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3 weeks ketchup

Ketchup, catch up or something like that !

Time flies incredibly fast and me and Davy have only a week left before he has to go back to Sweden. It's making me sad already but I'm trying not to think about it too much and enjoy our time together as much as I can. But sometimes it's just so hard when you know what's coming up.

Anyway ! It's been like 3 weeks since my last update. Last thing I told you was that we were going to Tallinn and I was actually planning to post something quick from our way there, but shit happened and I didn't have any internet connection at all, lol.

After we came back, so many things has happened and I don't really know where to start.

This post will be a bit messy buuuut, maybe you'll get a better picture of me and my life since it's not about recent buys or outfits (or atleast not as much as usually).

Let the photospam begin !
I've been taking pics with my iphone/ipad mostly but I hope that's okay.

666am, the ship just left from Helsinki, on our way to the wonderland of Estonia ! It was freaking windy on the deck.

1. Me and Sini spending our time by making stupid faces. And no, my hair is not blue.
2. Heikki taking stalker pics.
3. Lonely guy sleeping in the ship. Poor guy. Later there was like 15 more like him...
4. Finally in Tallinn after 2,5h painful hours.

Byebye Helsinki!

I wanted to film a vlog about the Tallinn trip but the quality of the videos turned out to be like this... Not to mention I completely forgot to take pics or videos after we got out of the terminal in Tallinn... well, enjoy these two clips atleast!

The joke in the first video came from the Finnish way to pronounce foreign brand names etc. L'occitane = Lokkitane > Lokki-Tane. Lokki means Seagull and Tane is... well, a Finnish guy nickname.

No comments about this one...

My traveling company ! Toni, Heikki, Sini and Davy.

Me and Sini camwhoring in the bathroom.

Happy guys in Tallinn !

I found some cool presents for my friends...
1. The shirt would be perfect for Tuomas, since he broke his previous phone by dropping it to a drink in a bar. Now he has an iphone so the print in the shirt is a prophecy, I'm sure.
2. Fag(g)ottini pasta for Alex :-)

1. After coming back from Tallinn, we celebrated Davy & Ralf's birthdays at Tiina & Toni's place.
2. Davy and his present.

Me and Tiina!

1. I got an invitation to's opening party which was held last week, so I grabbed Sini to go there with me. There was an optional 50's dresscode but well, surprisingly I don't own anything like that so I would what I normally would. This is probably the best pic of me from that night because the weather was terrible and I ended up looking like crap lol.
2. Finland's favourite celebrity Johanna Tukiainen getting her makeup done ! It took like 2 hours, wtf... also, who comes to a party without wearing any makeup or without doing their hair. Well, it was pretty entertaining to watch.
3. There was an afterparty at Namu but me and Sini left pretty quickly after we got there.
4. Got some botox for my lips, do u rike?

Random snaps from the studio.

Tried to take proper outfit pics too, but sadly this is the best one......

1. Silja & Leida celebrated their birthdays last weekend, here's me and Davy at the party !
2. Alex and Sini enjoying food and drinks!
3. Tuomas found his true love after all these years.
4. Davy as Wolverine.

1. HBD!
2. Me and Davy again.
3. Pretty Leida with party punch !
5. Me, Tuomas and Alex.
6. Tuomas, oot sie melkonen sonni.

After the party, me and Davy went to hang out at Tuomas' place for a while before going to a club. After the club me, Davy and Sini went to my place for an "afterparty" aka I went to sleep but Sini and Davy stayed awake for the night, drinking whiskey-cola and talking about Dir en grey.... hahah..

While we were waiting for the bus to my place, this random guy came to give a prophecy for all of us, speaking german and I don't even know what languages. It was quite fun actually tho I don't understand any german, But then he started to get a bit annoying when he tried to get on the same bus and wanted to change phonenumbers etc... ugh. He looked like a skinny version of Tay Zonday.

Last wednesday me, Davy, Sini and Alex had a movie night/evening at Heikki's place and later Oona joined us too.  Decided to wear something not-so-gothic and this is what I came up with !
Btw Sini where is your camera's focus?

knit gina tricot jeans h&m shoes jeffrey campbell necklace ebay

Breaking my neck ayyyy.

Aaaaand yesterday, Tobi hosted a farewell party for himself at Sini's place so we went there to hangout with him and others !
1. Can't get over how fun photobooth on ipad is... I look like one of those three witches in Hercules.. This one on the left !
2. Still laughing at this pic of Tuomas XD
3. Guess who?
4. It's kinda sad that this is the last picture I managed to take with Tobi...
5. Davy being Chinese.
6. Not taken with photobooth obviously, but me and Tuomas had accidental twin styles....

Next I'm gonna post about recent gets ! And it will be sooner than in 3 weeks XD Stay tuned !


  1. Your hair is a bit bluesh, maybe? All your outfits looks so nice~ I missed your posts! Anyway~ Its good that you are having fun!

    1. haha, might be since you need to tone your hair with blue to get grey :-D nice to hear that, thanks ! ^^

  2. I love your muffler in the first photo! Looking great as always Viivi <3

  3. noi leffaillan vaatteet on ihanat! pidä tommosii useemminki :)

  4. Onko tuo yks nainen jota meikataan Tuksu? :------------D

  5. Davy must be one of the most irritating people I know, almost in every single picture he's hiding his face or then he's just rudely indifferent and can't take his mug off his phone. Why include him in your posts since he obviously isn't very interested? Makes reading the posts very dull seeing a partypooper like him around.

    1. Now the question is, do you know him at all? And if you do, you must be a horrible acquaintance for talking shit about your friends on anon.

    2. Do you actually KNOW me? Have we been partying together?

    3. No I don't know Davy, most likely wouldn't want to either. And I don't need to know him to see he's covering his face with something or not taking part in group photos or solo photos and I don't need to know him to know it irritates me that his photos are still included in the post. I don't think Viivi would posts photos of herself either in this blog if she was hiding in all of them. It makes a poor blog seeing the subject of the blog is this.
      So calm down with the silly attitude the pair of you.

    4. >"Davy must be one of the most irritating people I know"
      >"No I don't know Davy"

      I believe I'm free to cover as I want, and I'm always having a great time with my friends. I don't necessarily need a picture of every interaction I have with them. But it's funny that I'm such a big concern of yours. And, there's several pictures when you can see me not "hiding" in this very post. People are different, and that's something you have to live it I'm afraid.

    5. >mistertwistthewords.jpeg

      There is one video of your where your face is buried in your phone as usual, and there are 9 photos, only in one of them nothing is in front of your face or in other way blocking it and even in that particular shot your face is half covered in hair.
      So we take a rain check on your argument.

      Besides even if I find your internet personality a pain in the ass, I was more so pissed off that Viivi adds contents in question in her entry because everyone else are enjoying themselves and instead of actually joining in while you're being filmed with your friends, you have some silly obsession of Mr. Cool can't even smile at the camera because it's not COOL I assume? When someone wants to include you in their post entry as a memory. And you do it fucking always. So yeah, that is irritating and I don't need to know you personally to notice you do irritating things like mentioned above. :)

    6. That's how my hairstyle is, I like my bangs and that's why I have them. I'm not going to change my hair just so it would look "better" in photos people are taking. And I'm not obligated to "join in" when somebody decides to take some video footage. My friends allow me to do what I feel like, and that's why I like them.
      And I don't smile for the sake of smiling, that's just silly. And it amuses that you pay so much attention to me. :)

    7. i will include my boyfriend in my posts from now on too wether his face irritates you or not :)

  6. Where's Davys "DEADLY" cap from? I would love to get my bf one.

    1. It's a DEADLY Claris cap, (DIR EN GREY's own 'brand'), I'm not sure if it was a fan club only item or a tour item. But it was sold in Japan only five-six years ago. So it's pretty hard to find one, the only way to get one if you would find it in some second hand store in Japan.

    2. Wow. That sucks. But since it's a DIR EN GREY cap it might be weird for him to wear since he doesn't listen to them.
      Ah well. Thanks for the answer!

  7. Ahahah I had a good laugh of those last pics!

  8. Noi suomenkieliset kommentit aina välillä on parhautta :'D no ei mut kaikkee ei voikkaan ilmasta englanniksi XD

  9. Toi sun asu on ihana ♥ toi neule, farkut + litat yhdistelmä (:

  10. W0000t the pic of you and Davy at the end is so epic! And I love the photo of you sitting down ^__^)/ your boots are epic ok. Not to mention your haircolor.. and your makeup.. and your outfit.. and your accessories... I mean uhh.. you look great. LOL

  11. hei kirjottaisit kans suomea, vituttaa lukea suomalaisen henkilön blogia englanniksi.

    1. Kannattaisko opetella? Viivillä on kuitenki huomattavasti ulkomaalaisia lukijoita.

    2. jos kirjotan vaan yhellä kielellä niin kirjotan mieluummin englanniksi, koska sitä ymmärtää kaikki :) harmi jos vituttaa.

  12. näytät ihan scenelt nois estonia kuvis lmao

  13. Värjää sun hiukset siniseksi <3

  14. I really like the first 2 outfits :3
    I also have a knit top with crosses, but I never wore it with a hotpants ^.^ so you really inspired me :)

  15. Ihania kuvia, ihania asuja ja kaikkee muutaki ihanaa. Lensin suunnilleen penkiltä ku näin etusivulla, että sulta on tullut uus postaus. x____x <3 + palvon sun hiuksia!

  16. Minkä kokoinen jalka sulla on?

  17. Minkä kokoisia Litoja käytät? Mulla on 39 mutta tuntuu että jalka näyttää niissä niin megaisoilta ja noissa sun kuvissa sun jalat on niin pienen näköiset :3 Ja käytätkö niissä jotain kanta/päkiä ym. pehmustetta vai kipeytyykö sun jalat/murskautuuko varpaat niissä. Mun ekan käyttökerran jälkeen kengän varsi hankasi nilkkoihin ja tuloksena puolen sentin syvä pitkä haava. No nahan pitäis pehmetä käytettäessä..

    1. 38 :) käytän joo sellasia geelityynyjä, muuten kipeytyy päkiät liian nopee !

  18. Hitto katoin et siun hiukset on siniset.. valo teki temppujaan I guess. Lisäksi Tukiainen oli lievä wtf- reaktion aiheuttava mindfuck, mutta eipä se mitään, olenpahan ainakin hereillä.. :---D

    1. hahah en tiiä onko toi kauheen miellyttävä tapa herätä XD

  19. Hei. Ihailen aina vain upeita kynsiäsi ! Olen tulossa Helsinkiin viikon päästä pikavisiitille ja haluaisin samanlaiset kynnet ! Itseltäni löytyy ihan luomuna jo 4 törkeän pitkää kynttä. Mikä paikka Helsingin keskustassa olisi hyvä paikka laitatuttaa tuollaiset kynnet ja mikä on hinta ? :D

    1. en tiedä kuka helsingissä tekis tällasia, mä teen itse omat kynteni :)

  20. Hei tuota osaaks sanoo missä toi cearsilshp sijaitsee hesassa ? kun olisi nyt syysloman aikana tarkoitus tulla käymään ja mul ei ole harmaintakaa hajuu missä se on :D

    1. tarkotat varmaan cesarsshopia? vuorikatu 22 a, 00100 helsinki on osoite :)
      ollaan nyt syysloma viikolla 19.-21. I Love Me -messuilla, voit tulla käymään siellä !

  21. millo kävit viimeks jyväskylässä? :-D

  22. Moi!!! Sun blogi on ihan sika ihana!!! :) tässä linkkaan samantyyppisen blogin joka on mun kamun ;)

  23. Yhyy miks englannniks... :D oon niiiiin surkeeee

    1. koska laiskotti :D mun blogin englanti on niin perussanastoo et luulis kaikkien ymmärtävän :D jos ei ni google translate for the win :D

  24. Nice blog!! I'm your new Follower! I hope you can visit mine sometimes. Thank you so much! :)

    Kisses from VV!!

  25. Mä rakastan noita sun vaatteitas! Ne on vaa niin tajuttoman hienoja noi sun asu yhdistelmät! Mut mistä sä hankit sun peruukit, oon itekkin aatellu mutta mähän en yhtään tiedä mistä suht aidonnäkösii peruukkeja saa.

    1. kiitti paljon !
      ebaysta oon kaikki peruukit ostanut :)

  26. Mikä oot horoskoopiltas ? :)

  27. hienosti taas päivität ja vastaat kommentteihin! jatka samaan malliin:D

  28. kyseleeks ihmiset ikinä et: "miks sulla on peruukki, ooks sä joku syöpäpotilas vai?" periaatteessa sun kaikki peruukit on nii uskottavan näkösiä et voisit ihan hyvin väittää sitä omaks tukakses, ootko ikinä tehny niin? mitä teet/sanot, jos ihmiset ihmettelee?

    1. ei kysele yleensä :D jos joku kehuu tukkaa ja on peruukki niin kerron kyllä että on :D sit ne on ihan et "ooo oikeesti?" hahah.

  29. looking so preety . nice blog . nice party \
    Parfum pas cher

  30. Apua, pakko kommentoida et Sini näyttää noitten lasien kans ihan Hangoverin Mr. Chowlta... XDD =


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