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esplanadi park

Maailman randomein ja turhin entry, mut no jaa, väliäkös tuolla. Joku tais joskus toivoakin että postaisin enempi random juttuja joten sitä saa mitä tilaa !

Käytiin iltapäivästä Espalla istuskelemassa ja nauttimasta auringosta porukalla minä, Sini, Alex, Tuomas, Heikki, Sami ja Niklas.
Koitettiin Sinin kaa ottaa tällasia hienoja hyppykuvia mut as you can see, ei oikeen ottanut onnistuakseen XD Jospa Siniltä löytyis parempia, mun kuvat oli vähän tällasia derpyderpderp.

This is just a random and worthless entry I thought I'd post anyway. I think someone once said I should post more about random things so well, you get what you ask for !

This afternoon we went to Espa to chill and enjoy the sun with Sini, Alex, Tuomas, Heikki, Sami and Niklas.
Me and Sini tried to take these cool jumping pics but as you can see, they kinda failed XD
Maybe Sini has better pictures, the ones from my camera are kinda derpyderpderp.

Ja tajusimpa tossa auringossa pällistellessä kaamean tosiasian. Mun ihonväri on about #FFFFFF eli melkoisen samaa luokkaa kuin toi Sinin mekko. Päätin korjaa asian, joten levittelempä täällä just vähän itseruskettavaa jotta pääsisin takaisin elävien kirjoihin, lol.

And also I realized a terrible thing when sitting in the sunlight. My skintone is pretty much #FFFFFF aka the same shade as Sini's dress. So I decided to fix this thing and just applied some selftanning lotion on my skin so I would be considered as a living thing again, lol.

Asu oli about täysin sama kuin pari postausta takaperin, mutta housut ja toppi vaihtui mekkoon. Mut laitampa vielä tän "mistä-mikin-on" boksin tähän jos jotakuta kiinnostaa:

My outfit was almost exactly the same as couple posts back, but instead of pants and a top I wore a dress. But I'm gonna add this "where's-everything-from" box here anyway if anyone's interested:

vest gina tricot dress kdk london belts gina tricot shoes jeffrey campbell necklace ghost of harlem


  1. En kestä tota toista kuvaa ku näytän iha siltä et mulla ois valtavat ilmassa hölskyvät vatsamakkarat :::::DD


    2. :D:D:D: hajosin ku skrollasin ylöspäin :DDDDDDDDDDDD harvoin hajoilen ihmisten blogeille

    3. kiva pikku wobble wobble !

  2. It's funny to see how people in other countries enjoys the sun so much! Really, for us is like devil running from the light! I'm too tanned right now ;-; So sad! AS for the outfit, is nice to see your wear a dress in so many ways! With a highclass look and a more chilling look.
    BTW, since when have you being using your makeup? Did you ever changed anything?

    1. ah, thank you ! ^^
      imo finland has the perfect summer ! never too hot but just perfectly warm to chill in the beach/park etc and enjoy it !

      hmm well i started doing my makeup when i was 13 i think, but the current style i've had couple years or so~

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun at the park. :)

  4. Oi täydellinen mekko<3

  5. Jeij random asioista postaamiselle XD Ihana mekko muuten! :D

    1. hahah kiva kuulla että kelpaa XD kiitos !

  6. Actually I think your fair skin is very pretty :3 Just be careful with self-tanning because it can turn "orange-ish" so quickly XDD
    It's interesting to see Esplanadi Park without a meter of snow which I saw when I was there in February XD


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