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I'm in a book!

How many of you have heard of a book called "Blog by the book - blogiopas" (blogiopas = blog guide)? How many of you actually own it? Great. If you do, you've probably found a familiar face on it's pages!

If you still have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, let me tell you: couple years back, I was asked by Miki if I was interested in being included in a book she was currently planning back then. You bet I was! I was excited to get to a part of this project and started waiting for more details.

In summer of 2013 we had two photoshoots together for the book. One outdoors and one in the studio. We weren't allowed to mention anything about the book at this point, so the only thing I posted were these 2 pics on Instagram (one, two).

Later came the interviews, handled via email by Noora, who's the other pair of the fabulous couple. After that began the waiting for the finished book. I can only imagine how much work it is to put together an actual book!

In September of 2014 the long wait was finally over and the book was published! A publishing party was held and each of us bloggers got two copies of the book for ourselves. I gave the other one to my parents and kept one for myself.

The finished book looks amazing! The layout of the book is cute, but still looks professional and definitely is loyal to the style of it's authors.

The book contains tips for blogging, such as how to start a blog, what you should know when designing a layout for the blog and when writing the posts, how to come up with a blog name, how to deal with comments and interract with your readers. Also some good-to-know stuff about blogging and the law is included.

After all the blog basics, it also has interviews and tips from 17 different finnish bloggers, me being one of them!

Each blogger has four personal pages in the book which tell a little story of the history of the blog, what are their strong points and what kind of blog they are running.

All of us were asked to give 5 tips for blogging, and here's mine:
1. You can find your personal style with the help of blogging.
In order to stand out from the sea of blogs, basic coding skills are good to learn.
To study the code, try solving smaller problems first.
If you're running a quality blog, you can use it as a business card when applying for jobs.
Your blog's name might need an update, if it starts feeling foreign to you.

Got interested? You can buy the book from the following stores:
Akateeminen kirjakauppa

If you have the book or have read it somewhere, I'd be very interested to know what you thought of it! So please share your thoughts in the comments. This book is a great buy for those who are thinking of starting blogging. I wish there would've been something like this when I started writing mine :)

Also huge thanks to Miki and Noora for asking me to be a part of this project! The journey was a lot of fun.

Photos © Miki Toikkanen


  1. You and beautiful, stylish congratulations, An Inspiration My deserved.

    1. thank you so much! i was so happy i got to be a part of this project ^^

  2. So cool!
    Too bad it's in Finnish because I would have loved to read it T^T
    You look super bad ass in the pics!

    1. ah yeah, that's a shame :/
      i hope i get to be a part of some international release in the future XD
      thank you<3

  3. You're a goddess as always~ The 5 tips you gave are so important for fellow bloggers to understand and help them with their style.

    1. thank you so much!
      glad to hear you found my tips helpful<3

  4. Ostin tän kirjan bloggaamiseen rohkaistuakseni heti kun se ilmestyi, koska siinä olitte sinä ja Rose Shock <3. Kirja ylitti odotukseni, koska siinä oli oikeasti todella hyviä vinkkejä ainakin urpolle, joka ei silloin edes tiennyt mikä Instagram on ;).

    1. hihii, kiva kuulla että kirjasta oli hyötyä! oispa tällainen ollut silloin kun itekin alotin. ei ollut mitään käryä silloin siitä, että mitä blogilla voi edes tehdä :D

  5. Oot vaan niin upee noissakin kuvissa! *0*

  6. Great idea to make a book like that. I'd really much like to read it... but it's Finnish and well... I can't speak or read it. That's sad.
    Anyway, I really like the pictures of your outdoor shooting; they look fantastic.

    1. thank you so much!<3
      i also wish there was a translation, so i could share it with you! :(

  7. got one! ihan hyvä kirja kyllä!

  8. flawless..! <3 ihan sun takia pitäisi kyllä ostaa.

    1. oi kiitos paljon!<3 kerro ihmeessä mitä tykkäsit, jos päädyt kirjan joskus hankkimaan!

  9. Jonkin verran tuli selailtua, kun sitä kirjastolla muovitin. Lähti ainaski sillo heti kiertoon. Tyylikkään näköne opus, mutta ei tällaista henkilöä joka ei omasta blogista haaveile sen enempää kiinnostanu. Mutta varmasti aloitteleva bloggaaja voi joitakin mokia ton avulla välttää :D

    1. joo ei varmaan silloin kolahda jos ei itellä oo blogia/suunnittele sellaisen aloittamista :D
      tän taitto miellyttää kyllä munkin silmää :)

  10. oh havent heard of that book yet, will add it to my list now though! lovely pictures, too!

  11. That's awesome! ^__^ Looks like a cool book.

    1. yeah, the result is pretty cool in my opinion as well! i'm glad i got to be a part of this ^^

  12. Can I just say that it's awesome seeing friends succeed.
    The finished book looks amazing, and I'm incredibly interested.
    The photography looks so crisp and on point.
    You look fantastic as well.

    If I'm able to, I would really like to have this book!
    It, at least, seems worth checking out (or having and supporting them!).

    1. so happy to hear you like it!
      i dunno, it might be a bit hard to get if you're outside finland, and the book itself is in finnish too... XD
      thanks anyway<3

  13. Whoaaaaaaaaaa I'm super interested in the book! Congratulations! ♥
    Sadly I can't read (yet!) any Finnish :( snif, ahaha. I'd like to check out your interview tho! *_* Your tips on blogging could be of real help to me :3


    1. it's so cool, right? *_*
      i'll see if i can do a translation for my foreign readers at some point ^^
      thank you<3


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