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2011 in a nutshell

I was going through my blog, and noticed 2011 was the laziest year with blogging for me so far. I'm afraid it's impossible to remember all the little details because I haven't written them down anywhere, haha.

Anyway, trying my best with this entry !

January 2011 - The year started with me laying on my bed, in awful pain. I had just hit my head to a table corner last night at the NYE party and got 4 stitches to my cheek. What a great way to start a year LOL.

Anyway, got the stitches removed in a week, and right now, after a year, the scar is almost gone.

In the beginning of January, we had a little meetup with foreign friends since Sascha and Fredrik both happened to be in Helsinki at the same time.
Tried nailtips for the first time ever, because I got tired of how my own nails never looked the way I wanted and always broke and so on.

Also spent some time clubbing with friends, attended to Bring Me The Horizon's afterparty etc.
February 2011 - I struggled with hairdyeing problems and got much darker hair than I was planning to, but I thought it was quite ok after all and decided to keep it.

Got my first sponsor ever and started doing reviews for contactlenses.

Went to check out Annyeong!Party and had a huge hair-do. Ursula !!! and had a mini meetup with finnish gals at the end of the month.

Decided to attend an international gyaru meetup in Oslo, Norway and booked flights for it. Oh man, I was excited about it. My first trip outside Finland alone was gonna happen soon !

March 2011 - As the first thing in March, me an Alex visited Fastfood & Café exhibition the day before I left to Oslo. His parents own a restaraunt and that's why we get free tickets to this kind of events hahahah and for us it basically means free food because you can try all cool new stuff at those exhibitions. Yay !

Next day I packed my bags and headed to Oslo for 4 days. The meetup was awesome and it was great to meet lots of new gals and old friends. Also met Davy for the first time then hihi

Stayed at Monica's during my trip, which I'm very thankful for. I'm pretty sure my trip would've failed without her help since hotels cost money etc.

After coming back, Finland felt more boring and lonely than ever, all I did, more or less, was talking with Davy online till the end of the summer, haha.

April 2011 - Okayyyyy I only blogged 2 times in the whole month so let's see how much I can remember.

I had a small style crisis, I thought my hair was horrible, my oufits were horrible and that's why didn't take much pics either. I mostly just went to school in the morning, just quickly put on some foundation and mascara and tadah, you get the image.

But then I got sponsored hair from Rapunzel of Sweden so that helped my crisis a bit, haha. Didn't get to fullfil my vision for a new haircolor (this current gradient I have now) yet tho because one set wasn't enough and I was too poor to buy more lol. So it had to wait, and I used the extensions I got as highlights.

OK I took some pics of myself during the month, because Heikki wanted to test his new photography stuff so me and Alex went to his place for some photoshooting.

Also celebrted a friend's birthday and visited my parents that month.

May 2011 - Month of new sponsors LOL, jk. Anyway got cool makeup brushes from Sigma and other useful stuff from Fashionholic and blogged about them. Also won some "look of a month" thingy on Indiedays lookbook and got 100€ giftcard to Sokos beauty, niceee.

I was super excited of the weather finally getting warmer and how it was possible already to spend summerish days outside, chilling in a park, eating the year's first icecream cones, grilling food with your friends.
Maybe a bit too excited, hehe.... Arranged a picnic meetup with gals at Esplanadi park, and THEN the weather happened to be... not so great. It was kinda cold and windy so our picnic became a short one and we spent time at Kamppi instead.

Also Sini was staying at my place during the meetup and the day before we went to party. Or.. she went. never made it past the pre-party so I headed home early, haha.

And then, couple days before summerholiday would've started, I started it a bit early and flew to Fuengirola, Spain with my family.

June 2011 - Spent my time enjoying the sun, exploring new things, eating great food, swimming, tanning, shopping, and that was only the beginning of the month. Also visited Gibraltar (where I got attacked by monkeys...) and Malaga while we were in Spain. In total, spent a little over a week there before we returned back to Finland.

It was weird because when we came back, it was almost as warm in Finland than it was in Spain. Kinda unusual, huh? Wanted to see my friends as soon as I got back so we hanged out and simply enjoyed the weather.

We got this great idea to spend the midsummer in Pieksämäki, at Alex's parents place while they were away. Me, Alex and Heikki took the train from Helsinki (~ 4 hours or so) and Sini arrived there later on the same day. We spent the whole week there, Niklas came a day or two later (can't remember anymore) and then finally Tiina and Toni too, on the midsummer day.
And I've never had midsumer that fun. We spent all our time grilling good food, drinking, playing card games and having fun. And on the midsummer day it was all I said above PLUS getting drunk, swimming, and all 7 of us sitting in the tiny sauna room, smacking eachothers backs with birch whisks (finnish tradition haha), in all the awesomeness, totally a night to remember haha.

July 2011 - Then, after the awesome midsummer, people separated on their own ways, but me and Alex continued to my parents place since they live kinda close and spent another week there, eating more good food and chilling in the hot tub, before heading back to Helsinki.

When we got back to Helsinki, I finally had money to buy more extensions and dye my hair like it is now. Happyhappy.

Got my hands finally on the finnish movie "Veijarit", watched it and searched for the scenes I was in (the shooting was in 2010), hahah. It was fun to watch it. And it was a good movie too.

Had an asian food party at Silja's place, spent a lot of time hanging at the city AGAIN, met friends from Jyväskylä on their trip to Helsinki, and also Kohta, when he took a boat from Stockholm to Helsinki before heading back to Japan. Met him at the meetup in Oslo so it was nice to see him again after a long time.

Ordered shitloads of new clothes from Japan, oh the feeling when I got them and my wardrobe felt like it was new, filled with awesome stuff to wear at last.

Celebrated Tiina's 22nd birthday and later went to see the last Harry Potter movie on the premiere.

August 2011 - Huhuhu, the month I was waiting for so badly. On 13th, FINALLY, met Davy again. We had been talking every single day for 5 months after we first met and because we kinda "clicked" right away, it didn't take that long to realize this might be something else than just a friendship.

On the same day we had planned to go clubbing with my friends, so that's what we did, and he kinda met everybody there was to meet right away. Davy stayed at my place for 15 days and we did all kinds of stuff. Meeting with friends, partying, taking photos and getting cool hair-do's done by Heikki. And also some days we just chilled at home, cooking together, laying on the bed and watching movies. I was the happiest I've been in a long time.

On 23th, he went to see Dir en grey's gig in Helsinki and because I wasn't so interested in them, hanged out at Alex's while waiting the gig to end.

We decided that the 13th of August would be the official day when we started dating. It was kinda obvious we would, but it would've been stupid to decide something like that online.

Kinda forgot to update my blog because we were enjoying ourselves so much, haha. But when he had to leave, I went to the airport with him, shed a few tears when we had to separate. What made it harder was not knowing when we would meet again.

September 2011 - Biggest change in September was probably changing my blog's layout... XD I wanted to have something completely different than before, and get rid of the super heavy layout which took ages to download completely, if you had a slower internet connection.

I wanted it to look more adult than before, but still girly. And this current layout is what I came up with. The changing header prevents me to not get bored to it so fast, and I can tell you it has worked ! 8--D Atleast for me, dunno about you guys.

Got my first wig ever, stressed over not finding a perfect biker jacket (ok I still don't have THE one, but the one just bought is perfect for this wintery weather so I'll continue looking for the other one when it gets a bit warmer again).

Made a one night trip to Tampere with my class because of a school thing. Went partying a bit haha.

October 2011 - October was my most active month for blogging in 2011 ! 11 entries in total... wow XD But it's a lot in my scale, since my style is not to update everyday or about everything that happens in my life.

I blogged a lot about nails and made a two part tutorial for them. Got another wig, and thanks for them, my hair has finally gotten into better quality and started growing ! Maybe getting naturally longer hair isn't an impossible dream anymore? Hahaha.

Finally ordered Litas that I've been wanting for a super long time, I even saw couple dreams of them. I think it might be pretty easy to notice they're my favourite shoes ever. Heels so comfy I can walk a whole day in them without worrying about anything. Totally worth the price.

Went to check out the new shopping mall "Kluuvi" with Alex, and it was cool indeed. Started taking proper outfit pics for the bloggie.

November 2011 - Celebrated Halloween a bit late, on the 5th. Had the coolest theme party so far called "Plastic Fantastic Garbage Couture" which basically ment everybody had to make their outfits out of plastic bags. I was quite satisfied with my outfit ! Untill it started to tear apart when we went clubbing. And oh the feeling when you finally got to take it off and you were all sweaty.. ew.

Decided to quit doing sponsored lens reviews because my blog started to get too filled with them and that's not what I want.

Niklas had a smart casual cocktail party at his place which was awesome, other than the fact that I hated the dress code and ended up looking like shit that night XD
And while I was at that party, I got a text from Davy, saying he had booked flights to Finland again and would be coming back in a week. Even my stupid outfit couldn't ruin the night anymore.

On the 18th, I went to pick up Davy from the airport and was super happy. This time he was staying for a month so we would have lots of time to do all kinds of stuff.

December 2011 - And we did. Many kinds of stuff I mean. Hanging out with friends, hanging out at home with just the two of us. And cooked delicious food everyday !!! Gosh I miss that, I hate going to my kitchen alone and actually spend time there so I usually just grab something simple and go back to my room to eat, lol. And because of all the nice eating and chilling, guess what. I gained fucking 3 kilos during that one month period. SHIEEET, trying my best to get back in shape now. That's kinda my new years resolution. Like always, hahah...

We visited my parents in Laukaa too because I wanted to introduce him to them, had a pretty hilarious time since my parents don't speak english so well, especially mom, so I had to translate every now and then. We had a nice time regardless.

Had a huge Q&A post, went to a free lipfillers x OnePiece launch party, celebrated Alex's 21st birthday at my place and had a great time till the end of his stay.

After my school ended, I headed back to my parents place to spend Chritsmas with them, then headed back to Helsinki right before my 21st bday to celebrate it here, with my friends. Then it was already New Years and the rest you know already I guess.

. . .

Wow, this ended up to be one long ass entry, and that's why I wrote it in English only. If I would've written it in Finnish too, I could publish a book about it. Hahahah, jk. I hope you'll understand. And more importantly, enjoyed reading this post !

2011 was an awesome year for me, hopefully to you too. Can't know how 2012 will be but I'm hoping it to be even better !


  1. Nice! Vuoteen mahtuu vaikka ja mitä :)

  2. Sounds like an eventful year for you! I hope 2012 is going to be full of more pleasant surprises for everyone :)

  3. You really had an amazing year~

    Wish you the best for 2012~

  4. tuli mieleen tosta ku puhuit davysta nii millasissa väleissä sä oot leijon kans?

  5. miks tää on englanniks saatana.

  6. koska en halunnu kirjottaa näin pitkää postausta kahdella kielellä, ymmärrät varmaan :D enkkua osaa kaikki.

    ja ihan hyvissä väleissä oon leijon kanssa, välillä aina törmätään jossain pippaloissa jne.

  7. Viivi is Finnifh gal number one.♥

  8. I looove your blog :D You're such a pretty gal ^_^ Nive photos...

    Greetings from Germany

  9. Wow.. Such beautiful pictures! What a wonderful year to reflect back on : ) Always love your hair in all your posts! ><

  10. I LOVE this post haha.
    But I feel like a creep when I kinda remember most of the stuff you writea about, because I've read your blog post about the specific happenings :'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL

    I miss you, hope we can see each other again in 2012!!!!!!

  11. Voi vittu ku teet näitä postauksia enkusta ni ei jaksa alkaa lukee ajatuksen kanssa.... :--(

  12. Love posts like these n___n It's fun to read back on the year. I did a post like this to for my blog but mine isn't as big, not an eventful year for me, not as much as yours anyway? XD

    Happy New Year! Hope 2012 is great for you!!

  13. Hei puhuit tosta että sun omat hiukset alkaa olla nyt paremmassa kunnossa ja kasvaa, niin mua ainakin kiinnoistas pitkästä aikaa nähä jotain kuvia missä sulla on päässä vain omat karvat! Hillittömän hyvin ne nimittäin noiden pidennysten sekaan hukkuu ((=

  14. Monica, hahahah glad to hear you liked it ! yeah me too, it's a shame we haven't met after march, i hope we'll meet soon again!


    Davy, hihih puss


    Hei puhuit tosta että sun omat hiukset alkaa olla nyt paremmassa kunnossa ja kasvaa, niin mua ainakin kiinnoistas pitkästä aikaa nähä jotain kuvia missä sulla on päässä vain omat karvat! Hillittömän hyvin ne nimittäin noiden pidennysten sekaan hukkuu ((=

    hei hyvä idea voisinki ottaa tässä asiakseni postata pari kuvaa vertailun vuoksi ! kiitti ideasta :D

  15. Favorite post! Everything good for all of us :D xD

  16. Moi! Anteeks tää kysymys ei nyt liity sun postaukseen mitenkän ja on epäselvä mut kysyn kuitenkin. Miten oot saanu sun blogin osotteen viereen tollasen kuvan(muffinin)?

    Käy kyrkkaan mun blogii jos ehit:

  17. Voisit tehdä jonkinlaisen tuton siitä miten isket peruukin päähän. Itselläni on ainainen tuska änkeä se kamala sukka päähän ja oma tukka sojottaa sieltä alta ties miten ja aaarghh. Miten laitat oman tukan sinne alle?

    Rrakastan blogiasi. 8)

  18. "Anonymous said...
    Voi vittu ku teet näitä postauksia enkusta ni ei jaksa alkaa lukee ajatuksen kanssa.... :--("

    :) Kannattaisiko vihdoin ja viimein opetella? Mikä sen parempi tapa opetella kuin blogi josta pitää?

  19. how to become a doucheebag - step by step

  20. What an amazing year!!
    I really like your style and been read your blog for a couple of years. I am really happy you've been blogging in english!

    Please keep the good style!! It's really full of joy!

  21. Hahaa temple run!!! Koukuttava peli. :DDD oon päässy pidemmälle ku sä. :P

  22. Mie kannattaisin kans sitä, et ottaisit kuvia jossa sulla ei oo mitään muutako omat hiukset päässä! ^^ Tarkoitan siis ilman pidennyksiä tai vastaavaa xp Hih


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