Hi and welcome! This is Black Saliva, a style focused blog written by Viivi Vanessa R.

I'm a 24 year old girl from Helsinki, Finland and this blog is my own little space on the internet where I can share my thoughts, outfits and write a bit about my life and stuff that I do.

For first timers, I'd say take a quick look at ABOUT ME and get to know me a little before browsing through my posts.

Anyway, I hope you like my blog and leave me a comment.

Enjoy your stay!


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2014 UPS & DOWNS

  • Managed to save enough money and went to Japan
    I worked my ass off for a year, saving money and finally got to go on a trip I wanted to go on for the last 5 years! Last summer was one of the best ones I've had in a long time.

  • Got a lot of new friends
    Made many new friends during the year, but if I have to point out someone especially, I would say Anna. We had followed eachother on Twitter for some time, but nothing more than that. I found out we were going to Tokyo at the same time and she seemed like a really nice person, so I decided to crash one of her and her friends' parties before summer so we could get to know eachother a little before the trip. In the end we spent the whole month in Tokyo together and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Got to design my own nail polish
    One of my long-time dreams came true! Read the post about it here. I wouldn't complain if I got more chances to design stuff.

  • My best friend moved back to Finland
    Alex moved to Stockholm for a year and it was hard to get used to not seeing him whenever I wanted to. We met a few times during the past year though and kept calling eachother and now, after a year it's like nothing ever even changed.

  • Learned to drink tea
    I've always been bad at drinking coffee or tea, because I didn't like the taste. But this year I decided to learn to like tea! It's so much easier to attend social events now, because coffee and tea is always served. Now I don't have to stick with water only.

  • Became single
    A three year long relationship came to an end, but hey, nobody wants to be in a non-working relationship. Sleeping alone sucks butt though.

  • Had a couple not-so-good dates
    After becoming single, I decided to go out with some people just for the fun of it. Didn't really click with anyone though haha. But I guess it's not so bad not having to care about what anyone expects from you.

  • Gained some weight
    Things got a bit out of hand during the summer. But I'm getting back on track now! As Jopo always says: "I cannot afford to grow out my of clothes".

  • Had a break from blogging
    While I felt really anxious about blogging and didn't even want to open my own blog, it was also a good and eye opening experience to have a break.

  • I wish I had known more japanese
    Going to Japan is a lot of fun, whether you speak the language or not. However, you will get to communicate with the locals so much better if you can actually speak the language with them. Sure some speak english too, but with many people, their skills are limited.
    I also wish I could've expressed myself better, because I'm so much funnier when I'm fluent in a language. This on the other hand made me want to continue my language studies!

These were my highs and lows in 2014! How was your year?


  1. Hey Viivi! This comment is kind of off topic, sorry for that, but I was wondering if you could do a lip tutorial in the future? I hate how small my lips look but I'm really bad at re-shaping them, whereas I find the way you do your lips makes them look so full but still like it's your natural lip size/shape.

    And also, thanks for starting to blog again. Your blog has been my absolute favorite for years, so I'm really happy to hear more from you again!

    1. hi bui!! sure i can, i'm actually gonna review the lipstick worn in these pictures, so i could include a small tutorial in that post, hmm?

      i used to hate how my lips looked (especially my upper lip) and thought all lipsticks looked awful on me. but then i realized i can overdraw the lines a bit and reshape it! it works great with darker colors at least and that's what i like wearing :)

      thank you so much<3

    2. Awesome, really excited for that! I better go buy some dark lipsticks then. ;)

  2. You are so amazingly beautiful!

  3. oot niin kaunis *u*

    lueskelin btw joku päivä sun vanhoja postauksia ja huomasin että oot ollu pyöreemmässä kunnossa muutamia vuosia sitten kuin nyt, et tietenkään lähelläkään ylipainoa tms mutta verrattuna nykyiseen.
    olis kiva tietää miten pysyt noin laihana, harrastatko liikuntaa, sun ruokailutottumukset yms?

    1. kiitti :D
      oon itseasiassa tänä kesänä ollu pyöreemmässä kunnossa ku ikinä, eli en kyllä osaa sanoo mistä johtuu... ehkä osaan verhoutuu mun vaatteisiin paremmin ku ennen, hah!

  4. How long were in Japan for? I went years ago as a teenager and want to go again.

    My year was mostly neutral. I started studying japanese on my own in September and can read hiragana and katakana decently. I took a driving trip to Florida with my dad and introduced him to redbull since we drove all night. I turned 30 (-。-; but I still look 22 *\(^o^)/*

    I'm excited about this year. I'm trying to make it a better year with several goals. I've been doing sit-ups within minutes of coming home from work. I'm also doing a daily sketch challenge and weekly drawing. And lastly, I am trying to build up my japanese. I'm spending about thirty minutes everyday on it. Usually learning new vocab once a week and reviewing during the week.


    1. i was there for a month!
      i can read katakana and hiragana and some kanji, but my vocabulary isn't that good yet.
      seems like you have some good goals for this year :)

  5. No voi hitsi huulimeikkisi on varmaan jotain taikuutta, toi on niin upeaa ku sun huulet ihan ihan oikeasti näyttää tuollaisilta miten oot ne rajannu o.o oot supertyylikäs ja kaunis, tyrmistyn joka kerta ku laitat uusii kuvia itsestäsi! kiitos kun jaksat taas blogata ja jakaa kaikkea inspiraatiota välillä vähän liianki luonnolliselle ja tylsälle maailmalle! Toivottavasti törmään suhun joskus, ois siistiä nähdä sut luonnossa:D oot vähän niinku joku taideteos mulle haha

    1. hahah, hyvä kuulla että näyttää! :'D kiitos paljon<3
      kyllä mua voi helsingin keskustasta silloin tällöin bongailla kun täällä päin kuitenkin pyörin!

  6. i hope 2015 will amazing year for you and for your blog ~ Good luck dear~

    Thanks for sharing~
    My new post♥

  7. Ihanaa että bloggaat taas! Luulin kokonaan, että lopetit ja oot jossain ilmoittanut siitä ja multa ois menny se ihan ohi :( mä en ees kauheammin välitä blogeista kun kaikki on samaa diibadaaba massaa, mutta sitten muutamia joista tykkään ihan hirmuisesti (kuten sinä ja sinun blogi) niin kivaa saada sut takaisin! :) ja innolla odotan Japani postausta!!

    1. aaa voi ei :D en tosiaan ilmoittanut mitään sen takia kun en ollut varma lopetanko vai en.
      ihana kuulla että tykkäät blogista<3

  8. Do you still use the flip in as hair extension, or have you gone back to clip in? Your hair looks amazing! So happy to read your blog, you're a true inspiration. Thank you for bringing some happiness to the world ^^

    1. i still use the flip-ins! they work perfect so i see no reason going back to clips.
      thank you so much! ^^

  9. Tuo sun huulipuna on aikas täydellinen :). Onko se Lime Crime vaiko mikä? Mä rakastan huulipunia mutta näillä nysähuulilla en voi käyttää sitä, kun koko pakkeli siirtyy sekunnissa hampaisiin, argh!

    1. oi kiitti! tykkään itekin tästä todella paljon. ei oo lime crime vaan jeffree starin nestemäinen huulipuna :) tää vois toimia mahdollisesti sullakin, koska ei kuivuttuaan tartu mihinkään ja kestää paaaaljon paremmin kuin normipunat!

  10. Aivan ihana toi huulipuna! Mä rakastan liilaa huulipunaa, ja piakkoin onkin kokoelma niitä XD <3 tuli kans mieleen että kiitos ku oot esitelly merkkejä Jeffrey Campbell ja UNIF, kyseiset merkit ovat vieneet munkin sydämen!

    1. joo mullakin alkaa pikkuhiljaa kertyä violetin eri sävyjä koska ne on niin kivoja :D
      ja eipä mitään, kiva että oot löytäny kivoja juttuja mun blogin kautta!

  11. Eventful year for you. Mine was shit! I've been ill for 12 years and this past one was the worst yet, I've literally only left the house for doctor/dentist and hospital appointments. No fun whatsoever!

  12. I didn't even notice the weight gain, so like, looks-wise, don't worry about it! It's always good to be healthier otherwise though I suppose.

    (And you can always make your hair bigger to look thinner, eh? ;y )

    Also, I went to see "Seventh Son" last week, and even as a pretty casual reader of your blog, I kept being reminded of you because of her incredibly long claws. 9v9 That would be totally you as a witch queen...!

    Hope your next year is better! All the best! xx

    1. ah, well that's good to hear! but i want to work on it anyway so i'll be more comfortable with myself :)

      hahah that's funny, maybe i should check it out too!
      thanks! x

  13. I'm so happy you started blogging again. I have been your reader since late 2008 and can't really tell you how pleased I'm to see you are continuing once again. This summer-fall- winter has been a real rollercoaster of feelings with your blog. I have been very sad but also very angry and I had my denial moment with your blog but then I finally accepted that you weren't gonna post anymore. Thank you for proving me wrong because really your blog is the only interesting blog out there. ( at least for me) I enjoy your everyday life posts as much as event, ootd or nail posts. Keep it real and simple! be true to yourself!

    1. omg, thank you so much!! i'm so happy to hear you've sticked with my blog for so long.

      it's definitely been a rollercoaster for me as well, as i felt like i don't even want to open my blog one week and the next i got an idea for post but couldn't bring myself to do it. i kinda wanted to tell my readers about the situation, but i figured it would've been wrong to promise something i wouldn't keep and that's why i waited until i was sure about what to do.

      i'm so glad you think so, thanks a ton for your comment<3

  14. At least you've had a good balance between the good and the bad. All things in life, even the bad are a learning experience. ^^

    1. yeah, i'm trying to see positive in the negative things as well! ^^

  15. greetings from los angeles ca... I am a long time reader, and I was wondering wtf was going on with you.... thank you for being so honest and frank about what is going on with u (even though u dont have too)...
    first off, i was laughing soooo hard when you admitted that u broke it off with davvy.... which explained everything.... (im just relieved u did not start dressing weird like alot of the girl fashion bloggers do after their break up... that shit is cray cray...)
    then saw ur ass on kawaii intentional and noticed the weight gain...(thank you for acknowledging it, that makes u super awesome..) and thought, maybe that was the reason u stopped posting....
    Viivi, u are a bad ass, and you have an international network of followers/supporters... let us in, that's the best part of blogging! Just because you have life changes does not mean you have to break your good habits. Your followers like u, your style and your ideas, let us (your followers) continue to inspire so you can continue putting cool shit on ur blog. I was dying to see about ur trip to nippon... and was super sad when nothing was posted. I have not been to nippon in years and was counting on YOU to tell us what was cool and popping... still looking forward to seeing the trip post.
    Anywho, welcome back, u were missed. make more of those hilarious vids... the nail one had me in tears... happy new year and on to the NEXT!!!!!!

    1. woooow thanks for the long comment!! and also thanks for sticking with me for so long, even though there was no updates or info about what was going on with me. i'm sorry about that.

      i don't quite get what there was to laugh about when we broke up, but okay haha. never came across someone who started dressing different after a break up but you're right. that seems a bit crazy and weird :'D

      i'm not gonna lie, the weight gain was part of the reason, because it made taking outfit photos a bit frustrating so imagine that on top of the thing i already mentioned in my post after the hiatus, when i said i felt like nothing i did was good enough, hmm.

      again, thank you so much for your support and amazing comment, it really made my evening<3
      i'll try to be a bit more like myself in this blog and like you said, let people in :) dunno about videos and if there'll be some but we'll see! happy new year to you as well!! x


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