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I'm a 24 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and this blog is my own little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts, outfits and write a bit about my life and stuff that I do.

For first timers, I'd say take a quick look at ABOUT ME and get to know me a little before browsing through my posts.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog and leave me a comment.

Enjoy your stay!


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I love my new shoes!

Here's a few photos I snapped at the Kookenkä event on Wednesday evening. I don't know if any of you remember, but the same kind of event was held this spring as well, see the post about it here!

The evening was really nice and the two hours passed by really quickly while enjoying the treats, chatting with other bloggers and searching for the perfect pair of shoes. Yep, we got to pick a pair of shoes again! How awesome is that?

I'm really picky when it comes to shoes, but I managed to find a pair I liked! In the 3rd picture you can see the shoes I picked first (on the right). But then I laid my eyes on the pair in middle and it was love at the first sight! They weren't part of the selection we were asked to choose from, but I asked if it was possible for me to get them anyway. I wanted to get a pair I would actually wear often, so I was really happy to hear I could get them!

They were more than double the price than the other shoes, so I ended up paying a little for them, but hey, the original price was 109€ (and the other shoes were around 40-50€). These are genuine leather and they feel (and look) awesome when worn and you can definitely feel and see the high quality of them. I decided to wear them yesterday, so here's some outfit pics for you:

jacket gina tricot sweater unif blouse gypsy warrior pants gina tricot necklace ebay
sokos, present rings empirehelsinki shoes kookenkä

I looove the golden details in these shoes! In my opinion, majority of the shoes, sadly, look boring due to the lack of details in them. Luckily that wasn't the case with these babies. I had been looking for shoes with some golden details, because I have a lot of golden accessories, but none of my shoes have gold in them. These were a great find, so now I can be all matchy-matchy, yay.

What do you think about the shoes? Have you made any good finds lately? :)


oh winter, i'm not ready yet!

Damn it's getting colder and colder outside. I've been freezing since yesterday and my body is telling me to put on my winter coat but my head tells me it's too early to do that yet.
I was just trying to accept the fact that summer is over now, but it seems like we skipped the autumn part and moved straight to winter.. I even heard we got the first snow (yes, you read right, snow) somewhere in Finland today.

I'm already missing the warm days of summer and tried to look for some summer-ish pictures I could post here, but realized I didn't really take that many pictures during this summer. This one is from a meetup we had at the end of July! There was actually another meetup too but I don't think I have any photos from that one that would be appropriate to post.. XD

Jasmine, Anni, me and Sari at a meetup on 27/7. Pic taken by Miki.

Now I'm gonna start getting ready, because there's a blogger event at Kookenkä starting in couple hours that I'm attending.
See you later! x


CURRENT CRUSH: yellow&green

I've noticed myself getting more and more into colors such as bright yellow, lime green and everything in between!
I already own few pieces but I'm craving for more. Here I gathered some current favourite things in these two amazing colors!

These colors might not be your first choice for fall, but who the heck cares anyway? I know I don't. Infact, I think adding a bit of color to your looks might actually be a refreshing sight during this grey season.

What about you guys? Do you think bright colors are for summer or are the rules made to be broken?

Btw, my parents are coming over this weekend and I hope we'll get my apartment 100% done so I can finally post about it! So many of you have been asking about it and I feel bad it's taken me such a long time to get it done. Please forgive me haha OTL.



I guess you might have noticed it as well, but I get A LOT of questions about my nails, such as "how can you live with those", "how do you use a smart phone", "how do you wipe your butt" and then list goes on.

I got tired of answering all those questions like "ahh, you get used to everything", "it's not hard at all", SO! I decided I will make a little video where I will show you guys how I do daily things with them since you obviously don't seem to believe me hahaha.

Here's a few fun facts: my nails are 5,0-5,5cm long, they are gel nails made with forms and I wear one set of nails for approximately 4-5 weeks before I make new ones.

So drop your questions in the comment box below and I'll include them in my video.
I think this will be a lot of fun to make and I hope the video will finally make you all realize that I can manage perfectly fine lol!

Other thing I wanted to mention was that I had some problems with my blog feed ever since I changed the blog's name and address and it got all confused or something.

Anyway, I think I finally got it working, so if you have previously linked my blog in your blog's sidebar: please update the link to!
(if it still says they can't find the feed, link instead) It looks a bit lame when it still says Cupcake Couture in your sidebars... :F I'd really appreciate it, thanks!

Also here's my blog's new Bloglovin', Blogilista and Facebook accounts! Don't forget to like&follow! x


Friday the 13th

jacket unif tank unif plaid shirt gina tricot shorts unif shoes jeffrey campbell necklace ebay sunglasses ninja men's

I spent Friday the 13th by taking photos with Tuomas. Didn't have any bad luck nor anything weird happened anyway. He spent the night at my place so we could watch the new episode of ANTM cycle 20 this morning. I'm totally hooked, haha!

It's been unusually warm for the past few days, considering it's September already, so I was able to wear a tank top outdoors! Shorts on the other hand are something I wear all year round. I love these harness shorts by UNIF, the straps are such a nice detail and will instantly add a bit of a kinky feeling to any outfit.

So how about you guys? Are you superstitious or did you have bad luck yesterday? I personally don't really believe in such things, haha. And what did you think about the look? Y/N?


color club & ruby wing F/W 2013

While I may not know much about high fashion and all the new designer collections, I keep my eyes on different nailpolish collections from different brands instead! I think O.P.I, Essie and China Glaze for example had really boring and predictable collections this fall, but oh boy, was I excited when I saw what Color Club was about to release!

Being such a nail freak as I am, my favourite part of my work is that I get to try out all these new polishes and other products by making swatches and samples etc. of them.

Sooo we got these 3 different collections last week and here's the swatches for them! The collections are Color Club Fall 2013: Girl About Town, Color Club Winter 2013: Harlem Lights and Ruby Wing Fall 2013: Cupcakes & Champagne. I decided to include the Ruby Wing collection in this post as well, because RW is like Color Club's little sister brand.

So here we have all three collections! At first you might think Girl About Town doesn't give you the autumn vibe at all, and that's what I thought too and that's exactly why I liked it so much! I'm not a fan of dark and muddy shades when it comes to nailpolish, so I'm not usually excited about fall releases. I liked all the creme polishes in this collection a lot :)

The winter collection on the other hand is really pretty and it reminds me of winter itself instead of Christmas which is also great. Savoy Nights, the light blue glitter polish is definitely the must-have of this collection, it looks amazing! Apollo Star is the weird one of this collection. It's almost like... a liquid sand polish?

The Ruby Wing collection has 6 different scented polishes. They're mostly glitter toppers in clear base and will look the best if you apply them over a creme polish I think. I didn't really like any of these, but they smell so damn sweet! I kinda want to get Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Shortcake and Doux just so I can put them on my nails and be sniffing my fingers all day long, haha. Is that weird?

Here's the Ruby Wing collection after a moment in the sun. Yes, they change color! That's the main concept of RW polishes in the first place.

And finally, here's my picks! These are the 5 polishes I liked the most. I'm a big fan of creme and glitter polishes so that's obviously what I chose. I also chose The Uptown, which is a multicolor flakie glitter in purple jelly base. Hmm, I think this will look great over similar toned purple creme.

I had my previous nails for 5 weeks, so it was about time to do new ones. I decided to try some of the new Fall & Winter shades, and here's the result! Polishes I used (all from Color Club):
1000 Silver Lake
1004 Wicker Park
1011 Savoy Nights
450 Black
948 Platinum Record
ABM5275 Jingle Jangle

The spike studs I used for decorating the nails are so damn sharp... As I tweeted earlier today, I'm sure I'll hurt myself with them or atleast ruin all my stockings, haha.

Opinions about the nails or the new collections?


feeling like an outsider

 jacket unif dress glad news shoes unif necklaces ghost of harlem sunglasses glitter

I got my new UNIF outsider denim jacket in the mail on Thursday and decided to wear it right away! I noticed my outerwear collection had been missing a denim jacket, so I decided to fix the situation. And when this was on sale on Dolls Kill, ooooh, I just had to get it.

Denim is such a perfect material to wear at the moment, when the weather is slowly getting cold but wearing leather or something might get you sweating during the day. Denim can be warm, but it's also a cool material against your skin.

I paired it with my Glad News skull dress and das boot platform heels, also by UNIF. I bought the shoes during this summer and haha, if somebody thinks JC Litas are huge, think again! They're so petite compared to these! I guess I could post a comparison photo for you some day :)

What did you think about the outfit?


maintaining silver/lilac hair

How many products you use to maintain your hair color? I use 4 different shampoos, 1 color mask and 1 toner. Crazy, right? I would dare to say this is the most complicated hair color you can possibly have so you'll have to passionate about keeping it up, otherwise it's not gonna work for you.

Some people might say blue is the hardest color because it fades quickly, but if you dye your hair blue, the result is gonna be freaking blue every time. With this color, you will never know what you'll get.

Anyway, since many of you have asked for it, I decided to tell you a bit about my tricks to maintain this silvery lilac hair and which products I use for it!

Here's my sea of hair product bottles, or well, a small part of it. Whatever the situation with my hair color might be, I will find help from one of these.

First of all, you'll need to have bleached hair before these will work for you. Preferably as white as possible. My own hair color is typical finnish greyish brown and I need to bleach it two times when I want to get rid of my roots, before using any of these.

From L to R:

Wella Color Fresh 7/19 Toner: A very strong blue-ish purple toner. As I said, it's really strong and you won't need much of it to get the desired result.
USE: I use this when dyeing my roots, because it sticks to the hair better than using silver shampoo only. This product is actually more blue than purple, so you might get green hair if your hair is too yellow, lol.

Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo: A strong silver shampoo. Great for maintaining the color and can be also used as a dye if you keep it in your head for long enough time.
USE: I mix this with the Wella toner to make a "dye" for my hair (I keep it in my hair for about 1h), depending on the color of my hair after bleaching. Like, the more yellow my hair is, the more Wella I need, and the whiter it is, the more Fudge I will use. I rarely use Wella by itself because it tends to get too dark and too blue way too quickly. That's why it's safer to mix a tiny amount of Fudge to it, to make the color come out more as purple than blue, and so the result won't be too intense.

L'Oréal Professional Silver Shampoo: A bit milder silver shampoo.
USE: If I wish not to intensify my haircolor so much, I use this one.

KC Professional Color Mask Silver: A colormask that is supposed to boost your haircolor. I don't know what color of hair you should have to actually see results from this?
USE: I've been using this as a conditioner now, atleast it can't make the hair worse :'D I'm gonna change this product to some repairing conditioner when I'll run out of it.

Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo: A regular shampoo.
USE: If I wish to fade out the color little by little. But it's not like my hair color immediately fades if I wash it once with regular shampoo instead of silver shampoo.

Wella Professionals PURE Purifying Shampoo: A Shampoo that "deep-cleanses" your hair.
USE: If I happen to have the "dye" in my hair for too long and the result is too dark/blue, I wash my hair with this to remove the excess color. If my hair color is uneven and I wish to remove dye from specific areas, I apply this with a brush and rub it into only those parts of my hair, then keep it in for a while before washing it out.

I hope my explanations wasn't too complicated (because it was for me to write them haha) and that some of you found it helpful! Don't hesitate to ask anything if you still got questions about maintaining the color :)


this is the new beginning

Hi! Honestly, I don't really know how I should start writing this entry after such a long break from blogging. Well, as you can see, I've made some changes to my blog. Some of them are bigger, some of them are a bit smaller.

The first thing you probably noticed, is the new name. That is actually the main reason why I decided to have the break from blogging in the first place. I had been thinking about changing the name for about a year, before I finally decided to do it. Why? Because the name, Cupcake Couture, which most of you know me by, had started to feel like it didn't really reflect who I am. I've had this blog for a bit over 5 years now and Cupcake Couture was the name of it for most of the time (in case somebody didn't know, this blog was called 'Repeated Countless Error' when I first started it, but that's not important now). It didn't feel motivating anymore to blog under a name, that was so different from what I felt. I don't really like cupcakes, nothing about me says couture and it was too sweet and sugary name in general.

Why it took such a long time for me to change name, was that I was afraid if I'd change the name, nobody would recognize me by the new name anymore. And ofcourse at first I didn't even know what the new name would even be. You might wonder why this name then, why Black Saliva? Well, my main goal was to come up with a name that wouldn't get associated with anything else. If you googled Cupcake Couture, you would get tons of different bakeries with the same name as my blog. I've actually gotten an email from somebody who wanted to order cupcakes from me! And one of the bakeries even wanted to cooperate with me because we shared the same name, which I thought was weird because it wasn't even a Finnish one, haha, how would've that even worked out!

Anyway, I started thinking about different words that sounded nice to me, and then I would combine some of them and come up with the new blog name. I liked words like noir, iridescent, saliva, fluorescent etc. But as I had experienced before, the name had to be something simple, so it would be easy to remember and write. Blogger allows me to see the keywords that people use when googling my blog, and surprisingly many had problems writing even the word 'couture', so I knew atleast iridescent and fluorescent would be out of question. As I'm not a big fan of french language (noir is pretty much the only word I like), I decided to use the word  'black' instead. I started to think that Black Saliva would be a good name. You can't really find anything else with the same name and I like the sound of it. It's a bit grotesque, like me, haha.

Previously I've considered my blog as a lifestyle blog, but the kind of blogs I enjoy reading the most, are style blogs, meaning the bloggers mostly post about their outfits and new gets etc. They're great for inspiration. It's nice to read a little about people's lifes too, but I often find myself skipping those parts when I'm reading blogs.

I also like to keep private things private and not blog about my relationship or friendships with people, so I decided it's better if I leave that stuff out of my blog. Too many times I've read people writing very mean stuff about me and my friends on the internet that is not even true at all, and it's annoying because those people are writing certain things about us as facts, when in fact they have no clue about what happens in my circle of friends, yet they're acting like they know us personally.

Another thing I decided to change, is the language. I've been writing all my posts in two languages, finnish and english, for the past couple years, and you might not understand it if you're not blogging the same way yourself, it's really time consuming and most of the time, the jokes don't translate and work in only one of the languages, which I find lame. I decided to write my blog in english only from now on, because I have lots of foreign followers so everybody would be able to read my posts.

I know some of you finnish followers are gonna be disappointed at my decision, but I hope you'll be able to understand the reason why I'm doing this :) Many times I've taken photos for my blog, edited them and felt like I want to blog, but I've postponed the actual blogging, because I felt like everybody expected me to make these long-ass entries in two languages and it made me feel like I don't wanna do it at all.

I think if you're gonna blog, you should always feel passionate about blogging and motivated to do it, so I really hope this change will help me to blog the way I want to! So in the future, you can expect more pictures and less text from my blog :)

What most people seem to do when they start a new blog, they delete all the old entries to have a so called 'clean slate'. I personally don't understand why somebody would do that, especially when you've been blogging for years and put all the hard work to it! If I would delete all my old posts now, it would be like throwing the work of five years into trash! Most of my older entries are embarrassing as hell, but hey, that was me back then! I think everybody has something in their past they're ashamed of, but it's not like deleting the posts would make it like it never happened. And I think it's fun to see how fellow bloggers have grown during the years by reading their old posts. That's the reason why I decided to save them for you guys!

I wanted the new layout to be much more simplier than what I've had before and this is what I came up with! There's 3 different banners as the header that change when you refresh the page, but other than that, the new look of my blog is pretty simplistic. The pictures will be 640px wide instead of the previous 580px which I think is great.

The layout photos are taken by my talented friend Heikki (go follow him on Twitter, he's awesome) and I'm really happy with how they came out! Thank you so much again, Heikki.

. . .

Sooooo, that was probably all I had to say about the changes in the blog! I must say I've really missed blogging this summer and part of me feels like I wasted the summer because I didn't blog about anything, but on the other hand, having the break has felt really good and given me the time to think what I want from my blog in the future.

I've been working the whole summer except for my tiny 2-day holiday in the beginning of August because we had a little meetup thing with foreign friends. I also got a gym membership and have started working out, yay! But I'm not gonna be blogging about gym stuff because I just don't think that's an interesting subject to blog about. So yeah, that's pretty much all I've done this summer and I'm so excited to get back to blogging now and I have so many ideas for the upcoming entries!

I hope you had the time to read this post, I hope you like the renewed blog and will be following me from now on as well! Please share any thoughts you have! I would really appreciate it