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TOKYO'14: purikura

I'm assuming most of my readers know what purikura is, but just in case there is someone who doesn't here's what in short: the word プリクラ (purikura) comes from the words print club (プリント倶楽部 = purinto kurabu = purikura in short) and basically means photos taken in a photo booth, which you later decorate with different backgrounds, stamps and text, and then print them on a sticker paper. Depending on the machine you pick, they have options that make your eyes look bigger or your legs slimmer and longer.

One sheet usually costs about ¥400 (about 3 euros) and you can choose different layouts for the printed version, depending how many people you're with, so you get to share the photos with your friends. If you have a japanese email, that way you can get the digital version of the pics to your phone too. I don't, but some of my friends do and that's how I got some of the pictures for myself as well. The rest are scanned.

I guess I don't have anything else to say about purikura. These are the puris I took during my trip with different friends and different occassions. It's gonna be pic heavy but I'm sure you'll manage!


  1. purikura <3 it is always such a nice reminder and so cool to look back with ^^ Really missing tokyo when seeing this!

    1. yeah, they make such a nice memories<3
      looking at them makes me miss tokyo too :c

  2. Oh my gosh the Japanese purikura machines are so much better than the one we have in the UK! I'm so jealous~ You look gorgeous in all of them!

    1. haha i can only imagine :D haven't been to UK, but i've seen some pictures so... XD
      we used to have purikura in helsinki before, but the machines were korean and not nearly as good as the ones they have in japan :D but now we don't even have those anymore :(

      thank you<3

  3. Näytät ihan Henna Kalinaiselta!

    1. hahah, tätä en ookaan kuullut aikoihin :D en kyllä vieläkään ymmärrä mistä kohtaa...

  4. Wow, so much lot of pictures!
    I think that the first one with red gravil dress is the best!


    1. hahah yeah, this is each and every puri i took during my trip :D decided to dump them all in one post.
      thanks! it's a great dress for lives because it's so light and suits the whole bangya look, but it's not really what i would wear on a daily basis :'D

  5. Heeei, miten sä sait nuo kuvat digimuodossa? Ne koneet kysyy aina jotain tms osotetta, sen jälkeen kun laitoin japsiliittymän pois niin en oo saanu kuvia luuriin snif :c .

    1. jos oikein käsitin niin pitää olla japanilainen meiliosoite, jotta kuvat saa puhelimeen. tai siis ilmeisesti jonkun japsioperaattorin tarjoama meili, koska siinä laitteessa oli aina tietty lista päätteitä mistä valita :D

      itelläni ei luonnollisestikaan oo japsimeiliä saatika puhelinta kun en siellä asu, mut muutamalla kaverilla on niin sain osan kuvista sitä kautta :)

    2. Jep, oon yrittäny tunkea sinne gmailia mut eihän se kelpaa. Täytyy ens kerta lähettää ne jonkun sikäläisen kaverin luuriin :D

  6. aw, ihanii purei ;o;


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