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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Chloe's hair extensions

I wanted to start this post by writing "Guess what these are??" but then I realized I already wrote the answer on the post title so that would've been stupid lol. Well, anyhow! These two neatly packed boxes were sent to me by Chloe's and I got them in the mail a bit earlier this week. Let's see what was inside!

Wooow I really like the packaging! Most of the extensions I've tried (and believe me, I've tried many) have come in a long plastic package, so these feel really fancy after that. And especially after how I recieved my current extensions; packed in those plastic bags as well, but they had been squished into the smallest cardboard box you could ever fit them into, and one of the extensions sets had managed to escape it's original package, so it was all over the place and a total mess when I got them. Not to mention it took 6 weeks to recieve them lol.

So yeah, these seem really good so far!

Chloe's (english site here) is a fairly new hair extension company, so I was excited to try out their extensions and see what they're all about! They currently(?) sell clip-on extensions only, one set has 140 grams of 100% human hair and is ~50cm long. I kinda wish they would have more length options to choose from, because I'd prefer 60cm... Anyway, one set costs a bit over 100€ which is not bad at all, considering 140g would totally be enough hair for someone with thin to normal hair. Most of the extensions I've had before, have had only 100g.

But as a someone who loves big hair, I got two sets in #60 aka the lightest blonde shade, just in case. I love to have my extensions thick enough, so I don't have to tease them at all when I do my hair and still have them voluminous. Because if I have to tease the extensions, they'll probably get bad faster than they normally would.

BUT, as there were 140g in each set and 280g in total, I think I might be able to survive with one and a half sets? We'll see!

The hair feels silky smooth and looks really pretty. I mean, if you like that kind of blonde ;) I have some other plans for these which I will talk about more in the end of this post so keep reading!

As I mentioned before, these are clip-ons and let me just say this: I've come across some really poor clips in the past, that you have to bend first in order to make them work, or clips that require way too much power than necessary to close the clips.

These clips were really easy to clip on and I tried to wear them at home for one day and they stayed on really well. I remember when I used to wear clip-ons and had to fix them during the day because they started to get loose. These seemed to stay on pretty well.

So, if you're a clip-ons kind of girl (or guy!), go for these. They do their job well.

I on the other hand don't see any reason to go back to clip-ons from my flip-ins/halo/wire extensions, so I'll be transforming these to flip-ins as well when I start using them.

The box they come in, can also be used as storage for the extensions when you're not using them or when you're traveling and need to pack them with you. I mean, incase you're not wearing them on a daily basis.

In short: the quality seems good, the amount of hair is great and so is the price AND they arrive in a fancy box. Minus points for only one option in length and attachment method. Overally a great deal, so I recommend you to check them out!
I'm looking forward to see how they act when dyed etc.

But yeah... As I was saying earlier, I have some plans for these extensions. You know I've had this hair color since March 2013 and I really like it but... I've recently started missing one of my previous haircolors and I think it's time to bring this hair back:

I miss the gray locks I had in 2012 so much!! And I think it would look even better now that I don't have bangs anymore. The change wouldn't be that big, but it would feel fresh to have some other color for change.

Since the gray "granny hair" seems to be the trend and all now haha, I'm sure there must be some new gray hair products in the market because three years ago there sure wasn't that many. So, if you know some good hairdyes etc worth checking out, please let me know! I know I won't be using the Palty dye I used the last time, because it was kinda crappy after all.

It would be great if you could recommend me products that I can find from Finland, because it would be much more convenient than ordering the dye online if I happen to need it quickly to fix the colour/roots etc.

I will keep this lilac hair for a few months more, because my current extensions are still in quite good shape and I don't want to "waste" them haha. But that just means I have enough time to do some research and update my knowledge about gray hair, before I take action!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for this review! the extensions lok great, just what I was looking for!

    Love the grey hair btw, but will be sad to see yor lilac hair go -.^

    1. ah, the lilac won't be going anywhere just yet XD but i think a change is good after such a long time ˆˆ
      glad you liked the post!

  2. Hey, I recently dyed two of my friends hair grey too :)
    The easiest and cheapest method I found was using Wella color charm 050 cooling violet with 1:2 part 20% developer. To get a darker gray simply add the creme dye of any black drugstore hairdye, maybe the size of 2-3 peas. The more you put in the darker it will come out.

    But for this method your hair needs to be slightly yellow. If your hair was yellow toned and not completely white before you dyed it purple, you simply need to remove the purple. I don't know how fast your purple washes out, if you want to get rid of it fast without damaging much, use normal bleach and mix it with a random but CLEAR shampoo in a 1:1 ratio.

    Hope this helped you a bit :)

    1. thanks for the tips! this purple doesn't really fade out that much so i think i might need to do a bleach wash or something when i change the color :D otherwise it won't really become gray haha.

      i'll check out the dyes you suggested!

  3. Uih,harmaat tekee paluun :). Mä en koskaan onnistunut saamaan kunnon harmaita värjäämällä. Sininen haaleni kivaksi harmaaksi mutta eihän se kiva sävy kauaa säilynyt. Onneksi tää nykyinen pinkki tuntuu enemmän omalta muutenkin.

    1. joo se on kyllä kinkkinen väri saada pysymään hyvänä, saa nähä tuunko repimään hiukset päästäni sen kanssa... :D mut onneks aina voin palata tähän violettiin jos ei onnistukaan :'D

  4. Wow, i love your hairstyle.
    wish you a nice sunday
    lots of love michelle from

  5. Mää ylläpidän omaa mummutukkaani tällä colorscreamin sävyllä gin tonic:

    Harmaan pesurutiineihin suosittelen ehdottomasti Kevin Murphyn Blonde Angel-shampoota ja hoitoainetta, ihan parhaimmat hopeashampoo ja hoitis jotka on tosi tymäkkää tavaraa :D!

    1. ylläpitoonhan löytyy vaikka mitä tuotteita, kuten esim just toi minkä linkkasit :)
      toivoisin vaan löytäväni sen värin millä sen saa ekan kerran värjättyä kunnolliseksi ja millä fiksata sit juurikasvu aina tarpeentullen :D

      en oo tota blonde angelia testannut, mut fudgen jälkeen en usko et on olemassa tujakampaa hopeeshampoota haha.

  6. Gray was the best color omg <3 but idk, lilac also suits you so well! <3
    Either would be totally okay on you. ♥
    I miss my dark gray hair tho ;__;
    xoxo Viivi! :3

    PD: I was in a car accident and left facebook for a while... and I haven't responded your message since then, I'm sorry ;__; (I'm the girl from Argentina with the UNIF jacket :--D xD)

    1. is it, right?? *u* but damn it's hard to achieve.
      well, i can always go back to lilac if it fails, so... XD
      oh no! i hope you're okay! take your time recovering<3

  7. Thank you a lot for this awesome review.
    I remember you wearing rey color long time ago, since that time I understood I felt in love with your style... happy throwback, lol. And your hair is fabulous, I like it so much~


    1. haha yeah it's a bit of a throwback :D but i think it'll look a bit different this time without bangs and my style has developed since then too :D

      thank you! happy to hear you liked the post<3

  8. Moik! Oli kiva jutelle BID:ssa :)! Olinhan mä sun blogissa käynyt aikasemminkin, oon vaan niin retardi että unohtelen blogien (ja ihmisten nimet) sekunnissa.
    Biozellin Color Maskeilla muuten saa violetilla (varsinkin siihen harmaata sekottamalla) mainion mummovärin, kokeilin omaan päähäni kun tarkoitus oli "poistaa keltaisuutta".. :P Harmaat tuli ja hyvin pysyi ;)

    1. joo oli kyl kiva tavata! toivottavasti törmätään jatkossakin :D
      colormaskeista kyl löytyy ihan varteenotettavia vaihtoehtoja, mut mietityttää se et miten hyvin ne värit pysyy päässä... oon tottunut siihen että tää nykyinen ei vaadi mitään ylläpitoa (paitsi hopeeshampoolla pesun, mut ei tarvi muhitella sitä shampoota päässä), joten hirvittää jos joutuu joka viikko fiksailemaan... :'D
      kiitti vinkistä silti!

  9. Oo, tämähän on ihana blogi, vaikka mitä kivaa! Upea tyyli sulla, todellakin!! Ja oli hauska pikaisesti tutustua Maxinessa:)

    1. voi kiitos! oli tosiaan kiva tutustua ja täytyypä käydä tekemässä lähempää tuttavuutta myös sun blogin kanssa ;)


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