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from russia with love

A quick post about our trip to Russia this week ! Mostly spamming pictures from the trip hehe.

Our trip to Russia began on Monday evening. This is me in the terminal with my cute Gloomy Bear passport. I bought the covers when I was like sixteen or something :--D

Destination: St. Petersburg.

Finally on the boat ! Didn't bother doing my makeup in the morning because I had work before our trip could start, so I did it on the boat. Here's my traveling compay, Sini, Alex and Heikki !

After I had fixed my makeup and Sini was done with her hair, we were super hungry and went to eat at an Italian restaurant on the boat. Everyone else except me ordered pasta bolognese and the portions were super tiny so instead of getting full from the meals, they got mad....

I ordered a pizza, it wasn't anything special but atleast I became full :-D

After eating, we did some shopping at the Tax Free and had a little party in our cabin. After drinking a while, we went dancing at the tiny dance floor they had at the boat's "club"... The dancefloor was like 9m2 but surprisingly we had an awesome time partying there XD


I think I booked a B-class cabin for us with no window, but when we got there, there actually was a window ! Not with an amazing view tho, and there was some crew men walking past the window in the morning so we decided to keep the curtains shut XD

We arrived to St. Petersburg at 10:30am, but unfortunately Alex had to stay in the cabin because he spent the night in our cabin's toilet.. You might guess what happened.
This is the video I took right after we got out of the Terminal, hahaha so Russian !

Me, ready to explore the city !

Morskoy Voksal, St. Petersburg.

We took a bus from the Terminal to the center. The bus dropped us off in front of this building, it was quite cool.

We were super hungry so the first thing we did, was to go eat and we picked McD's... I still don't quite understand why the hamburger box says "PORN".... lol.

Snapped a picture of Nevsky Prospekt street while walking.

Me and Sini at Zara.

Another pic of Nevsky Prospekt.

We checket out couple malls at the center like Stockmann (which was really weird, like you enter the building from one tiny door, you come in to a tiny room with some stuff and then there's a door to another tiny room and wtf. It was so different than the one we have in Helsinki) and Gostiny dvor. Didn't find anything to buy because they mostly had brand clothing stores.

So we decided to go to a cafe, and here's the view from the Cafe Singer's window. Pretty cool.

Me and Sini looking very excited. I felt a bit ill during the day tbh, because the boat was shaking super much on the way to St. Petersburg, so even when walking at the city I felt like the ground was shaking. It was awful. Not to mention it was super cold and windy on that day.

One of my readers suggested I should try a fruit beer in Russia, even if I'm not a fan of beer in general. I noticed they had it on the menu so I ordered a raspberry beer. It was surprisingly good !

I can still feel the freezing wind from that day when looking at this picture. Hrrr.

Unfortunately there wasn't much time so we had to return to the boat pretty soon... I know there would've been cool places to check outside the main center, but we were too afraid to go and try find them when we had so little time. I'd like to visit St. Petersburg again on summer and with more time ! Maybe someday~

Lol'd a bit at that magnet at the terminal's souvenir store. Stockgolm. Why do they even sell those in Russia?

This was also weird. The entrance/exit of the boat. Just... stairs?

After we got back to the boat, we didn't really do much XD Alex woke up when we got back and luckily was alive, haha. Later we had dinner on the boat and I can tell you this was the worst meal of my life. Microwave burger and onionrings, ugh.


  1. Voi ei! Mulla on noi samat Gloomy Bear-passikuoret jotka hankin muutama vuos sitte Blipposta, haha! :-D

    Venäjä vaikuttaa jotenki randomilta maalta, mut näyttää et teillä oli kuitenki kiva matka!

  2. надеюсь следующий ваш приезд будет более удачный))

  3. Haha, muistan ku joskus aaaikoja sitten kirjotit jossain postauksessa, että sua hirvittää kun muijat luikkii paljain kintuin tai ihonvärisillä sukkiksilla syksyllä/talvella.. :D

    Tunnen myötäkylmyyttä ja taisin saada pienen flunssankin puolestasi. :)

  4. olitko ruotsissa? näitkö mitään abbaan liittyvää?

    1. näitkö sattumalta esim. postauksen otsikon? :DDDDDd

  5. Samaa olin sanomasa kuin Jopo, eli ei sentään lue porn vaan rojal! :D

  6. hampurilaisboksissa lukee royal cheeseburger :)

  7. Oh wow. Viivi you're so pretty with and without makeup! ^o^

  8. porn? ahaha russian letters make me cry sometimes xD
    I hope you enjoyed yourself ^^~

  9. oot niin perfect!;-;♥

  10. Such an adventure! I ♥ this article thx for sharing!

  11. Damn why did they feed you guys with such shitty food?? o.O

  12. näytät ihan tossa meikittömässä kuvalla kissiesiltä :D

  13. haha ne kai kirjotti stockgolm sentakii ku stockholm on venäjäks stockgolm (стокгольм) :-DD


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