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Yo! It's been a while, huh? Well, I have a perfectly good reason for why I have been absent lately. I just finished working 3 weeks in a row (yes, weekends included) and last weekend was finally my first one off in a long while and I just felt so tired and decided to rest and do nothing, haha. Sorry not sorry, but I think I deserved that.

Here's some pictures I've snapped with my iphone and ipad during these few weeks, enjoy! I'll get back to you soon with a more proper update, I just want to get this done so I can move on :)

Anyway, I was working my ass off with this beauty expo thing called "I Love Me" that we attended with CesarsShop. We were there last year too, see my post about it here. The main idea was to sell nail products and aside with that, we did some manicures etc. It was so much fun! I was mainly chatting with people, telling them about our products and on Sunday, I got to do some nails too!

I was so happy when many of my blog readers came to say hi to me and even wanted to take pictures with me (omg!) aaaah, I hope I didn't look terrible or give a bad impression of myself.. :D And you know, we had work outfits so my look was kinda boring haha. Anyway, it was nice to chat with you all, thank you so much I hope you had good time at the expo as well.

I also had a bit shorter nails for the expo so I was able to handle money faster. I mean, it's not impossible with my long nails either but coins can be a bit tricky and it takes more time. Well.. I got bored to having short nails already and I made longer ones last weekend... :'D More about them later!

Some of the graphics at our booth was made by me btw! Like the wall you can see on the bottom left picture.

On the same weekend as the I Love Me -expo was, there was a blogger event arranged by TradeTracker that I attended. It was same event that was held last year too, and based on my previous experience, I was really looking forward to it.

I was upset that it happened to be on the same day as the first day of the expo. It started really early too (2pm) and my work didn't end before 5pm. I had to rush from the expo to home to change clothes, fix my hair and make up and then hurry to the place where the event was held.

Well... when I got there, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I know I missed the official part so I have no idea how that was, but like when I got there, everybody was super drunk already. I got drinks thrown at me during the first 10min of my stay and it was overally just badly arranged. Like, last year you got your goodiebags when you left and went to get your coat, but this year they had laid them on the tables who knows how early, so everybody had taken whatever they wanted and there was almost nothing left when I got there..
Well, I managed to find a bag that had a random necklace in it, some magazines and a watering can(?!!). Umm, ok.

I know I shouldn't complain about getting free stuff but last year I carried three bagfulls of stuff home and actually have found really good products I still use, because of it. I have no idea what I should do with this year's stuff. If someone who's reading this post attended too, please share what you got! I have a feeling that everybody got totally different things.

Anyway, the event wasn't a total disaster, because I got to meet my fellow blogger girls again and also made new friends and had a lot of fun with them! Luckily we will meet soon again!

Oh yeah, we had name tags too. The funny thing is that my name tag had my old blog address and even that was written wrong. Lol.

Aaaand to another blogger event! I got invited to LUSH's pre xmas party where they told us about their new products for Christmas season and it was really interesting! I'm not really familiar with LUSH and everybody else who were invited, were beauty bloggers and seemed to already know everything about the brand and their products, so I felt a bit out of place there, hahah...

I'm not so interested in the soap stuff and I don't have a bath tub so I have no use for their bath bombs, however they're super cute and everything. Instead I got some samples of their hair products that I was really excited to try out! I got samples of their silver shampoo and this conditioner. So far so good. Ofcourse the silver shampoo doesn't give my hair any color because I need a lot stronger products, but it's a good one to use in between!
They also had lip scrubs and lip tints I'm interested in trying. Maybe in the future, hmmm.

I also met up with super sweet Alexandra before she left Finland once again and I'm glad she managed to arrange a little time for me in her busy schedule. It was nice getting to know her better, since we always seem to meet eachother in different events but never had any alone time before.

Yeah, that's it for know! A lot has happened and now I finally have time for blogging again, yay!
See you later!


the best gig ever

Hi guys! I have been an emotional wreck since last Sunday and that's why there hasn't been any updates for a while. Last Sunday, 29.9, my ultimate favourite band of all time, the GazettE, played in the Circus, Helsinki and I went to see the gig with my friends.

I don't remember if I've ever written about my music taste in this blog and I'm not sure if it will even fit the theme of my blog, but fuck that for now, ok? I just need a way to let out my feelings about the gig!

For those who are unfamiliar with the GazettE (tho I doubt that), please watch this quite recent live below to get the idea about their music!

When the band first announced their World Tour in March, I was beyond excited! I bought the tickets as soon as the sale started and was happy to get my hands on the tickets, because they sold out really fast!

I bought a regular ticket at first, but almost immediately regretted it... I had seen couple gigs in the Circus before, and I've been at the back and at the side of the venue and I don't remember ever seeing the stage clearly, so I panicked. I didn't wanna risk not SEEING my favourite band play, so I started searching for a VIP ticket and it was really hard because they were all gone. It took months, but finally my friend Sari texted me that she knew someone who decided not attend the gig after all, so I bought her VIP ticket and sold my regular ticket, phew.

The gig day was finally here. It felt so unreal and I didn't really realize it before the band came to the stage. Anyway, the weather was soooo cold and we weren't aiming for the first row, so me, Tuomas and Veera decided not to queue to the gig at all. However, we came to check out the line around 2pm and say hello to friends who had been queueing since 8am. All my respect to the people who did!

We went to have some food before the gig and finally joined the line around 5:20pm when they started letting the people with VIP access in. It felt so good having the VIP pass, because we had enough time to check out the merchandise table before the gig and explore the venue and find the best spot.

Pics stolen from Tuomas, haha.

Our spot at the venue was in the middle of it because we figured out it would be really good to sit on the rail they had there in front of the mixing table. It was an awesome idea and I'd say we got the best spot right after the first row. We were above everybody else's heads and were able to see the stage really well and not have people jump all over you!

I'm not gonna write anything specific about the songs they played, but I was really satisfied with the setlist and went through all kinds of emotions while listening to them, headbanging and doing furis. But I must say (as I tweeted earlier), I had really hard time holding back my tears when they played DRIPPING INSANITY and UNTITLED. You can see the full setlist here!

Here's some merchandise I bought before and after the gig! I was actually only after the iPhone case in the first place, but ended up buying the studded slippers and iPhone accessory set (it has 3 different dust plugs and a home-button sticker) as well because they were surprisingly cheap!

I personally am not a fan of merchandise that screams the band's name, and that's why really like the fact that the GazettE has Black Moral as their merchandise brand. I like having band related items to show off my fandom but in a sophisticated way!

And not to mention these slippers are so awesomely cool and warm and comfy and everything, ah.

Here's me and my friends after the gig! I had to take the pic with my iPad because my phone's battery died during the gig haha. Talking about phones, I'm really proud that almost everybody followed the rule and the band's wish not to film or take photos during the gig. I only heard one guy being caught and dragged out of the venue and one girl who tried to take photos, but the other fans stopped her before the band noticed anything.

After the gig we went to have drinks with couple friends and to talk about how awesome the gig just was. BUT! My experience didn't end there!

After the gig, I got asked if I wanted to be part of the Tour DVD the band was filming during their World Tour and ofcourse I did! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to be featured on your favourite band's DVD so I couldn't possibly decline.

I was really nervous after these news and when I got back home, I didn't know how to be or what to do, not to mention I was an emotional mess just after the gig. I spent some time cleaning my aparment because I was told the band's STAFF would come over to my apartment the next morning to film the video. Oh my goooood, I asked couple hours off from work and luckily it was okay and my boss was very understanding and I'm so grateful about that. I had trouble sleeping that night due to the nervousness but I managed to sleep a few hours anyway.
The STAFF (two japanese cameramen and a translator) arrived to my place around 11am and they wanted to interview me a little about myself and what I do and then ofcourse about my opinions about the band. They filmed my apartment (and were in awe lol, I have no idea what they were expecting... :'D) and I showed them most of the GazettE related items I have. I also got to know they had been filming 1-2 fans in every country during the tour.

I think you other fans might be interested in what kind of questions they asked me, so here's some:
  • Who are you, how old are you and what do you do for living?
  • Do you live alone or with someone? 
  • What do you like the best about Helsinki? What do you think of the old buildings in Helsinki? They wanted to know because they don't have anything similar in Japan.
  • Show us something special in your aparment? I showed them my nailpolish wallracks, wig collection (they thought it was for cosplay at first) and for some reason they were really interested in a photo frame I have and filmed it (it's an electronic one that rotates pictures), because my friends had Visual Kei inspired looks XD
  • Which is your favourite the GazettE related item?
  • What do you think of the GazettE's album art? Which is your favourite and why?
  • Who is your favourite member and why?
  • What do you think makes the GazettE special compared to other bands?
  • Which japanese bands are the most popular ones in Finland?
  • How big is the GazettE's fanbase in Finland? 
  • So, you have been to Japan once. Are you planning to go again? Is the GazettE the main purpose of your trip?
  • How much time it takes to make one costume? I showed them some old cosplay pics I had where me and my friends are dressed as the band members haha.

I have a bulletin board on my kitchen wall that has some concert tickets and mostly the GazettE related things in it. They filmed it and I told that I used to have my walls all covered with the GazettE posters and pictures when I was younger, but nowadays I want to express my fandom in a more mature way.

After we were done with filming at my place, they wanted to go film a bit at Tavastia (the venue where the band played 6 years ago) and asked me to introduce the place. I did what I was told and explained how I queued over night and was in the first row during their first gig in Finland.

Then we also went to check out Keltainen Jäänsärkijä (a CD shop next to Tavastia) because they had heard they we're selling Visual Kei CDs. I introduced the VK section in the store, but they didn't have any the GazettE CDs XD We figured out that they must be so popular so they have nothing left anymore haha.

And finally they wanted me to act like the gig was still ahead and asked about my feelings about the upcoming gig. They told me they wanted to start the DVD with my comment about the gig, but idk.. We'll see XD I was told it's not sure yet wether it will become a DVD, or a TV Show, but the band will watch the footage anyway and I can just hope I didn't make a fool out of myself.... I'm feeling very nervous about the result, but oh well.

I will let you know if I'll ever get my hands on the footage they shot with me! I guess this is all I had to say and I hope you had the time to read it. I wanna say thanks to the band for the best gig ever and also the fellow fans making is so awesome! Thank you.

Also, this: