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Yo! It's been a while, huh? Well, I have a perfectly good reason for why I have been absent lately. I just finished working 3 weeks in a row (yes, weekends included) and last weekend was finally my first one off in a long while and I just felt so tired and decided to rest and do nothing, haha. Sorry not sorry, but I think I deserved that.

Here's some pictures I've snapped with my iphone and ipad during these few weeks, enjoy! I'll get back to you soon with a more proper update, I just want to get this done so I can move on :)

Anyway, I was working my ass off with this beauty expo thing called "I Love Me" that we attended with CesarsShop. We were there last year too, see my post about it here. The main idea was to sell nail products and aside with that, we did some manicures etc. It was so much fun! I was mainly chatting with people, telling them about our products and on Sunday, I got to do some nails too!

I was so happy when many of my blog readers came to say hi to me and even wanted to take pictures with me (omg!) aaaah, I hope I didn't look terrible or give a bad impression of myself.. :D And you know, we had work outfits so my look was kinda boring haha. Anyway, it was nice to chat with you all, thank you so much I hope you had good time at the expo as well.

I also had a bit shorter nails for the expo so I was able to handle money faster. I mean, it's not impossible with my long nails either but coins can be a bit tricky and it takes more time. Well.. I got bored to having short nails already and I made longer ones last weekend... :'D More about them later!

Some of the graphics at our booth was made by me btw! Like the wall you can see on the bottom left picture.

On the same weekend as the I Love Me -expo was, there was a blogger event arranged by TradeTracker that I attended. It was same event that was held last year too, and based on my previous experience, I was really looking forward to it.

I was upset that it happened to be on the same day as the first day of the expo. It started really early too (2pm) and my work didn't end before 5pm. I had to rush from the expo to home to change clothes, fix my hair and make up and then hurry to the place where the event was held.

Well... when I got there, I must say I was a bit disappointed. I know I missed the official part so I have no idea how that was, but like when I got there, everybody was super drunk already. I got drinks thrown at me during the first 10min of my stay and it was overally just badly arranged. Like, last year you got your goodiebags when you left and went to get your coat, but this year they had laid them on the tables who knows how early, so everybody had taken whatever they wanted and there was almost nothing left when I got there..
Well, I managed to find a bag that had a random necklace in it, some magazines and a watering can(?!!). Umm, ok.

I know I shouldn't complain about getting free stuff but last year I carried three bagfulls of stuff home and actually have found really good products I still use, because of it. I have no idea what I should do with this year's stuff. If someone who's reading this post attended too, please share what you got! I have a feeling that everybody got totally different things.

Anyway, the event wasn't a total disaster, because I got to meet my fellow blogger girls again and also made new friends and had a lot of fun with them! Luckily we will meet soon again!

Oh yeah, we had name tags too. The funny thing is that my name tag had my old blog address and even that was written wrong. Lol.

Aaaand to another blogger event! I got invited to LUSH's pre xmas party where they told us about their new products for Christmas season and it was really interesting! I'm not really familiar with LUSH and everybody else who were invited, were beauty bloggers and seemed to already know everything about the brand and their products, so I felt a bit out of place there, hahah...

I'm not so interested in the soap stuff and I don't have a bath tub so I have no use for their bath bombs, however they're super cute and everything. Instead I got some samples of their hair products that I was really excited to try out! I got samples of their silver shampoo and this conditioner. So far so good. Ofcourse the silver shampoo doesn't give my hair any color because I need a lot stronger products, but it's a good one to use in between!
They also had lip scrubs and lip tints I'm interested in trying. Maybe in the future, hmmm.

I also met up with super sweet Alexandra before she left Finland once again and I'm glad she managed to arrange a little time for me in her busy schedule. It was nice getting to know her better, since we always seem to meet eachother in different events but never had any alone time before.

Yeah, that's it for know! A lot has happened and now I finally have time for blogging again, yay!
See you later!


  1. woah, so much happend! :o I'm glad you made an update >w< The things you wrote sound really interesting and I'm sorry for you that the blogger event was such a disappointment :c

  2. you are amazing girl!!!

    welcome to my blog ! ^^

  3. Wow, you're really busy. But I am very glad you alway find some time for your blog :3 You look very beautiful!
    Btw: I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you and Davy still together? I understand that's your personal life and you may not want to talk about it, but I am just wondering, since I haven't seen him on your blog for a while.
    Have a nice day! ♥

    1. thank you! i'm happy to hear you appreciate it :3
      ah, yeah we're still together and everything's great :D but i don't wanna blog about relationship stuff anymore because what happens, is between me and him. i hope you'll understand that ^^

  4. mistä nuo ihanat niitit on kynsissäs :--) ebaystä oon yrittäny ettiä huonoin menestyksin. jos ne on sieltä niin linkkiä? :)

  5. Replies
    1. interesting enough for you to leave a comment tho :-D

  6. I like your nails and hair color! xx

  7. Voih oot niin kaunis ja noi sun hiukset on kyllä niin unelmat! :)

    Millä mahdat tehdä nuo ihanat kiharat/laineet hiuksiis?

    Ihanaa syksyä sulle ! ♥

    1. voi kiitos<3
      kiharran herstylerin sauvakihartimella ja harjaan auki :) siinäpä se!
      ihanaa syksyä sinnekin<3

  8. Three weeks in a row? Holy crap.
    Well, welcome back, Ms. Hard Worker.
    Glad you had fun at the events you went to, ye.

    1. hahah thank you :D i'm glad this is only a 1-2 times a year -thing.

  9. Replies
    1. thank you!<3 i thought they were a bit boring but.. XD

  10. wow 3 weeks... well atleast you got money right? ;) I really love the picture where you are smiling and your teeth are showing. You look so cute! smile like that in pics more often <3

    1. hahaha yeaaah and i'll have few days off next week so it's all good! and i had fun working at the expo too so i don't mind :)
      thank you!<3 but that kind of smile is hard to pull of in pictures without making it look forced... :'D

  11. oli oikeesti niiiiiiiiiin ihana small talkata sun kanssa! Olin ilosena loppupäivän :-D Small talkkaisin ( ja ehkä vähän enempiäkin) sun kans useemminki!! ♥♥♥

    1. joo niin oli!!<3 oli pakko tulla nykäseen hihasta kun tunnistin sut kummiskin :D
      ois kyl joo kiva höpötellä joskus enempikin!

  12. Kyllä ne muutki tavalliset ihmiset ketkä ei elätä itteään jollai bloggaamisella ni käy ihan oikeissa töissä ja hui, 3 viikkoo putkessa ei oo mikää tavaton juttu :-DD

    1. en kyllä todellakaan elätä itteeni bloggaamisella ja siks käynkin töissä :D
      en tiedä millaisiin työvuoroihin sä oot tottunut mutta jos tekee 3 viikkoo putkeen töitä ja töiden jälkeen ravaa muissa tapahtumissa ja kissanristiäisissä niin kyllä alkaa väkisinki voimat ja aika loppua kesken :D ainakin mulla.

  13. Voi ei! Mä olin tuolla kans ja olis ollu tosi hienoo nähä sut mut en tajuu miten en voinu bongata :D Harmittaaa :D

    1. aaa voi ei :D nomut enskerran ku bongaat jostain ni tuu moikkaan! :)

  14. I'm in absolute love with your nails! Gorgeous!!

  15. ootko sen youtube vloggaaja papananaaman kaveri? :D

  16. Can u explain again lols

  17. en oikeestaa oottanu tält sun blogiuudistukselt mitää muuta ku et alkaisit taas postaa oikeesti mut no.... jaa....

  18. jaa a :D tosi vakuuttavaa tää sun bloggaamises taas

  19. Ihanan erikoisen väriset hiukset! Todella upeat :)

  20. nyt on aikaa bloggaamiseen...? mikä sun selitys mahtaa olla tällä kertaa? ei oo tarkotus olla ilkeä. ymmärrän että sul on varmasti taas ollu kiireitä, mutta harmittaa sun blogin pitkäaikaisena lukijana että joka päivä kun täällä oon käyny susta ei oo kuulunu mitään lupauksista huolimatta :/ toivon kovasti, että alat pian taas bloggaamaan!

  21. Soon it's almost a month again... Why won't you post anything? And I'm not trying to be mean here, I'm just curious if you are into blogging anymore...

  22. Vanha postaus, mutta tosta Trade Trackerin häppeningistä.. Mulla oli kans se kaulakoru, Bubbleroomin lahjakortti, suihkepullo (hyvä pullo, mun iguaani rakastaa sillä suihkuttelua :--D) ja sit jotain lehtiä ja randomia. Mun mielestä parhaat jutut annettiin jo ton tapahtuman aikana, savanni.comin koruja, varustelekan vermeitä jne.. mut joo, olihan se hassua et niitä pusseja känninen jengi kävi penkomassa siellä. Mun mielestä oli kiva häppeninki, kännejä en kyl ehtiny vetästä kun oli sen verran aikanen poislähtö :D Sen Brunon ehdin kattoa :D.


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