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TOKYO'14: what to eat

WARNING: Before reading this post, go grab yourself some food or else you'll be craving for it after you're done reading. I mean it, this post is gonna be filled with food pictures.

I don't really know what's the thing with taking food pictures, but everyone, me included, seems to be doing it almost everytime they eat out. Why is it so much fun to snap a pic of your plate before you dig in? :D Well, I do not know the answer to that, but since I snapped quite a few during my trip I thought I might as well dump them here!


My favourite kind of places to eat at were different izakayas. When you're not sure what and how much you want to eat, it's super easy to walk into one and order a few of the various small dishes they offer for small prices. It was also a good choice when you want to share your food with your friends. It's not a part of finnish culture so share your food, but it's very common in Asia.

A thing worth mentioning about ordering food in an izakaya is that you often have a tablet-like thingy on your table that has a digital menu you can use to order the things you want. This way you don't need to call for a waiter, because your order goes straight to the kitchen and will be brought to you shortly.

I don't know if I should be ashamed, but the sushi in these pictures was the only sushi I ate during the whole trip... :D But I figured I'd try other japanese foods instead of sushi, because that I can get in Finland as well. What I especially liked to eat at izakayas, was 餃子 (gyōza = dumplings), 唐揚げ (karaage = japanese style fried chicken) and おむそば (omusoba = beef and noodles with an omelette on top). The fried avocado on left in the pic above was quite interesting too.

As I mentioned in my post about bars & partying as well,  izakayas usually offer 飲み放題 (nomihōdai = drink-all-you-want menu) too. For a certain price you can order as many drinks as you want for a limited time (usually 2 hours or something).

On one of the days I met up with Jojo and her friends for some shopping time and food, and we ended up going to this 焼き肉 (yakiniku = japanese style barbeque) place in Harajuku. Which basically means you order different kinds of thin sliced meat and vegetables that will be brought to you raw and you cook them on your table grill.

I went to this kind of restaurant on my last trip too, but damn, I still find them scary. It gets quite hot because you're sitting in front of an open fire and at one point the flames got too high and I was so surprised I actually threw my pliers away lol. The blue/transparent glass seen in the pics was filled with water, so you could pour it on the flames if they got too wild.... Still, scary. But super tasty!!

I'm not really a big fan of desserts, but I had a few of those too! One thing I really wanted to try out was かき氷 (kakigōri = shaved ice, flavored with syrup, fruit and condensed milk) because I've heard it's a popular dessert during the hot summer season and helps you to cool down. Well I don't know if helped at all and I didn't really like it that much... It was literally like eating ice and stawberry syrup, ugh. But atleast I tried it!

The cute penguin shaped chocolate thing was filled with mousse and fruits! It was pretty good, but the main reason for buying it was because me and Anna thought they had wi-fi in that cafe in Ikebukuro but they didn't, hahaha.

On the left you can see a pork with rice dish I often had as a take out from Yoshinoya on my way home. They had most of the take away dishes in 3-4 different sizes and they were super cheap and tasty, so it was easy to grab one for a evening snack.

And on the right is a とんかつ (tonkatsu = pork cutlet) dish I had at Jonathan's. I sometimes feel a bit baffled with japanese meals because they often come with so many different things I have no idea what they are and how I'm supposed to eat them... Well, I can always pull out the バカ外人 (baka gaijin = stupid foreigner) card if someone gives me a disapproving look.

Even though Tokyo is full of different theme restaurants, I only managed to visit one, which was the Rilakkuma Café at Tower Recods in Shibuya. And that was kinda spontaneous too, since I just tagged along with Anna and Rena before the GazettE live. When we got escorted to the table for 4 people and there was only 3 of us, the waitress brought a big Rilakkuma plushie to sit with us on the 4th seat, aw.

The cafe mostly served different pastries and drinks, all with cute Rilakkuma designs, but I decided to go with the curry because I was feeling hungry. I don't particularly enjoy curry (or indian food in general, everything tastes like that freaking tikka masala lol), but japanese curry is really good!

I felt bad because I had to destroy the cute food, but let's face it, it was gonna get eaten anyway haha. On the left you can see a regular japanese curry from CoCo's for comparison :'D That was what I sometimes had for hangover food. Both were delicious!

I also had some non-japanese food during my trip, such as T.G.I Friday's delicious avocado burger, where I went with Tuomas, Yameki and their friend Mariko. Instead of nomihōdai T.G.I Friday's had a "limu"hōdai hahah (limu = soda in finnish).

On the right is some avocado dumplings I had as a snack in some bar. Can you already tell I friggin' love avocados :DD

Left: Deep fried "closed down" pizza aka panzerotti which I had somewhere in Harajuku and it was quite weird but tasted OK.

Right: Steak at a restaurant in Venus Fort, Odaiba. You could choose rice or bread with it, which I thought was super weird since the meal already had potatoes in it... like... why do I need two side dishes? Also the blue lights made it look like you were eating in a toilet with drug preventing UV lights, lol.

As much as I love different salads, the ones I ate in Japan were quite.. meh. These were still close to what I'm used to having when I'm ordering a salad, but often it was more like just having grated vegatables. Maybe making salads isn't one of japanese people's strong points.

Anyways, that's what I ate during my month in Tokyo. What's your favourite japanese foods?


  1. Tikka masala on itseasiassa fuusioruokaa Briteistä. Anteeks, oon kamala besserwisseri. :D
    Se ei oo intialaista nähnykkää, sen keksijä oli vissii pakistanista oikeesti. Lopetan nyt enneku joku suuttuu mulme XD

    1. ai on vai :D noh, the more you know!
      enpä oo koskaan vaivautunu ottaan selvää kun maistuukin pahalle :D

  2. Mä nautin kanssa kauheesti kaikista erilaisista herkuista Japanissa, myös makeista (paitsi se melonpan oli jotain kamalaa). Mutta pistän paremmaksi ja kerron etten syöny kertaakaan sushia :(

    1. haha aika hyvin :D melonpania en kans oo maistanut koskaan (kavereiden kehuista huolimatta), koska tommoset pullat ei kyllä houkuttele yhtään, ikinä...

  3. aww i wish over here you would be able to get something that looks like so much love has been put into :-O

    1. i'm sure you're able to get some, but it's different kind of foods so you might not notice :'D

  4. En oo koskaan käynyt Japanissa, mutta Koreassa asuessa tuli syötyä paljon kylmiä soba-nuudeleita, okonomiyakia, udonia ja takoyakia. Lisäks shabu shabu on tosi jees!

    1. oi, shabu shabua mulle kans suositeltiin, mutta en kerenny ton reissun aikana testaamaan :( noh, enskerral tiiän sit mitä pitää kokeilla!

  5. Wow! When I was in Japan for 1 month, I ate konbini spaghetti about every day :DD The smell that came from the japanese food places was so disgusting I didn't even think about going in... Like the smell literally made me feel sick, and I started to wear one of those masks so I could breathe. Maybe I should try some take out versions next time I go there, so I don't have to sit in that smell.

    1. whaaat really? :'D you can't be serious, the smell was amazing!!
      i feel sick to my stomach thinking i would have to eat konbini spaghetti for a month...

  6. hell yea the food of japan. that was my favorite.. hell yea i did the rotating sushi... and what up with the sushi you get for a discount at the end of the day.... japan has the best food! My thing where ever i go is supermarkets.. u can learn alot culturally just from supermarkets. did u see the markets? did u get to see the fish market people throw fish around? or going to the sake section... i think i almost fainted... all the varieties.... too bad u are not a sweets-kind-of girl... that was by far the best part of my trip... all the sweets... omg!! (except for the shave ice, i dont like it either, the thai's have something similar to it but grosser (they add weirder shit like boba and jelly crap... .... gimme an ice cream vending machine with macha ice cream...mmm)
    (i also agree with japanese curry.. its soooo good!!! i hate indian curry, but the japanse make it way better!!!! i looooove curry house!!!! best chain ever! we have some here in l.a. too)
    i once had a potato salad hot dog.... oh japan!!! i was deathly afraid of anything italian or with cheese because i had my friend tell me this awful story about going to an italian restaurant and the food tasting like fish... in japan cheese is not a staple food, so they dont know how to store it... i stayed the hell away...
    the omelette restaurants always intrigued me, but i never had the balls to try omelette with rice on the inside... boy they love their eggs in japan! lots of egg themed restaurants...
    don't get me started on japanese pizza... corn as a topping!?! only in japan...
    and of course the restaurants.. so good... why is the food in japan so good?? i mean they make u a sandwich and cut out the crust on the bread... god bless these people for reading my mind!!!!
    i loved having to tell our waitress to follow me outside, to point to whatever food model so that me and my friend could order... so fun!!!!!
    BTW, thanks for the post on your shopping in japan... so good to see whats in trend and seeing some of these trends....
    also vii, when i went to japan, i did very little sight seeing... all i did was eat and shop at toy stores and comic book stores... im not joking... we spent thousand at toy stores... one time we bought so much, the cashiers forgot to charge us for certain items.... we completely over whelmed the staff!!
    thanks for the food post, now im starving.
    i wanna go back to japan!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Izakayat olivat ihan parhaita. Me emme saaneet padeja missään paikassa vaan osoittelimme muiden annoksia, ruokalistojen kuvia ja englanniksi olevia listoja, joista englantia hallitsemattomat tarjoilijat päättelivät numeroiden perusteella mitä halusimme tilata. Miltei aina saimme mitä halusimmekin ja ruoka oli aivan mahtavaa.

    Korean bbq-paikat olivat hyviä ja Shinjukun aseman lähellä olevilla Omoide Yokocho-kujilla söimme pikkuruisissa yakitori-paikoissa monta kertaa. Eviran tarkastaja olisi pyörtynyt jo kujan päässä, mutta pikku grillivartaat olivat herkullisia ja tunnelma mahtava eikä mitään vatsaongelmia tullut. Kaiten-sushia eli radalla kiertäviä sushi-annoksia piti tietysti myös kokeilla.

    Lähtisin Tokioon syömään milloin tahansa uudestaan.


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