Hi and welcome! This is Black Saliva, a style focused blog written by Viivi Vanessa R.

I'm a 24 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and this blog is my own little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts, outfits and write a bit about my life and stuff that I do.

For first timers, I'd say take a quick look at ABOUT ME and get to know me a little before browsing through my posts.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog and leave me a comment.

Enjoy your stay!


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Q&A ft. D - answers

Do you love each other?

How old are you both?
20 and 20.

How long have you been together?
Since 13th of August, 2011.

How did you meet?
At the meetup in Oslo, Norway, last March.

Where did you guys meet?
At Monica's karaoke party on the first night.

What was the first meeting like?
Good, having fun with mutual friends.

In which point did you know what you would like to be more than just friends?
Hard to tell, there was always an attraction, but maybe a month or two after we first met.

Who asked who out or who admitted their feelings first?
We don't remember, haha. But it was always implied.

Was it love at first sight?
No, but attraction yes.

Was it Viivi who first started to fancy Davy or?
D: I guess it was me, since I knew who she was before she knew who I was.

When was your first kiss and how was it?
Extremely romantic. (Piss ass drunk at a party in Oslo, haha)

How often do you see?
There's been few months between eveytime, but when we meet we spend a longer time (2-4 weeks) together.

Are you planning to move together?
If everything goes as planned, yes. Depends on jobs and schools.

Could you think about moving together in Finland?

Have you planned the future together, like moving abroad and stuff?
Not really planned, but thought about it, yes.

Who takes longer to get ready (in the morning)?
D: We start at different times, but I'm usually done last since I always improvise and don't have a routine for what make-up or hair-do I wanna have. While Viivi is more routine based.

Why you don’t have any kissing cute pictures?
We don't like to gay it up on the internet. We know eachother.
Especially Davy is annoyed by people who have to tell everybody, all the time how much they love their partners. It's pretty much implied that you do, since you're together.

How many times per day you have sex?
We don't have a routine.

You and Davy speak English to each other, right? Have you ever had or do you have any difficulties in understanding each other?
V: Yes. Not really, or if yes it's usually me who has difficulties remembering some words when I speak.

Isn’t it really hard when you live in different countries and not be able to speak your native language with each other and when you don’t see each other so often?
Sometimes. But not as hard as you might think.

How do you keep in contact to each other when you’re not together?
Texting, Skype, other social medias.

How often do you talk with each other? (Skype etc.)

Have you published your relationship on Facebook? If so, how many likes did you get?
Yes, don't remember, since we first published it as an April's fools, haha.

Have you said "I love you" to each other?

In which point of your dating? (like how long had you been together when you said it)
Well, we kinda said it before being in a relationship.

Who said it first?
Don't remember, lol.

Was it scary? Awesome? Surprising?
Don't remember, lol. It was nice.

Did you reply straight away or think what to answer?
There was nothing really to think about... so right away, haha.

How do you spend your free time when you two are together?
D: Trying to make Viivi watch my movies, haha. Cooking, sleeping, basic stuff.

Did you have sex after the first date?
....We haven't really had "the first date" yet, because when we meet, we kinda live together.

You are student, right? What are you studying?
Yep. I'm studying Audiovisual media / new media = websites, layouts, animation.

Do you work somewhere?

Do you wear wigs?
Yeah, I have two.

Have you thought about moving abroad and leaving Finland? Or is Finland the place where you wanna live and work and grow old?
Well, I've always had a dream about moving away from Finland, but we'll see !

What is your idea of a perfect winter coat?
My ideal situation would be few different winter coats. One longer, one shorter and all of them in different colors. I hate winter because I don't have enough coats and I don't wanna look the same everyday wearing the same coat all the time, ahahha.

Do you like animals or would you like to have any pets (if yes, what kind of!).
I love cats (they are the only ones I care for), and we have 2 at my parent's place. Would be nice to have one on my own but I don't think I'll have money or time for it.

How do you have the money to do your shopping?
Student money, selling old stuff I don't need, etc.

How do you get the money to travel?
Same as above. Tho my parents usually pay for my trips to Jyväskylä and back.

How to know if a guy you’re talking to is the right person for you?
He understands you and vice versa. You'll notice the signs and just know it.

From all the hair colors you've ever had, which one you like the most?
I would say my current gradient hair or the ash blonde one.

Do people recognize you on the streets? If they do, do you like it if they come up and say hi?
Sometimes. But we'll, I can't really know if they do or not, unless they come and say hi !

Where did you buy your fake nails?
I don't use fake nails, I use nail tips. I bought them from eBay.

How do you do your make up?
Foundation and concealer as the base, a bit of eyebrow pencil, mascara for lashes (and only the ones close to inner corner on lower lashes), liquid eyeliner for the upper lids, dark brown eyeshadow for the bottom lids. Few different shades of browns as the eyeshadow, white shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corners and under the eyebrows. Then some fake lashes and blush and I'm ready. Sometimes I use nude lipstick or lipgloss.

Where did you buy your wigs?
From eBay, I don't wanna tell the seller tho.

How does your nail stays so long on and don’t fall off?
I wrote about it in this post. Check it out !

Who take your photos? 
My friends.

What kind of umbrella do you have?
A Marimekko one.

When you were at upper comprehensive school, did you have lots of friends? We're you more calm or badass?
When? 2003-2006. I had few from my class. Also got to know some of my current friends back then too. I was going trough my worst "ernu" period.
(ernu = erilainen nuori = different youngster, a word used for visual kei kids in Finland)

How do you buy clothes from
I have no idea about the mall, this is what I used before:

How do you do your hair?
Tease it, hairspray, brush away the worst mess, more hairspray. Same thing with curly hair. There's some tutorials in my blog, check category: tutorial.

Which products do you use? Any references?
For hairspray: Klippoteket Rock XXX Hard everything else I use is random stuff.

What is the make-up foundation you use?
I use MAC's Select SPF 15foundation in NC20.

What products do you use at night to remove your make-up and prep your face for bed time?
I use Lumene's make up remover for waterproof make up, some random face scrub when washing my face togehter with Lancome facewash. And then facial cream and eye cream from Yves Rocher.

What face products do you use in the morning? Same as night or different?
Same !

Which cosmetic products do you use?
Already answered about facial creams and washes above, I'm gonna do an entry of the make up products I use later, so stay tuned for it !

How do you look so Japanese?
...I don't? XD Must be the make up I guess.

What do you fill your nail with? (from a false nail's edge to a cuticle) and how do you remove it all finally?
Check this and this.

Do you spend the most of your time with Davy or your friends?
Well, when Davy is here I'm mostly with him, but when he's not I see my friends almost everyday.

Have you ever been jealous of Davy?

What is your favourite online shop from which you order most often? (excluding Ebay)
 Prolly Ghost of Harlem.

Why aren't you satisfied with the stores in Finland (particularly in Helsinki)
Because I rarely find stuff that would be for my liking unless it's super expensive.

Do you walk on block pavement on heels well?
I try to avoid it, but with Litas it OK I guess.

Do you have gay among your friends? And how many?
It would be easier to ask which one of my friends isn't gay... XD

Does it make you angry/disappointed when you encounter with someone who has the same shoes/bag/hair/makeup etc?
No, I don't really care what people I don't even know have.

Have you ever worn braces?
Nope !

Top-5 your favourite perfumes?
I've hardly even used 5 in my life.. XD
My ultimate favourite is Lolita Lempicka, I also like other fragrances by Lolita Lempicka and I own Si Lolita, L, and Fleur Defendue. I also like Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy, tho I don't own it.

Is paying for a girl (by boyfriend) in cafe/restaurant/store accepted in circle of your friends?
Yes, and also if the girl pays for the guy is ok too imo. I can only answer for myself tho.

Do you speak Swedish?
Very little.

Do you feel (un)comfortable being without any makeup with Davy?
No, I don't.

Do you sometimes have a language barrier with him?
I tend to forget words sometimes but I usually find another way to explain what I mean so not really. I'm mostly sad because my jokes don't usually translate to English or any other language than Finnish ;_;

Are you going to introduce Davy to your parents soon? Are they good in English/Swedish?
Actually we visited my parents last week and they liked him. Well, dad and my brother speaks English, mom not so much but she spoke with Davy too. None of us speaks Swedish.

Did you used to date Alex from Vividbeat?
Never, he's my best friend.

What was your favourite toy when you were a kid?
Hmmm... probably a stuffed toy of this thing I bought from Legoland.

Were you such a "I wanna be a princess"-girl?
Not really, I liked dressing up, but I remember being a witch, a musketeer and some hobo lady idk, not really princessy stuff. And I liked my biker mice toy.

How do you think your style has evolved during this year?
It hasn't changed that much this year, but I think about my coordinates more.
Do you feel like being a part of Finland or are you more a global girl?
Well I'm proud to be Finnish but I wanna see the world so I hope I won't be stuck in here forever !

Do you have some traditional Finnish habits?
Going to sauna every now and then? I don't really know if I have anything else. I like skiing (down hill) and ice skating tho but that's not really Finnish, isn't it?

Which eyelashes brand/type do you recommend for someone that has never worn false lashes before?
Never worn before? Hmmm, then you should just go to the town and buy cheap ones you like. Practise putting them on and wearing them at first and see if you even like them. Japan has the best lashes but it's not worth it if you're not sure you're going to wear them with everyday make up.

Isn’t it quite scary to put your lenses on with those nails?

Do you go wear gyaru style to school too?
Yes. Sometimes I'm lazy or late and don't bother to do the make up tho.

How long does it take to do your nails? (including gluing nail tips, using nail file etc.)
...Hours XD I've never checked actually. I often watch couple movies and browse the internet at the same time so time goes fast !

If you had to change your hair color, which color would you pick and why?
Red I think. Because I've been thinking about it for a long time. The reason why I don't do it, is because I already have a wig and dyeing it would be pain in the ass.

What do you think about ganguro, manba, yamanba etc.?
Not really my thing, no any specific opinion.

Is there anything you dislike about gyaru-style?
I hate the sweet stuff and especially Liz Lisa, and the huge furry boots are terrible. Also hime and agejo stuff is not my kind of stuff at all.

What label of talk/baby powder you use for your wigs?
I use "Professorin talkki" from drug store/apteekki.

Do you still like Juicy Couture after your style has changed?
Yep, I still think they have pretty neat stuff !

How long are your hair extensions exactly?

How did you manage to get your extensions to blend so well with being two-toned and not having the lighter blonde mix in with the more ash-blonde?
I dyed the extensions and my own hair with the exact same hair dye !

How do you backcomb your wigs? Do you have any special technique?
I don't really backcomb them  them at all, if I want some volume in them, I just use my fingers to make them more puffy.

Do you use normal hairspray or something else and what kind of comb do you use?
I don't use hairspray on wigs. I use a basic brush for my own hair and wigs.

Am I right or has your style changed a bit? Did it changed because of Davy?
Yes it has changed, but not because of him. My style changed even before I knew who Davy was. I'm not the kind of person who would change her style because of somebody else.

Are you planning to travel to Sweden anytime soon?
Hopefully yes. I haven't had a chance to visit Davy in Sweden yet so I hope I will soon !

How has your life changed since the day you started blogging?
How has it changed because of the blog since I started, right? Not much really. I've gotten some sponsored stuff, gotten invitations to few events, given couple interviews. That's all I think, my life is pretty much the same as always.

Which are the best and the worst things that the blog has given to you?
Meeting new people and the stuff I said above are the best I think !
Worst would be when people judge my friends and people who are important to me. Judging me is fine, since I'm the one who's putting myself and my life out there but judging and insulting my boyfriend or friends like they would be accessories, is unacceptable.

Do u have any 'face limits' when it comes to your friends or getting acquainted with new people?
To be honest, face and style is ofcourse the thing I first pay attention to and decide if I wanna get to know a person. But if the person seems nice when I first meet him/her then it's kinda whatever. Unless you're a hobo or dirty. I would say any normal person who takes care of his/her hygiene.

Are you rich?
No. Everything depends on where you decide to use your money for.
For example: buy lot's of nice food and necessary stuff, cook at home and eat well. No really money for clothes etc stuff people can see = "poor". OR use all your money for clothes and hair/makeup stuff, eat out few times a month, eat only sandwiches and yoghurt at home, blog about the clothes and restaurant stuff = "instantly cool, fabulous and mega rich person".

How can you manage with those nails? Isn't it hard to do things? For example, write with a pen or with a keyboard?
No it's not. You can get used to anything if you want to. Writing with pen is easy, with keyboard too, I just use my nails for it. Actually I find doing some things harder without my nails XD

Have you ever tried lolita-style?
No, I liked lolita when I was 14 but I never got to try it. Now I think it looks kinda stupid.

Do you know any good (Finnish?) lolita-blogs?
Sorry but no. I have no interests in lolita style, so I don't know or follow any.

Would you be willing to do styling for Johanna Tukiainen if she wanted? What would it be like?
Oh yes ! Well, first of all, I'd want to do her make up and get rid of those horrendous lashes and greasy skin. I would also forget the pink glittery princess stuff and try more adult and sophisticated look for her and her age. I'd like to see her with different kind of hair too, something.. mid-brown maybe? Cut it a bit shorter and have soft curls.
She could still keep high heels and feminine stuff but cover it up a bit because with her body and age it would look better and actually make her look sexier than she does now.
Basically just change trashy to classy if it's even possible.
On the other hand  I really like how she is now because she's hilarious, but can't really be taken seriously when looking and acting like she does.

If you could re-style any famous person, who would it be and how would you do it?
Can't really think of anybody else than Johanna.

Are you in good terms with Leijo?

Do you feel and see your false lashes when wearing them?
No, but well if they're starting to fall of, you can feel it. but I never see them really.

Doesn't your eyes hurt a lot because of the circle lenses + lashes? Don’t they feel heavy?
No, no and no. If you wear them correctly.

What would you want to study or work with?
I'd like to work for some magazine, doing layouts and stuff. Or do websites. Something creative anyway.

If you have so much contact lenses, why don't you do something like a giveaway, sell lenses that you don't like or use?
Because I think it's wrong to sell used ones and you shouldn't use lenses that someone else has used before.

When are you gonna sell your clothes again?
I don't know yet, I'll inform about it in my blog when I do.

Do you have PayPal credit card? If you have that one, did you get it easily?
I have PayPal and Visa Electron which are linked to eachother. It's not hard to get one, just make a PayPal account and link it to your card.

What is your favorite country?
I like Japan.

Do you listen to the GazettE anymore?
Yes I do, they're my favourite band.

Do you still like J-rock more than K-pop?
I've always liked j-rock more.

Did you feel like missing Leijo (sometimes) before you found Davy?
At first yes. Notice there was more than 2 years in between.

And why you parted from Leijo? 
That's not really any of your business isn't it?

Who is your roommate?
I don't have a room mate, I have flat mates. Girl from Russia and her Estonian bf. And one other Finnish girl.

Favorite foods?
Everything unhealthy.

Did you know that your and Davy's relationship isn't going to last for long?
Nope, good thing you told me :-)

Do you study or work? What and where?
At the moment I'm studying at three different universities.
I've been taking classes in Japanese, Film studies, graphic design and fine arts.

What made you go into a certain street style?
I guess boredom, since I was tired of what I looked like and then gradually I changed into something I like more for the moment.

What background are you? I believe you said you have Asian blood but which part of Asia?
I'm teuton and asian. Northern central Europe and south east Asia.

Is that your real hair or are they extensions?
It is all my real hair. I've never wore extensions, except for a few times. (Like two-three times) only to get a different color in my hair. It's about 70cm at it's longest. (Longer than Viivi's extensions, haha!) And I can also tuck it into my pants, if I want to, lol!

What made you fall in love with Viivi and come all the way to Finland?
I don't really know. For some reason we seem to be able to talk and hang out together without any difficulties, I guess it just “clicked”. (For some reason!)

When is your birthday? Day, month and a year?
22nd, September, 1991.

Where do you live?
I actually live in Trollhättan, (problem Manhattan?) about 80km north of Gothenburg.

How do you live?
In the forest, in a bit of a nerd cave.

How do you like in Finland or Helsinki now that you've seen it?
I like it, it's like Gothenburg, but a little bit nicer!

Will you (n)ever learn the language?
Haha, I probably won't. Since the language seems so hard, and I don't really bother learning it since it would take so much time, and I'm good at English so I guess that'll do it.

Do you have a blog?
Yes, it have been mention (every) time Viivi writes and entry with my name.
But for your sake I'll write it here too, just press this text.

What kind of toothbrush do you have?
I don't have any specific toothbrush brand at the moment.
But I in general prefer “manual” toothbrushes even though they're not a good as the automatic ones.
I prefer a medium hard brush, since the soft ones doesn't really give me the satisfaction of “cleaning feeling” that I like. And the hard brushes aren't so good for my teeth or gum.

Is it hard to speak only English with Viivi, does it get frustrating?
No, I've been studying “advanced English” during high school and I've grown up with movies, cartoons and video games which are in English. So I've picked up some English during my life time.

Is it weird to hear people talking Finnish?
No, since I'm in Finland I expect them to talk Finnish.

How tall are you?
Last time I measured myself I was 188cm / 6'2”

What's your opinion of Viivi’s nails?
I like them, I don't really like women who doesn't do anything with their nails.
It's not a deal breaker if she wouldn't have nice nails, but it's always a plus to look good.
I take care of my nails myself.

Have you ever met DIR EN GREY members?
No, I haven't. I've only seen them live four times and never when they had a meet-and-greet, and I don't think the extra money for “V.I.P tickets” is worth the money, since I'll probably only be shaking their hand and say a few things while they poker face with their sunglasses.
And I would also get the feeling that I would annoy the people I admire. But, I might go to a free signing session.

Would you like to work as a host? Why yes/no?
I guess I wouldn't mind, since it's a job. I rather work as a host than a burger flipper at some McDonalds if you catch me. Being a host isn't my “dream job” but it would be OK. It seems like a lot of fun. (And I'm aware that it probably is pretty tiresome as well, but it's a job).
What do you think is better - PS3 or XBOX? Why?
Playstation 3 by far. I don't see any reasons why people would prefer the Xbox 360.
The only licensed game that Xbox 360 has that I'm a bit interested in are the “Gears of Wars”-trilogy, but that's all. PS3 has far better exclusive titles, as well as a Blu-ray player and a lot more firepower so they wouldn't need to compress any games and make them worse (FFXIII for 360 lol)
Everybody knows that PS3 are for real men.

Do you think Viivi looks great even without make up and hair done?
I do, she's cute!

Why do you always look so unhappy if you two love each other?
Maybe it's a bit of a tradition, I've been raised that you shouldn't fuck around in pictures.
So I guess that's why I always keep my poker face on when the cameras are flashing.
And that I look like a psychopath when I fake smile, so that doesn't work either.
I've been thinking about smiling sometimes, but I'll do that after I got my teeth bleached!

Why do you have sunglasses almost in every picture? Don’t you like your eyes, or what?
I like my eyes, and I also wear circle lenses, which I also like.
Sunglasses is an accessory, and it's my favorite accessory so I like to wear sunglasses.
And if you're wearing sunglasses you usually get some marks on your nose where the sunglasses rests, so I usually keep them on. Pretty simple!

Wasn't it hard for you to start dating girl who lives on the other side of the world?
Well, I don't really consider Scandinavia “the world” but to be honest I don't think it's that difficult.
Sure, traveling sucks, but it's only for a few hours.

Which things about Viivi are better when compared to Asian girls?
I've never dated an Asian girl, and I assume you think that I would prefer Asian girls since I like ~Japan~, but I don't actually. I've seen more attractive “white girls” than Asian girls, and I guess “white” would actually be my favorite “type” (INB4: racist).
And I think Asian girls in general are more ugly than “whites”.

Is Davy your real name?
Yes, it is.

Do you speak Finnish?
No, I don't.

How big is your dick?
All you ever wanted and a little extra!

Funniest word in Finnish?
Probably “Kalsarikännit” !
(translation: getting drunk at home wearing underwear or similar)

Which countries have you visited?
Hm.. You can count it on your fingers!

Did you like Viivi's parents?
I do, they're nice people.

Which one of your parents is Asian?
My mom.

Whose fashion do you emulate the most?
Probably of DIR EN GREY. They're (and especially ) my biggest inspiration for pretty much everything I do, think and feel.

Who is your role model when it comes to fashion?
DIR EN GREY, but I'm also very inspired by the korean pop-scene (mostly YG ent.).
But most of what they're wearing is luxury brands which I think isn't really worth that much money. Since I'm not a billionaire.
And a lot of visual kei-artists inspire me as well, not with their stage outfits but with their “casual/off stage  style” .
I pick my “fashion inspiration” from everything and everywhere. I tend to mix a lot of styles and make it into something of my own.
But it's mainly Japanese and Korean fashion. I don't like people who wears outfits copied straight out of a magazine and then claim that it's “their style” since they haven't put any more thought into it than to purchasing it.

Do you use make-up?
Yes, I do. But I usually “invisible make-up” in that sense that I usually looks natural. I have some friends who didn't notice that I had make-up until half a year after I've met them, haha.
Basic stuff like; foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, mascara and skin toned shadows.
I can see the difference, but others can't. Only that it makes my face look flawless.
And when it's party time I usually use more “dramatic” make-up.

5 best things about each other?
V: Personality, sense of humor, looks, that we can cook together !!!

5 worst things about each other?
V: When he's being a bitch and doesn't wanna talk about anything, living far away, can't come up with anything else.
D: That we don't really have the same taste in movies or music.

How do parents of one another's attitude to you?
V: We visited my parents last week, they liked him.
D: They haven't met Viivi yet, so I don't really know, haha.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
V: 30min-2hours, depens on where I'm going to.
D: About 30 minutes for the very basic, shave, applying skin creams, pick clothing, some basic hair-do.

What kind of music do you like the most?
V: I'm really bad at explaining my music taste.. Well, I like visual kei, electro, dnb, pop, party music etc. My 3 favourite bands are The GazettE, cali≠gari and Capsule. You can check my for more !
D: I enjoy most music. (See my But I guess “metal” is my favorite, I mostly listen to ~visual kei~ but I'm also a huge fan of heavy metal. Heavy, speed, black and death metal are probably my favorite genres. But I also like electro/pop music, such as Lady gaga and 2NE1.
Top five bands/artist are probably; DIR EN GREY, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga and Veronica Maggio.
I'm also a fan of jazz, opera and chanson, which I think most people wouldn't expect!
And yeah, there's one genre that I can't stand; reggae. Everything sounds exactly the same.
And boring uninspired music in general. Even if it's very technical it was to give me something more than that for me to enjoy it. Also a big fan of video games, and video game music.

What do you think about heavy metal music and do you ever listen to it?
V: Not really my thing.
D: I love it, and I listen to it pretty much every day. Heavy metal is forever.

Which colour you wouldn't EVER dye your hair?
V: Green, black or orange. Funny thing tho, I've had orange hair twice.
D: In any “funny” colors like all purple, green or something like that.

What's a nickname only your family calls you?
V: Viivi, I know my parents didn't want to give me a long name that would've turned into a nickname. I was a bit sad about this as a kid because everybody else had a nickname except me, haha.
D: They just say “Davy” haha.

What's a weird habit of yours?

V: I don't know if this answer is the right one for this question or the next one, but re-heating and eating yesterday's food disgusts me and I don't want to do it. I wanna eat fresh and that's why I try to cook only the amount I will eat at once.

D: I don't know if it's weird but I always avoid touching “public stuff” like doors and such, I always  (if it's possible) kick the doors open or wear gloves, haha. And I wash my hands pretty often.
And I always close the toilet lid before I flush, even though I am a guy and guys always wants to “keep the lid open” because we take a piss standing, haha.
And I rarely turn have any lights on, even if I'm going somewhere in the house and it's pitch black. Because it's “waste of electricity”.

Do you have any weird phobias?

V: It's not that weird I guess, but I'm super afraid of dark, which is why I prefer sleeping some lights on and don't wanna watch horror movies.
D: I don't know if it's weird but I'm mostly afraid of people, and I'm not very found of bugs either. And I'm not really afraid of heights, just the ground below. And I don't like people who do drugs, even if it's “only weed” I always try to move away and keep my distance.

What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone?

V: Justin Bieber, can't come up with anything else.
D: Millionaires! Haha, their music is so terrible it's good.

What's the beauty rule you preach, but never ACTUALLY practice?
D: To exercise on a daily basis, or exercise at all. I think all kinds of work outs are a pain in the ass. I wish I would like to go to the gym, or just for a run, but I don't. I think it's horrible.
And not to eat so much that you have to lay down afterwards, I don't feel satisfied with a meal if I don't feel like I'm going to explode.

V: This

Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?

V: Not really.
D: I'm pretty flexible, so I can bend most body parts in “weird ways”.

What's your favourite 'comfort food'/food that’s 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
D: Everything I eat! Haha, chips, pizza, soda, burgers, tacos, kebab, bacon, cheese, french fries you name it. Though I'm not really a fan of sweet stuff, like candy. I prefer a salty snack.

V: Chips. Trying to avoid that part of the store everytime I go to one.

What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?

V: I don't think I have any...
D: Hm.. I don't know if use any specific ones right now, it usually comes and goes, a lot of inside jokes. But I usually change the letter “i” into “y” in words to make it more “dramatic”.

How do you do your eyebrows, they look perfect. Any suggestions on how to get them like that or would you ever do a tutorial?
V: Plucking the random hairs out, cutting the hair shorter, filling them in with eyebrow pencil, it's that simple !
D: Thank you! I actually do have a tutorial for how I do my eyebrows (click right here to see it)
I use pretty basic stuff, a razor, a small scissor, tweezers and an eyebrow pencil.

What made you start blogging? How'd you feel about it at first? How about now?
V: Actually I created my blog at first just to make a layout for my friend, but I had been reading few blogs before so I wanted to start my own too, and I got bored of Livejournal and my old blog. Nowdays there's much more pressure in blogging than before, when it was mostly just for myself and my friends. But it's still nice to have one !
D: I actually got a lot of questions if I had a blog, and I've been blogging pretty on and off, but I'm a blog reader, so I thought “why not”.

Do you have a dream you wish to accomplish in life?

V: To live a good life? Hahah, I don't know.
D: I do, actually I have several of them.

Do you want to have kids in the future?

V: Haven't decided yet.
D: I'm not a big fan of kids, and they cost a lot of money which I could spend on nice things for myself, so I', very sceptical. Maybe if I get really rich, but I'm not a people person.

What bands' gigs have you been to? Which one was the best? Is there a band you'd like to see?

V: Some random Finnish bands when I was young, like Aikakone, Nylon Beat, The Rasmus (still like them tho !) but I've mostly seen japanese bands live. BLOOD, Ayabie, D'espairsRay, MUCC, Dir en grey, The GazettE, girugämesh, Miyavi, vistlip, Aicle., Dio -distraught overlord-, Yumachi&Aina and ALSDEAD. I've also seen Pendulum, Huoratron and Skrillex, can't remember anything else.

The GazettE was obviously my favourite. Also liked Pendulum and Huoratron a lot. I'd like to see all those three again.

D: I've been to over a hundred gigs, I can't remember everything and I don't wanna spend hours trying to figure it out, but I can write down some of my favorite ones.

DIR EN GREY, my favorite bands so obviously it would make the list. I think their performance at Koko, London, 2011 is my favorie, good choice of songs, intense and incredible gig. And Lady Gaga in Stockholm 2009 was also an amazing experience, great performance, not to mention all her outfits and the stage props. Bruce Springsteen in Stockholm, 2009 was also one of those magic moments, I mean, it's Bruce, how can it not be amazing?

And there's also Veronica Maggio, I've seen her four times live this year for a reason, her gig in Örebro, 2011 was probably my favorite of the four shows I saw. Very intimate gig, a lot of eye contact and all that, (ahaha, super gay) but it was something special.
And my most recent gig was actually one of the best shows I've seen, Watain, Gothenburg, 2011.
The smell of rotten blood and flesh, the fire, the whole atmosphere was from another world. It feels like you're leaving your prison of flesh to enter a world of chaos and fire. Truly something extraordinary! 

And if you count bands/artist I haven't seen live that i really wanna see, I would like to see; 東京事変, X-JAPAN, 2NE1, DEATHGAZE, lynch., -Oz-, MEJIBRAY, Ghost (swe), Iron Maiden, Metalucifer, Scooter, 凛として時雨, RADWIMPS and マキシマムザホルモン just to mention a few bands I'd like to see live.

Are you a musical person?
V: Nah, I've played piano and guitar but it wasn't my thing really.
D: Not as musical as I want to be, I've had bands, and done some roadie work for bands and other backstage stuff, sometimes make-up and other times I've done the lights. I prefer vocals for myself and I'm also a bass owner.

Do you have one best friend or a group of equally good ones?

V: Yes, I consider Alex as my best friend, but I have a bigger group of close and very good friends.
D: Hard question, I don't really have any “best friend” nor a group of “equally good” I have some people that I talk to more than others, and have more similar interests/taste with than others.

Which member of your family do you get along the best?
V: Probably my mom.
D: Actually my sisters, we both look pretty similar fashion and music. But they're more into the k/j-pop while I prefer the heavier rock side of music. But we have some artists in common.

Something you regret?

V: Mostly some things I've said.
D: Yes.

Someone who inspires you (with anything)?
D: DIR EN GREY, their music inspires and shape me as a human. Everything I do seems to have some connection to them and their music, Johnny Cash is also an inspiration. And fictional characters like Patrick Bateman and Batman as well.

V: Can't think of anything else than fashion inspirations, i don't have any "one person" who would inspire me, I get my inspiration from Tumblr and magazines, mostly.

Are you a perfectionist? If so, does it hold you back or do you see it as a resource?

V: Yes, I don't think it holds me back in any way.
D: I am, and it's both. But I think it pushes things in the right direction mostly.

Your best childhood memory?
D: I don't really know, maybe some vacation.
V: Same I guess

Your favourite ice-cream flavour?
D: I enjoy vanilla most of the “basic” flavors, but it has to be real vanilla, you know the fancier ones.

V: I actually don't care for the basic vanilla, strawberry or chocolate flavours at all. And I hate everything with mint flavour so.... I guess my favourites are liqourice, strawberry cheesecake and rom&raisin.

What would you like to tell your readers?

V: I appreciate all comments I get, positive and negative ones. I hope you'll enjoy my blog in the future too !
D: Nothing specific, but I enjoy questions and to get to know people so always feel free to comment.

Do you like alcohol? If you do, how often do you get drunk?
V: Yep, couple times a month I'd say. Usually if there's some specific party.
D: I do, I guess once a week or something. I like to have a little weekend party.

Which are the things that first made you get a crush (on eachother)?
D: Her looks, I don't really get interested in knowing ugly people. Haha, that sounded bad, but you know, if somebody looks good you want to talk to them and all that.

V: Looks ofcourse, and when I met him for the first time he seemed like a nice person too, so why not to get to know him better.

How often do you think about each other?
D: I don't know, we talk everyday, so everyday.
V: Everyday.

How did your parents react when you told you’re dating?
V: Didn't really react in any way, just "ok", hahah.
D: I haven't really told them directly, just that I'm going to Viivi's for a couple of weeks and they haven't really said anything about it.

Have you dated anyone before this?
V: Once.
D: Yes, twice.

Where do you want to travel together and why?
D: I would like to see Japan and Korea, but there's a lot of things I want to see, like the great pyramids, but that's the only thing there that I would like to see so I don't think we'll go there. Haha.
I would mostly like to go to east asia.

V: Asia and USA. Why? Hmm.. there's lots of things I wanna see and experience.

Who would you be, if you one day got a chance to be anyone you like?
D: Batman! 
V: Paris Hilton.

From where do you get your inspiration when it comes to style?
D: From everything, mostly form Korea and Japan. I have a more detailed description about this in the “Davy”-section of the entry. 

V: I answered to this few questions earlier.

Do you think you have influenced each others styles?
V: Not really, but I ask for Davy's opinion when I buy clothes and I can't decide myself.
D: Well, we ask about each others opinions about clothing. But if I would really like something and Viivi wouldn't I would get it anyway, haha.

Is there something you dislike in each others style?
D: Hm.. No not really. I'm actually very satisfied with her sense of style.
V: Nope.

Are you into politics? Which party do/did you vote for? And if not, why?
D: I wouldn't call myself “into”, but I know the basics and read news papers.
I voted, I think everybody should vote (you're not entitled to complain if you haven't voted!) I don't think you would know the party I voted for even if I wrote which party it was. But I'm on the blue side, I can tell you that.

V: I'm not that interested in politics... and I've never voted for anyone, does this make me a bad person, lol.

Harry Potter or Twilight?

V: I like Harry Potter more. Because it's not as awkward as Twilight.
D: I haven't read any of the books, but I've seen all HP movies except the last two parts and I've seen the first and latest Twilight movie and I can easily say that I find HP much more entertaining.
Since HP is about friendship, doing what's right, overcome your fears and to protect what you hold dear I think it's better than Twilight, while the Twilight saga is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. But if you wanna know, I like Edward more than Jacob.
 (Why do you even take of your shirt when you transform into a wolf but not your pants?) and not to mention that Twilight pretty much ruined everything about what the classic monsters are about. I mean, you're a vampire but you can eat garlic, stay in the sunlight, you can't become a bat, wolf or mist and you can look yourself in the mirror, come on, what kind of vampire are you!?

Favourite movies and/or genres? Do your tastes fit together?

V: Romance and comedy. Sometimes adventure. Our tastes aren't really similar, sometimes it's hard to find movies we both want to see.
D: Sadly, no. I've always been very interested in movies, and movie making. I've been studying it in high school and I've also attended film studies on a university level. I don't really know what my favorite genre would be, since most movies are a mixture of different kind of genres.
It was actually Hollywood who had to invent the genres for movies in the 1930's, but that's a different story.

So, I guess I would say “drama/crime/horror” is my favorite genre. My favorite movie is “Oldboy” by Chan-Wook Park, I guess it's a mixture of drama, thriller and horror. It's a movie that makes you tired, not as bored, but you can feel how heavy your body and mind is afterwards. You have to think and be on your toes all the time, since the story and dramaturgy is so well written in every scense, and the art direction and cinematography is absolutely beautiful.
I also love Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Akira Kurosawa and all the other masters of motion pictures.

I don't think there's really any music genre I dislike, I dislike bad movies, haha. And there's terrible movies in every genre. But I think that slow love movies are pretty boring. But the absolute worst movie I've ever finished is “Meet the Spartans”, I tried watching “Epic Movie” by the same guys but I couldn't take it after ten minutes. That kind of movies are absolutely the worst, the humour is so boring and stupid/silly and I can't really take that.
My favorite comedy movie is probably “Some Like It Hot” (1959), but when it comes to newer movies I would say that “Superbad” is one of the best newer comedy movies I've seen. I know pretty much every line from the movie, haha. And I love that “gang” with Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader, I like most of the movies with them together. Maybe because they're so nerdy, haha.

There's a lot from my childhood that I still like, Star Wars and Jurassic Park just to mention one thing, and all the series I watched, TMNT Dino Riders, Batman TAS are some of the things I still watch, it's fun to see movies and series from an adult perspective, because you notice and watch the movies very differently compared to when you where a kid.
I try to watch at least four-five movies a week, there's a lot of movies that I want to see, but I sometimes have the problem to find times to watch them, but I do my best.
(I like movies)

Do you guys have any advice on how you manage your relationship?
D: I think the most basic rule is to “be yourself”, and just do the things you like doing. Don't worry too much about always looking your best when you're just going to have a “stay at home day” or anything like that. 

V: I don't really have any advice, just be reasonable and yourself. Don't act like a crazy bitch, unless you are one. Good luck then, hahahah. Don't take it too seriously.

Do you guys shop for clothes together and help pick out each other's outfits?
D: We do, we usually ask about opinions and exchange ideas for items and outfits, to get some other perspective and some new ideas and inspiration.

V: Yep. I think it's easier to tell what's wrong with the outfit or pick one for the other.

Biggest sacrifice you made for the other?
D: Hm, none really. But the travelling costs, so I can't buy as much video games and clothing that I could if I would be forever alone, haha.

V: ....I burned myself when I made bacon for breakfast once. SORRY can't think of anything else.

What size are you?

V: M/38, shoesize 38/24-25cm. When buying jap clothing I pick L or F.
D: Not really sure about the question, but I usually buy M/L when it comes to clothing in EU. And I usually pick the biggest size when it comes to korean and japanese fashion, since I'm tall and thats the only that would fit my size. And I have 42-43 Swe (270 JP/2700 Kr/9-10 US, male) shoe size.

Are you getting each other presents for xmas?

V: Ofcourse.
D: I'm not really sure what to get her, we just check out things we want that isn't as expensive and then we just buy that for each other. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Why are interracial couples so common in Finland?
D: I have no idea, is it more common here than anywhere else?
V: Are they?

Is there some special attraction to the “exotic”?
D: I don't know, I wouldn't consider Finland exotic.
V: Not really, doesn't matter where you're from is you get along with the person.

Do you regret having said people can ask whatever they want?
D: No, I think it's fun to get questions. And if there would be something “stupid” they'll just get a “stupid” answer in return.

V: No, it's quite entertaining, haha.

Can you make the answer post for the questions as a video post? I'd love to see you guys in living screen and hear your voices!
D: For this update? No, mostly because it would be too long, and you would have to pay more attention to the answers and I think reading is more appreciated by a wider audience. 

V: Answering to all this would be boring and take a long time, but here's one video of us anyway !

Are your kids going to speak Swedish?
D: Haha, I don't know. Maybe, depends on where we would live, when/if we want kids.
V: Isn't it a bit too early to think about this stuff... XD

Is Davy wearing Viivi's belt in that picture?
D: For the Q&A announcement? Yes.

That's all folks !


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