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TOKYO'14: where to shop

As you probably know already, Tokyo is one of the most amazing places to shop in the world and definitely my favourite place for it. I can just walk into one of my favourite brand's stores and see the stuff in person before buying it.

Now, this has it's dark side for a person who's used to buying literally everything online. It's so much harder to find the stuff you like because you can't just browse and scroll through it?! I can't be the only one having this problem lol. For some reason, it's easier for me see if I like the stuff if I see pictures of someone wearing it first.

Even though it was a bit hard getting used to shopping the "regular" way, it was great because I hate waiting for my stuff to arrive after I've bought it. Maybe someday people will figure out a way to combine the best of the two ways to shop hahaha.

I mainly targeted my favourite japanese clothing brands during this trip, because american brands I like (such as UNIF) is much easier to buy online. Above, on the left you can see the entrance to Ghost of Harlem's flagship store in Shibuya, and on the right some accessories inside the store.


Here's a better look fom inside the store. I bought that maxi dress the mannequin is wearing, btw. It is super pretty!

One place I also liked to shop at was 109, but I didn't seem to enjoy it quite as much as I did on my first trip to Tokyo. I usually just checked Glad News, Fig&Viper and Growze.

Here's a shot I snapped outside Glad News' store in 109. While most of the shop staff only spoke japanese, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that one of the staff in Glad News, Miki, spoke pretty good english! Ahh, it felt so good to speak a language that you actually understand, to someone haha.

One of the things on my to-buy-list was comfy white platform sandals and I ended up buying this pair from Fig&Viper when I found them! I was originally looking for all-white shoes, but the holographic straps were too cute to be resisted.

Tons of cute chokers were also easy to find in almost any store. Here's the rack from Spinns. I might've bought a few...

Cute stuff at Growze. If I understood correct, they sell a lot of different brands but also have their own.

The place where I enjoyed shopping the most, was probably Laforet (link) in Harajuku. They have lots of great stores like Joyrich, Ghost of Harlem, Monomania and some other shops I don't remember the names of.  Also their Fig&Viper store is a bit bigger than the one in 109.

During my stay, they had this huge 5 day long Grand Bazar aka super sales, when the whole building went crazy and was packed with people.

I also enjoyed exploring the little streets of Harajuku (after Takeshita-dōri) and checking out the small stores there. One of the interesting finds there was the Prisila wig store! Didn't buy anything but it was fun to check out and you could actually try them on.

I was lucky, because on the second to last day of my stay, Ruki (who is the singer of my favourite band, the GazettE) launched his cosmetics line Vital Material and opened a store for it in Harajuku. Me and Anna decided to go check it out since we were in town.

The store was quite small, so we got a scheduled time when we could go in with a few other people. Even though it's a store, the first few days were dedicated for the exhibition of the first collection, so you couldn't buy anything yet, only get to know the products before the sales started.

I had just managed to catch a cold, so when the main point was try out the products and see what they felt like and smelled like, I couldn't smell anything :DD Which kinda sucked, but hey, atleast they were nice to look at. I could want one of the room diffusers for myself, hmm.

We also got pamphlets with us which included a postcard with some samples of the two perfumes the brand had, so atleast I got an idea of how those were because I was able to smell them after I got home and my sense of smell returned lol.

Here's a little clip I filmed while being inside the store!


  1. aaaaaah amazing shopping tour post *u*
    I heard LaForet is the new place to be when it comes to shopping in Tokyo.
    I wish I could visit too! Def someday~~~

    1. hihiii thanks! i wish i had more pics though, there was so many other cool places to shop at too, but i decided not to write about them without pics.. hehe :c

      yeah i heard that too!! seems like 109 is crumbling down a bit and laforet is the cool and hip place to shop at and i have to agree about that.

      i hope you'll get to go there some day as well *u*

  2. aaahh oon käyny tokiossa mut en oo löytäny tota GoHin shibuya liikettä, osaisitko yhtään selittää millä suunnalla se siel on? lähellä 109:ä? ;-;

    1. on 109:stä jonkin verran matkaa goh:n liikkeeseen... vaikee selittää, mut täältä löytyy kartta:
      ton avulla suunnistin itekin ja löysin perille :D

  3. Muistan ku laitoit Instaan kuvan noista sun hologrammisandaaleista ja rakastuin niihin heti *__* <3 Muutenkin kaikki jutskat, joissa on hologrammikuosi on jotenkin niiiiiin kivoja. Tokioon on kyl pakko päästä joskus shoppailemaan! Ja tekemään kaikkee muutakin heheeh.

    Tosta VITAL MATERIALista vielä, tiiätkö voiko noita juttuja ostaa vaikka asuu muualla kuin Japanissa? Sehän on selvää et noita joitain huonetuoksujuttuja (??) ei varmaankaan lähetetä tänne päin maailmaa mut yy, en tajuu ni ois kivaa jos joku osais selittää!

    1. joo, kaikki hologrammijutskat on kyl kivoi! sulaispa jo lumet niin pääsis taas käyttämään noita..

      mun käsittääkseni ei pysty tilaan mitään muutakaan japanin ulkopuolelle, eli vaihtoehdoiks jää japsikaverin nakittaminen postituspuuhiin tai sit shopping service...? tollanen huonetuoksu ois kyl kiva ja nätti itelle *>*

  4. Tosi kiva postaus ja oli myös mielenkiintoista lukea, koska oon joskus tänä vuonna vielä itekin menossa Tokioon! En jaksa odottaa, että pääsen kiertämään kaikkia kauppoja :D

    1. jee!! :D kiva että tykkäsit postauksesta :)
      tiedän tunteen, hauskaa matkaa sulle! :D

  5. Mulla haaveena päästä joskus Japaniin, ja oon tosi varma et ku sinne kauppoihin astuu niin bye rahat XDD noi kaupat mitä näytit on niin houkuttelevia. En tiiä onko jo joku kysynyt mut kuinka paljon makso lennot?

    1. joo ei sinne ilman rahaa kannatakaan lähtee itteensä kiusaamaan :D kirjotin lennoista ja muista kuluista ton majoituspostauksen yhteydessä mut ne oli siis about 655€!

  6. Haluaisitko sä tehdä postauksen käyttännön asioista Japanissa? Esimerkiksi suunnistamisesta, julkisten lippujen ostosta ja tämmösestä? Mua kiinnostais paljon tälläiset asiat. Entä miten hyvin siellä pärjää englannilla?

    1. hei hyvä idea, kiitos! voisin mainita näistä asioista jonkin postauksen yhteydessä :)

  7. Miks et käytä enää peruukkeja?

    1. koska mun omakin tukka on kiva...? :D käytän peruukkeja lähinnä sillon ku en jaksa laittaa omaa tukkaa tai värjäysprosessi on kesken.

  8. hei osaaks vinkata et näkykö joissaki liikkeissä sellasia vaatteita jotka mahtuis isommallekkin tytölle? japanilaiset koot on muutenki pienempiä ku länsimaiset, niin tulee varmaan oleen onglemia ku meen sinne elokuussa :D

    1. hmm, en oikein osaa sanoa... mut jokaiselta merkiltä luulis löytyvän onesize -kokoisia vaatteita, tai muuten vaan väljemmäks tarkoitettuja malleja jotka menee monen kokoiselle :)

      toinen mikä tuli mieleen, on universall dollin taannoinen postaus punyus -nimisestä merkistä joka myy monenkokoisia vaatteita :) tsekkaamisen arvoinen, jos kyseinen tyyli muuten natsaa!


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