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I'm a 24 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and this blog is my own little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts, outfits and write a bit about my life and stuff that I do.

For first timers, I'd say take a quick look at ABOUT ME and get to know me a little before browsing through my posts.

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a couple new things

Hi guys! I just flew back to Helsinki from Stockholm couple days ago, since I had a mini holiday from work and decided to go see my bff Alex for the first time after he moved to Sweden. I spent the first three days at his place in Stockholm, partied a little and just had good time cathing up with everything. The other three days, aka the rest of my teeny tiny holiday, we joined some friends and went on a Stockholm-Tallinn-Stockholm cruise.

I had brought my camera with me, but I didn't take any pics with it lol, so I only have some crappy iphone/ipad pics. I think I'd rather post those on twitter/instagram instead of my blog, so if you wanna see random shots from my trip, please keep an eye on my accounts! I already posted a few pics :)

Since I'm lacking pics from the actual trip, here's what I wore on Monday (the first day of the cruise) and wore it again today so I would get outfit photos, haha. I've bought some new pieces lately, and favourite of them is this Psychic Poncho by UNIF and oh my god can I just tell you it's the coolest, yet comfiest thing ever? I love it so much I feel like wearing it everyday.

Also, the shoes are new! I've been looking for some platform sneakers and finally came across a pair when wandering on the streets of Stockholm and saw these in a store window of Scorett. I dragged Alex into the store with me and tried these on and decided I just had to have them. I rarely find shoes irl and order most of my stuff online, so I was really happy with my find. The details are so nice and the shoes are super comfy too!

cardigan unif dress unif shorts unif shoes tiamo/scorett necklace gina tricot
bracelets sokos, spirit store, gifts from bf rings empire helsinki


home sweet home

Umm, hi. I'm sorry it took such an awfully long time for me to get this post done, but here it is - finally!
I know many of you have been waiting for this post about my apartment for a loong time, and I just want to say thanks for being so patient with me, haha.

Well anyway, as I've told you earlier, this is a 35,2m2 studio apartment in Kamppi, Helsinki, so the location and everything is great. This was the fifth apartment I went to see, and the second one that was offered to me. The first one wasn't that great, so I'm glad I declined, because soon after, I got a call about this apartment and became so happy that I got it! Not even in my wildest dreams would I have dared to dream about getting an apartment from Kamppi! The layout of the apartment is good and I live 3 blocks away from the center, so I can basically walk everywhere.

This post is gonna be super image heavy, I hope you don't mind! Let's start with some photos that I took of the apartment before I moved in!

...yeah. I knew right away that there was gonna be a lot of fixing this and that in the apartment, but I think that was also a good thing, because that way I was able to customize it more for my liking. I mean, just look at those damn ugly dark blue and grey walls! No way I would've been able to live with those, and luckily the landlord was more than happy to hear that I wanted to paint the walls.

The first pic of this bunch (top-left) was taken on the day I went to see this apartment, so it has the previous tenant's stuff in it too. Ugh, what a taste...

Haha, this is how my first night in the apartment looked like! Me and my dad had painted all the walls, using white and light grey paint, while mom was cleaning up everything else.

I think at this point we already had moved most of my stuff here from my old place.

And here's my kitchen! Or well, was. The kitchen was in a really bad shape. The sink wasn't attached properly and it had caused water damage to the surface and made it all decayed and shit. Not to mention everything else was really old and worn out too.

Luckily I got the landlord to pay for my kitchen renovation, so in August, I had couple guys come here to fix it and in about two weeks, they redid everything. And I got to pick colors for the new kitchen!

AND NOW, photos of the apartment after all the painting, fixing, decorating etc. Enjoy! :3

This is how it looks like from the front door. On the left there is a closet where I keep some outerwear, shoes, and cleaning stuff.

..and on the right, there is a coat hanger with some outerwear and shoes of the season. And shoeboxes....

The door to my bathroom is right next to the mirror (in the previous pic). My bathroom is nothing special but I wanted to include a pic of it in this post anyway.

Here's my sleeping area! Since my apartment is like uhm, one room, I wanted to separate my bed from "the living room", so we put a wardrobe in between. This way it feels like I almost have two different rooms!

On the wall I have some wigs, because I thought it would be logical to put them there, so they're near my clothes and makes it easier to decide which clothes and hair to wear in the morning.

Here's my "bookshelf" filled with anything but books, heh.

Here's the "living room"!

Dining table!

I don't really like any kind of paintings nor do I want to hang them on my walls. But I do enjoy some fancy looking frames! And then I also have my nailpolish wallracks, which I think look quite nice when you color coordinate them.

These frames were a find from a second hand store. I love them!

The only thing missing now is a TV.... I've never had a TV before, but I think it would be nice to have one on the wall above my laptop.

Now here's a few pics of the kitchen, after the renovation! The difference is huge! And even tho the new cabinets and drawers take more space than the previous ones, it still looks like my kitchen is bigger now.. It must be because of the white color!

If you have read my old apartment posts, you might now I have a habit of keeping small stuff like clothing tags, stickers, concert tickets, etc. I wanted to have a more "adult-like" apartment this time, but still keep a little something where I could put some of this small stuff I tend to collect.

These bulletin boards were found from Granit and I think they do the job perfectly.

And then I have this cute and tiny balcony too!

Soooo, I think that was it! I hope you had the time to browse through this post, even tho it was a long one.
If you have any thoughts or questions of the apartment, please share! ^^