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All that glitters isn't gold - but it's still damn F.U.N!

You know, I got excited about nail polishes pretty often (well, more like everyday), but it's rare I get this excited! My favourite polishes are those with glitter and when we're talking about glitter polishes, a singaporean indie polish brand, F.U.N Lacquer, has one of the best ones I've seen so far! The more it sparkles, the better it is and these ones are definitely not lacking on the sparkle-factor.

We just recently got this brand to Finland and I had to purchase my three favourite colors right away, before they will sell out. The prices for a bottle start at 17,60€ and you can purchase them from International buyers can check the brand's own bigcartel store.

The colors I got, are Queen, Pay Day and King. I also wanted to get Galaxy, but I heard there was some problems with it's ingredients/formula, so I will get that a bit later.

Both King and Queen are foil effect holo glitter polishes. While King is gold, Queen is the exact same thing but in silver. An absolutely gorgeous duo.

Pay Day is a bit different though and I would say the color is closer to being platinum than plain silver. It's just so damn pretty and even though it's hard to decide my favourite one between these three, I think I'll have to pick Pay Day, because of it's uniqueness.

F.U.N (which comes from the words "Fabulously Unique Nail lacquer" btw and isn't kidding when stating so), describes Pay Day as not a glitter polish, but a polish with metallic, mirror-like finish. It also contains real sterling silver flakes and is breathtakingly gorgeous in person. Btw, PD applies really smooth and doesn't feel coarse even without top coat, which is rare with all kinds of glitter polishes.

Here's some swatches I made:

Pictures with black background are taken with flash and the ones with white background are taken in natural light. The picture above shows the holographic sparkle of King and Queen, and the picture below gives an idea of Pay Day's mirror effect. I still think these are something you should absolutely see in person (fall in love and spend all you money, you know, haha), and you can do so by visiting CesarsShop in Helsinki (Vuorikatu 22, 00100 HKI).

The glitter payoff is really good and these need 2-3 coats for full coverage.

This is about how close to macro shots I can get with my current camera gear. Maybe I should start thinking about investing in another lens...

What was your favourite one? On Saturday's post I will show you nails I made using one of these polishes. Can you guess which one it will be?

Psst.. I added a "related posts" -widget to my blog, which will suggest you similar posts like the one you were just reading. I hope this will help you find more interesting articles from this blog! What do you think about it? It will be located at the end of each post, like this


  1. Wau! Ompas sun näkösiä :) Hyviä ostoksia siis!

    Btw, käytätkö enää peruukkeja ikinä?
    Olisi myös kiva nähdä kuinka pitkät omat hiuksesi ovat nykyään, ilman pidennyksiä siis! :)

    xoxo, Nede

    1. jep, oon kyl tosi tyytyväinen näihin!

      peruukkeja tulee käytettyä aika harvoin nykyään kun omakin tukka on kiva.... lähinnä sillon käytän jos en kiireessä kerkee/jaksa laittaa hiuksia XD

  2. Mulla on kaksi F.U.Nia TGIF ja Reunion ( H ). Pakko kai se on vielä kolmaskin ainakin kotiuttaa kunhan päätän mikä. On ne vaan niin mielettömän hienoja!!!

    1. uuh, hyvät valinnat :D valinnanvaikeus kyllä iskee näiden kanssa kun kaikki on niin hienoja :D

  3. King ja Queen kyllä jäivät vielä pikkasen kaivelemaan. Ehkä mä hipellän niitä vielä pari kertaa Cesarsilla kunnes myönnän, etten voi elää ilmankaan :). Ja hitsi sen Galaxyn kanssa, kun mäkin niin odotin sitä!

    1. hihii :D toivottavasti saatais galaxy kans pian, se on niiin hieno!

  4. Oh my gosh I love the Queen one!!!

  5. Ihania!! Onko sulla mitään vinkkejä glitterlakan poistamiseen btw?

    1. niin on!

      glitterit lähtee parhaiten pois joko kynsilakanpoistoaineessa/asetonissa muhittamalla, tai käyttämällä peel off lakkaa (esim. O.P.I: Glitter Off) tai muuta glitterin poistoa auttavaa lakkaa (esim. Picture Polish: Revolution) sen alla.

      itsehän tosin vedän kaiken pois sähköviilalla kun on rakennekynnet :'D

  6. Oi vitsit toi Pay Day on siisti *-* Kelpais mulle. Ja toi Galaxy... *kuolaa* Ihanan näköisiä lakkoja, pitääkin kokeilla joskus.

    1. suosittelen! upeuden lisäks näissä on myös huikea laatu *_*

  7. Ooo I love them all but I think payday is my fave!

  8. Mulla olis kyssäri tohon aiempaan postaukseen viitaten, kuin iso toi sun unifin jumpsuitti on? mulla olis mahollisuus ostaa tommonen mut se on kokoo xs ja pelkään etten mahtuis siihen ja muistelisin et säkin olisit aika pieni kokoinen(lyhyt)... ihan randomi mut oon epätoivonen :DD

    1. en mä nyt niin pienikokoinen oo... :D se on aika true to size ja mulla on siitä M-koko, joka on just eikä melkeen sopiva :)


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