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I'm a 24 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and this blog is my own little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts, outfits and write a bit about my life and stuff that I do.

For first timers, I'd say take a quick look at ABOUT ME and get to know me a little before browsing through my posts.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog and leave me a comment.

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Q&A ft. D

photo by Heikki

Hi ! It's been a long while since I last had a Q&A in my blog, and previously it's been only in Finnish. SO ! I thought I'd make one again, but this time only in English.

Also, decided to do this together with Davy so you can ask question from him, me or from both of us !

You can ask whatever you want and please leave your questions in English so I don't have to translate them, haha.

Thanks :3


  1. how long have you been together?

    How old are you both?

    How did you meet?

    5 best things from each other?
    What about the worst?

    How do parents of one another's attitude to you?

    You mediating well together! You are so cute together. :)

  2. viivi, you are student, rirght? What are you studying? Do you work somewhere?

    davy, do you study or work? what and where? :)

  3. Viivi, have you thought about moving abroad and leaving Finland? Or is Finland the place where you wanna live and work and grow old? :-)

    And what is your idea of a perfect winter coat? Also, do you like animals or would you like to have any pets (if yes, what kind of!).

  4. hi V! how do you have the money to do your shopping, and also how do you get the money to travel?? how to know if a guy your talking to is the right person for you? davy, what made you go into a certain atreet style?

  5. How did you and Davy met?

  6. From all the hair colors you've ever had, which one you like the most?

  7. What background are you Davy? I believe you said you have Asian blood but which part of Asia?

    How did you two meet & how long have you been dating?

    Who asked who out or who admitted their feelings first?

  8. you and your bf both look so stylish.. who takes longer to get ready?

    how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

    Is that Davy's real hair or are they extensions?

  9. Viivi, do people recognize you on the streets? If they do, do you like it if they come up and say hi?

    I always see you around Kamppi and such every now and then but I would feel really awkward actually coming up and talking to you, hahaha. ಥuಥ (...But don't worry I don't stalk you |: )

  10. Where did you buy your fake nails?

    How do you do your make up ?

    What kind of music do you both like the most?

  11. Davy, what made you fall in love with Viivi and come all the way to Finland? :)

  12. Are you working somewhere? If not yet, then where do you get all the money for shopping etc :)?

  13. When is Davy's birthday? Day, month and a year? :D

    Where Davy lives?

    How often do you see?

    Anteeksi paska englantini. :D:D:D

  14. Hey! why is the kind of couples " finnish girl / boy + boy / girl some other ethnic origin so popular in Finland? What is it? is it a vogue/ prestigious/ thirst for "exotic"? I didn't mean to insult both of you guys, it is just interest and opinion of a man who live outside Finland(but i was in your town so many times) Hope for answer and best regards!=)

  15. Viivi, how do you treat your skin and which products are you using?

    Davy and Viivi, how long it usually takes to do your basic make-up and hairdo?

    What do you think about heavy metal music and do you ever listen to it?

    Which colour you wouldn't EVER dye your hair?

  16. Both of you:

    What's a nickname only your family calls you?

    What's a weird habit of yours?

    Do you have any weird phobias?

    What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

    What's one of your biggest pet peeves?

    What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?

    Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?

    What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?

    What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?

  17. For you = where did you bought the wig ? How does your nail stays so long on and dont fall ?
    What do you do for living ?

    For Davy = How old are u ? How do you like in finland ? Will you never learn the language ?

    For both of you = How long have you guys been together ? Why you dont have any kissing cute pictures ? :<

  18. This one might be odd but how do both of you do your eyebrows,they look perfect,any suggestions on how to get them like that or would you ever do a tutorial? ~ also both of you are so cute together! ^ - ^"

  19. Viivi: Who take your photos?
    What kind of umbrella do you have:DD?

    Davy: Do you have a blog?
    What kind of toothbrush do you have:DD?

  20. Viivi: When you were at upper comprehensive school? Did you have lots of friends? We're you more calm or badass?:D

    And Davy: What do you think about Finland or Helsinki now that you've seen it?:)

  21. ViVi: how do u buy clothes from ? i have asked about that by email :)

    How do u do ur hair? i saw some of ur tutorials but i would like to know it more :D i love ur hair! they are not damaged (or we dot see it).. so which products do u use? any references? thank you :)

    and last, which cosmetic products do u use, ur face is in such a perfect condition :)

    love you <3 and you are my biggest inspiration, seriously:)

    thank u for the answers :)

  22. Viivi: how do you look so japanese?

    Do you work somewhere?

  23. Viivi: If you're not working anywhere, then are your parents rich?

    And if they're not, then where do you get your money?

    I'm sorry I don't wanna sound intrusive >.<

  24. what do you fill your nail with? (from a false nail's edge to a cuticle) and how do you remove it all finally?

  25. Here are 10 random questions for u that have just occured to me
    1) do you spend the most of your time with Davy or your friends?
    2) have you ever been jealous of Davy?
    3) what is your fav onlineshop from which you order most often? (excluding Ebay)
    4) why aren't you satisfied with the stores in Finland( particularly in Hki)
    5) do you walk on block pavement on heels well? :D
    6) do you have gay among your friends? and how many?
    7) does it make you angry/ dissapointed when you encounter with someone who has the same shoes/bag/hair/makeup etc ?
    8)have you ever wore braces?
    9) top-5 your fav parfumes?
    10) is paying for a girl (by boyfriend) in cafe/restoraunt/store accepted in circle of your friends?

  26. Okay, here comes a bunch of questions to both of you!

    What made you start blogging? How'd you feel about it at first? How about now?
    Do you have a dream you wish to accomplish in life?
    Do you want to have kids in the future?
    What bands' gigs have you been to? Which one was the best? Is there a band you'd like to see? Are you a musical person?
    Do you have one best friend or a group of equally good ones?
    Which member of your family do you get along the best?
    Something you regret?
    Someone who inspires you (with anything)?
    Are you a perfectionist? If so, does it hold you back or do you see it as a resource?
    Your best childhood memory?
    Your favourite ice-cream flavour?
    What would you like to tell your readers?

    Thanks in advance for answering! Loving your blogs, the effort you put in them is admirable! :)

  27. Davy: Is it hard to speak only english with Viivi, does it get frustrating? Is it weird to hear people talking finnish? How tall are you? What's the best thing about Viivi? What's the most annoying thing about Viivi? Where do you live? Where do you work?

    Viivi: Can you speak swedish? Where did you guys meet? Was it love at first sight? Do you feel (un)comfortable being without any makeup with Davy? Do you sometimes have a language barrier with him?

    Both: Could you think about moving together in Finland?

    p.s. pardon my english

  28. what's davy's opinion on your nails? (i'm just curious since my boyfirend dislikes long nails haha.)

    are you going to introduce davy to your parents soon? are they good in english/swede?

  29. to both of u: do u like alcohol?if u do, how often do u get drunk?=)))

  30. what ethnic origin is davy?
    did vivi use to date alex from vividbeat?

  31. Davy: Is your real name Davy? Are 100% Swedish?
    Viivi: What was your favorite toy when you were a kid? Were you such a "I wanna be a princess"-girl (i was, lol:D)?

  32. How do you think your style has evolved during this year? :)

  33. Viivi: Why Davy looks always so unhappy if you two love each other? :/

  34. Viivi, do you feel like being a part of Finland or are you more a global girl? Do you have some traditional Finnish habbits?

  35. how many times per day you fuck

  36. 1. Which eyelashes brand/type do you recommend for someone that has never worn false lashes before?

    2. What is the make-up foundation you use?

    3. What products do you use at night to remove your make-up and prep your face for bed time?

    4. What face products do you use in the morning? Same as night or different?

    Thanks so muuuuch~

  37. where do you get your money - parents or work?

    and isn´t it quite scary to put your lenses on with those nails? :P

  38. for viivi:
    Do you go "wear" gyaru style to school too?
    How long does it take to do your nails? (including glueing nail tips, using nail file etc.)
    If you had to change your hair color, which color would you pick and why?
    What do you think about ganguro, manba, yamanba etc.?
    If there any thing you dislike about gyaru-style?

    For Davy:
    Have you ever met DIR EN GREY members?
    Would you like to work as an host? Why yes/no?
    What do you think is better - PS3 or XBOX? Why?

  39. what label of talc u use to ur wigs? or baby powder?

  40. What is original ethnic race of Davy? He's face looks so feminine as guy.

  41. Viivi, do you still like Juicy Couture after your style has changed ?

    Davy, do you think Viivi looks great even without make up and hair done ?

  42. You and Davu speak english to each other, right? Have you ever had or do you have any difficulties in understanding each other? :D

  43. Viivi, how long are your hair extensions exactly?

    Also, how did you manage to get your extensions to blend so well with being two-toned and not having the lighter blonde mix in with the more ash-blonde? It's all so equal!

  44. This one is for Viivi.

    How do you backcomb your wigs? Do you have any special technique? Do you use normal hairspray or something else and what kind of comb do you use?

    I can't keep my wigs looking good they always fall flat : ( I need help!

    I wan't my wigs look as thick as yours!

  45. gosh... do you already regret having said people can ask whatever they want?!?!?!

  46. Hi! first for Davy: why you have sunglasses almost in every picture? you don´t like your eyes, or what? (This isn´t negative, i like your eyes+face)
    for Viivi: am i right or is your style changed a bit? (i think it´s more "rock" or darker) did it changed because of Davy? (he seems to like dark rock-style)
    for both? isn´t really hard when you live in forgein coutries, you have to speak english (which isn´t Viivis or Davys mother tongue), and you don´t see each other so often? how do you keep contact to each other while that?

  47. to viivi: you bought that red wig from ebay, right? who was the seller?

  48. do you work anywhere?
    do you study and what?
    how much money you get for a month? ( wage, welfare?)

  49. mjauuu can you make the repost for the qestions as a videopost? i'd (i believe that there's many others who would too) love to see you guys in living screen! :---D and hear your voices! hiblihibli

  50. How did you meet? (:

  51. Viivi:
    What your parents thinks about Davy? (now that they have met him, according to ur tweets)

    Are you planing to travel to sweden anysoon?

    Both: How do you cope with the distance, how often u guys are able to see eachother?

  52. Here r some questions to u both.

    Viivi: 1.How has your life changed since the day u started blogging?
    2.Which r the best and the worst things that the blog has given to u?
    3. Do u have any 'face limits' when it comes to your friends or getting acquainted with new people?

    Both: 1. Was it Viivi who first started to fancy Davy or?
    2.Which are the things that first made u crush?

    Davy: 1.How do u find Finland?
    2. Wasn't it hard to u to start dating girl who lives on the other side of the world?
    3. Which things about Viivi r better when compared to Asian girls?


  53. ^ davy on ruotsalainen eikä japanilaine xDD fail

  54. Is Davy's real name Davy? :3

  55. Hyi vittu sun kynsiäs.. Ja miks helvetis käytät peruukkei? oot paljo kauniimpi omilla hiuksillas ja älä pliis käytä noin yököttäviä kynsiä! oot niiku joku tuksu. Pakkelit naamas! Ryhdistäydy. Näytät joltai barbilt, niiku tuksu!

  56. do you love each other?
    how long have you been together?
    how did you meet?
    what was the first meeting like?
    in which point did you know what you would like to be more than just friends?
    what do you viivi love/like the most about davy?
    what about you davy?
    when was your first kiss and how was is?
    do you speak swedish with davy? if not, why??
    are you planning to move together?
    if so, which/what country?
    does davy speak finnish?
    how often do you meet?
    how often do you talk with each other? (like on skype)
    how often do you think about each other?
    have you published your relationship on fb?
    if so, how many likes did you get?
    how did your parents react?
    have you viivi dated with anyone before this? what about you davy?
    are your kids gonna speak swedish XD?

  57. have you said "i love you" to each other?
    in which point of your dating? (like how long had you been together when you said it)
    who said it first?
    was it scary? awesome? surprising?
    did you reply straight away or think what to answer?

  58. Are you rich??
    How can you manage with those nails? I mean, they are really long, it isn't hard to do things?For example, write with a pen o with a keyboard? Tell me how you do your normal day xDDD I can't imagine hahaha

  59. where do you want to travel together and why?


  61. Who would you be, if you one day got a chance to be anyone you like?

    From where do you get your inspiration when it comes to style?

  62. Have you ever tried lolita-style? Do you know any good (finnish?) lolita-blogs?
    Do you think you have influenced each others styles? Is there something you dislike in each others style?
    Would you be willing to do styling for Tuksu if she wanted? ;) What would it be like? If you could re-style any famous person, who would it be and how would you do it?

  63. Davy:
    funniest word in finnish?
    how do you live?
    which countries have you visited?
    did you like Viivi's parents?
    which one of your parents is asian? (I assume it's your mom since you're so damn tall!! is she a mailorder bride? :D)

    are you into politics? which party do/did you vote for? and if not, why?
    hp or twilight? :---)
    what do you do together?
    favorite movies and/or genres? and do your tastes fit together?

    do you speak swedish?
    are you in good terms with Leijo?

  64. Do you LOVE each other? (I mean REAL love, not just some teenage pissis-crap when someones known each other like 2 weeks and they are already engaged and shit..)

    Did you have sex after the first date?

    Have you planned the future together, like moving abroad 'n stuff?

    How do you spend your freetime when you two are together?

  65. Could you do a video post together?:)

  66. Do you feel and see your false lashes when wearing them?

    Don't hurt your eyes much because of the circle lenses + lashes? Or like, don't you eyes feel heavy? >.<

  67. ARGH, ei mulla tässä oikeeta asiaa ole, mut voisitko jo päivittää jossain vaiheessa? Turhauttavaa ravata täällä joka päivä ja huomata sama (söpö!) kuva aina ylimpänä :<

  68. Davy: Whose fashion do you emulate the most? Who is your role model when it comes to fashion?
    Do you use make-up?

    Both: I'm half-Japanese and currently dating a Japanese boy who I met when studying abroad. I'm back in America now and it can be difficult maintaining a long-distance relationship; especially with a language barrier! Do you guys have any advice on how you manage your relationship?

    Do you guys shop for clothes together and help pick out each other's outfits?

  69. This probably sounds weird but is Davy wearing Viivi's belt in that picture?

  70. What do you study at Heltech? What would you want to study or work with? :) do you still like juicy couture?

  71. when are you guys gonna answer uuuuuuus?

  72. both:
    biggest sacrifice you made for the other?
    worst thing about the other?
    what size are you?
    are you getting each other presents for xmas?

    so you use make-up apart from the eyebrows?

  73. How old is Davy?

    Are Davy's priviate parts big enough for u Viivi?

  74. Does Dave have hair extensions?

  75. Amazing blog! Big things I like it here! :D
    Cordially invite you to follow my blog ;3
    love, xoxo ♥

  76. They say that long distance relationships never work. How are you going to disprove that?

  77. If U have so much contact lens, why U don't do somethink like give away, sell lens that U don't like or use?
    (Koska ainakin mua ei haittais jos linssi on käytettö pari kertaa. Ja jos myyt halval jne xD)

    When U gonna sell Your clothes again?

    Do U have Pay Pal credit card? If U have that one, did U get it easily?

    What are Your favorite country?
    (Lempparuus järjestykseen)

    Do U listening Gazette anymore?

    Do U still like J-Rock more than K-Pop?

    Did U feel missing Leijo (sometime) before U found Davy?
    And why U parted from Leijo?

    Who is Your roommate?

    Favorite foods?

    Tiesiksä muuten se, et sun ja Davyn suhde ei tule kestämääs kauan?!

  78. Could you finally tell us Viivi why your previous relationship didn't last?

  79. your hair is super awesome!


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