pic, because I usually only wear piercing jewelry and therefore only have a few pairs. I do have holes in my ears for these kinds of earrings as well, but most of the time I don't bother wearing them because I prefer my having my hair down and they wouldn't be visible anyway.

FAVOURITE ONE: The silver ring with a blue eye in it. I got it from my friend, Tuomas, who originally got it from his friend, who got it from somewhere in Harajuku. It has traveled far :D He didn't want it anymore, so I gave it a new home. It's been my favourite for years now and it's hard to find one I would like more.


I like studs and I like leather, preferably combined. The studs of the monomania bracelet are quite extreme and really sharp, but it looks sooo nice! When I first started wearing this, I accidentally stabbed people when hugging them :'D Now I've learnt that I have to use only one hand when doing so, hahaha.

I've never been a watch -person, but I got this one from Yver Rocher as a gift when I purchased some cosmetics... :D I think it looks nice with sporty outfits! I still don't know how to check time from it though and I'll always check it from my phone anyway.

My wrists are really thin so it's usually impossible for me to wear bracelets that don't allow you to change it's circumference. This is why I don't have any "hard" bracelets that you just slip on to your wrist. They will fall off.

FAVOURITE ONE: The white GOH bracelet with studs, chains and a skull charm. So pretty. And it matches the GOH choker from the first pic!


Well, not a jewelry but accessories anyway, so included them in this post. I love collecting sunglasses and regular glasses without prescription (nothing wrong with my eye sight) and here's what I've gathered so far.

I especially love round glasses and that's how many of my pairs are. I also prefer big glasses with thick frames over small and thin ones. The newest addition to my collection are the transparent Monki sunnies with green/blue mirror lenses.

On a sidenote, I can't stop laughing at my reflection in these glasses.... I tried to hide behind the curtain while taking the pic but as obvious it is, I failed, hahah.

FAVOURITE ONES: Wildfox Bel Air sunnies in white. Unlike the rings I talked about earlier, the quality of these are on point, and luckily so. I drooled over these for a good couple years before I invested in them and they are sooo cool! One of my favourite items ever.

That's it! Do you have any jewelry or accessory item you like to collect? I would also like to know how you store your accessories! I currently have hooks for my necklaces that work just fine, but everything else is a huge mess. Any suggestions?


My thoughts on Lime Crime

I hope you're not sick of me talking about Lime Crime yet. Altough, this one won't be a review but some thoughts I've had about the current incident with the personal information losses with those who purchased from their site and the about Lime Crime as a company in general.

Many of you have probably read this post, that was published earlier this week by a fellow Finnish blogger, Rose Shock. It's a very good post, so if you haven't, I suggest you go read it first. But I still felt like I had to put my two cents in.

I've always been an "I believe it when I see it" -kind of person (stupid? maybe), so even though I was aware of the rumors surrounding this company when I purchased from them, because none of my friends or none of the people I actually know, had had any problems with them, I saw no reason not to give them a try. (But I later found out that Malle, who ordered her black velvetine at the same time as I made my order, had experienced cracking with the product).

The products seemed great to me and that's how I decided to make an order (16th of Jan). The unicorn lipsticks and the velvetines I bought, were my first purchase and experience with them product and company wise.

3rd of Feb: I was anxious to get my stuff, because I hate waiting lol. The shipping was delayed with a week from the purchasing date because they had a huge number of orders to fullfil or what-so-ever. Turns out my order arrived two days after I complained about it...

Anyway, though the shipping took agonizing 3 weeks (which in my books is a long time), I was happy with the products (also, please keep in mind that my posts only reviewed the products themselves and not the company behind them).

Even if I was lucky and everything went pretty much as it should, some people weren't and have had serious problems with the company, having their credit card info stolen etc. Luckily I used PayPal and therefore was unaffected by it. The damage caused by the incident is not to something to be ignored and I feel so sorry for those who lost huge amounts of money and to whom it may have caused dramatic changes in their lives.

What bothers me, is I don't really know what Lime Crime is doing to fix the situation?? Except for changing their webshop platfrom and sending the letter below to their customers, but is it enough to regain a customer's trust?
Who is this Mark person anyway, I thought Doe was the president?
I also got the letter because I shopped at their store during the said period of time. I don't know what it would've said if I was affected though... Has any of you got their credit card info stolen? I hope not, but if so, I'd like to know what has happened after that.

These things are serious and it has definitely given me a good lesson to be careful when shopping online, because things like this might happen! I'm more than sure I'll continue paying with PayPal because I want to be safe.

Anyway, getting your money stolen is way more serious than my problems, but there's something that caught my attention and made me feel scammed and pissed. Wicked is the product I've used the most since recieving them and I just noticed something weird. Take a look:

I've honestly used it like 5 times and this is how much I have left!! I decided to check the site, but the info about the quantity of product in each tube is nowhere to be found. Next I checked the packaging and there's the TINIEST EVER print that says 2,6ml, which a normal person can't really even see without a magnifying glass. So, I've literally paid $20 for a few drops of lipstick PER PRODUCT. This is what makes me angry. For comparison, the liquid lipstick by Jeffree Star has 5,6ml for $18.

I decided to check the amount of product in the unicorn lippies too. 3,5g for $18. Okay, that sounds more reasonable, because for example MAC has 3g and NYX has 4,5g and a regular lipstick runs out much slower anyway.

BUT! While taking a closer look, I noticed something weird in these too. Take a look below:

Both have been applied twice, but I feel the amount of product is really uneven in these, and this is something I didn't even notice until now. I really doubt they're both 3,5g.

After all, I feel a bit disappointed with the company. I really liked the products, but I also know, there's a lot of people who will judge you if you show any kind of support towards them and I don't really know how I should feel about that. I don't want fingers pointing at me, calling me a bad person for purchasing a makeup product. I personally don't see anything wrong with it if you want to buy a lipstick that works and have a way to be safe when getting it (buying from other seller and/or using PayPal), even if it's kind of supporting the company.... idk. Many of you might feel differently about it. I still think the judging fingers should be pointing at Lime Crime, not the customer.

I've been drooling over LC's Venus palette for a long time, but haven't gotten my fingers on it yet, because it's constantly out of stock. And there's no way I'm paying 200€ for it in eBay. When finding out the amount of product in these lipsticks, I started thinking what if the Venus palette is also something you can use like five times and then run out? This is making me reconsider dupes for it because I know those exist, but I was kinda hoping to get a whole palette and not having to buy separate eyeshadows... I don't really know what I should do about it.

ANYWAY, long story short: stolen credit card infos and other problems suck, small amounts of product for expensive prices suck, people trying to guilt other customers who use their products also suck ass big time. I was happy about the quality of the products and no, I won't throw them out and I will keep on using them until they run out (which might be sooner than I'd like). Then I'll probably try out some other brand and hope it will be better.


Lime Crime Unicorn Lipsticks review

Yosh! Finally it's the time to review the second part of my Lime Crime order. In my previous post, I reviewed the Velvetines and now it's the Unicorn Lipsticks' turn.

As you know, the Velvetines are liquid to matte lipsticks, and these are... wait, what are these? I mean, we all know they're regular lipsticks, but LC's site doesn't say if they're matte, satin or what. It only says they're opaque lipsticks, loaded with pigment and according to the pics the finish looks semi-shiny atleast.

Let's take a closer look!

Here's the slighty darker and warmer shade of pastel purple, Airborne Unicorn! I like this one a lot, but even though it's definitely a purple shade, my hair is such a different shade of purple (well, it's almost blue), so in some lighting it makes the lipstick look kind of pink and I'm not so sure what to think about that.

Applying was easy and it was really opaque as promised, but this one stained my lips pretty badly and I had to reeeaally scrub it to get everything off. But I've heard sometimes this kind of staining happens when a lipstick is heavily pigmented, so I guess that must be it. MAC's Heroine has the same problem for example.

Airborne Unicorn has a scent to it, which is similar to MAC lipsticks.

And here's Chinchilla, which is a mix of lilac and grey and I must say it's pretty damn close to my haircolor! Chinchilla is a bit more matte than Airborne unicorn, I think, but both apply smoothly and are long-lasting.
Chinchilla has a sugary sweet scent to it.

I was able to get these on my lips without using a liner, because I obviously don't have lipliners in these colors. I might need to use a brush in the future when the lipstick loses it's sharp edges, but we shall see.

I must say I'm a bit surprised about this, but I think I like Chinchilla a bit more, even tho I thought I'd prefer Airborne Unicorn. I changed my outfit back to the first, all-white one after taking these pics and I thought Chinchilla looked even better with those clothes. Funny how your choice of clothing can change how the lipstick looks like. While wearing the black cardigan, it made me look a bit too pale, haha.

So, what do you think? Which one you prefer?