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TOKYO'14: what to see

I'm not much of a tourist when it comes to traveling and I prefer doing things in my own pace and enjoying regular things like hanging out with friends, having lunch/dinner at a restaurant, shopping, partying, you name it, which is pretty much what I would do in any location.

Which makes me wonder why I'm even writing a post called "what to see in Tokyo" when I literally have no suggestions for you to give :D Well, in the end, this post is more like what I saw, which places I visited and where I liked to hang out while being in the capital of ~the land of the rising sun~.

Well, there is one tourist-y like place I visited and it's the 明治神宮 (meiji jingū = meiji shrine) in Harajuku (see the pics above). Tiina and her friends wanted to go check it out, so I decided to tag along. Although, the third picture shows how far I got before I had to run back from the forest to see Jojo and her friends whom I had agreed to meet with later that day. Went better than last time anyway, when I didn't even cross the gate, haha. Maybe I'll actually get to have the full experience next time lol.

My main districts to hang out at in Tokyo were 渋谷(shibuya > fashion & night clubs), 新宿(shinjuku > bars, night clubs and shopping) and 原宿(harajuku > youth culture & street fashion) and I bet nobody is surprised about that.

The pictures above are something I snapped while walking around Shibuya by myself and it was probably the only day I had my big camera with me.

In the second pic is Tower Records, a huge 9 floor music store where I did some cd shopping and bought some newer cali≠gari mini albums. My favourite place to buy visual kei cds is Closet Child in Harajuku though, because you can buy used cds for so much cheaper than new ones. And to japanese people "used" often means a new one that still has the plastic wrap on it, lol. In the end I bought seven albums/singles in total during my trip.

Below is a Vine clip I filmed in front of Shibuya station on the very same day

One place I also have found myself at (surprisingly often too), is お台場(odaiba). I mean, sure it has a few big shopping malls, livehouses and what not, it's still a bit.. mehh, in my opinion. The Venus Fort mall is pretty (see the pics from my first trip: 1, 2, 3) but the shops are not really for me.

In front of the Venus Fort mall you can also find 大観覧車(daikanransha), a big ferris wheel from where you can get a great view of the city. Last time I rode it during the day time and now me and Anna rode it during the night! My iphone pics don't do any justice for the view but it was great.

One of the carts has transparent walls and floor and you can ride that too by paying a little extra, but Anna was too much of a coward to ride it with me :(

Odaiba also is one of the few places in Tokyo where you can go to a beach of some sort, not to swim but to hang out. I've seen some people letting their dogs play in the water but that's pretty much it. Where do the people of Tokyo go if they want to go swimming? That I have absolutely no idea of.

Here's Shinjuku by night and it's known for it's flashing lights and signs, especially in 歌舞伎町(kabukichō). But then again, which part of Tokyo isn't?

In the third pic you can see the east exit of Shinjuku station, which was the usual meetup point for me if I was supposed to meet friends in Shinjuku. The station was also one of the few places where I managed to find free wifi, so it was also a good place to stop at if you wanted to check your social media accounts during the day.

And lastly, 横浜 (Yokohama), where me and Anna ended up going one night when we had nothing else to do. It was really easy to get there, because Yokohama/Minatomirai was the end station of the same train route I used daily to get to my favourite districts from Toritsu-Daigaku.

I'm actually a bit bummed, because when we arrived to Yokohama, there was tons of people who were wearing yukatas, arriving to the station and it seemed like there had just been some matsuri -thing going on which had ended just before we got there. Would've been cool to get to witness it but we had no idea such thing was happening in the first place.

Yokohama was really pretty, but since we couldn't figure out anything to do there, we took a train to Shinjuku and the evening turned into bar hopping.

What are your favourite districts in Tokyo? Or where would you like to visit the most?

Btw, I'm actually going back to Tokyo in September! I'll try to get the posts about the previous trip out, before I go again. I have two posts left to do, so that should be possible. This time I'm traveling with my friend Paris and we're staying for 5 weeks (the exact dates are 17.9.-22.10.). Is any of you going to be there at the same time? If so, let me know!


NEW NAILS: milky white

Whoops, accidentally took a little break from the blog, but here I am again!

Back in April, I got invited to a CND Shellac/Vinylux press event to check out the new summer collection! The event was held at Blue Lagoon beauty salon in Kamppi and as the nail freak I am, it was so cool to get to check out all the new colors is person! A few pics from the event above.

I was familiar with Vinylux since we have it in our selection at CesarsShop, but Shellac is (unfortunately) available only for those who have had their training by CND.

Anyways, I got a giftcard for one Shellac treatment, so I thought why not as well use it! Never have I ever had my nails done by someone else, so it was an interesting experience as well :D The giftcard only consisted gel polish treatment, so the nails are still sculpted and decorated by me.

Here's me getting my nails done! :D The lamp was smaller than the tunnel lamp I have at home, so I could barely fit my nails in it but well, it worked anyway haha.

I wanted to have a milky white, slighty transparent color on each nail, so we used 2 coats of Shellac Studio White (semi-sheer white) and one coat of Shellac Negligee (sheer pink/blue shimmer). The shimmer is really subtle though and visible only in direct sunlight. Check out the last pic in the post for reference. The whole thing took about 45min to do.

The nails looked pretty crazy with only the white gel polish on them, so after I got off of the studio, I went to buy some big pearls and other nail deco stuff and headed home to do the decorating part. Let's see how that turned out!


Tadah! What do you think? I think they're pretty different compared to my previous nail designs and this is probably the first time ever when I have same color on every single nail :D I kept the color scheme simply white & gold and I think I'm ready to welcome the summer with these!

Also.... turns out the big pearls on my middle fingers are too big to fit any rings on those two fingers :'D Oh well... This was the first time this has happened btw! But I think they look a lot better than when I tried to do a similar design with smaller pearls, so I guess that's okay lol.

I don't know what I was thinking when applying the finishing gel though, because I applied it over the Swarovski too and they ended up looking like random blobs... And I only noticed it after I had finished the nails, so... :'D I guess it doesn't look too bad.

Here's how the gel polish looks like in sunlight! You can see it has a small blueish pink shimmer to it, which gives it a luxurious feeling, hihii. Thank you Blue Lagoon!

Please let me know your thoughts if you have any! Also let me know what kind of nails you prefer for summer?

Here's a list of products that I used:
• Shellac gel polish: Studio White (semi-sheer white)
• Shellac gel polish: Negligee (pink/blue shimmer)
• Golden nail art tape
• A lot of different pearls from craft stores (Hobby Point, Askarelli, etc.)
• Nail art studs
• Seashell shaped studs from Donki
• Gold micro pearls
Swarovski crystals in different sizes